High School DxD Season 4 Censorship Questions Answered!!!

highschool dxd season 4 uncensored
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hey whats going like as hex come back in today its a brand new video and we got some questions about dxt and season 4 and censorship and it makes sense that we are you know asking this question since it has been a little while since highschool DxD you know has even come out its been like a couple years since you know the last season and also the same time we got to put in perspective we dont know whats gonna happen you know in a sale with the censorship because things do slightly change sometimes theres more coral out sometimes theres no you know more other things allowed that are not censored and I want to talk about censorship because theres a lot of questions going on and theres new a new streaming service thats going to be streaming high school HD which a lot of you guys probably use and or most of you guys so that streaming service is actually going to be crunchyroll and this is huge for just I guess the phantom phantom of highschool DxD but I think

thats something thats gonna be interesting to see and/or look at cuz crunchyroll can really go hard with the censorship and and it does and I think that watch the hinder dxd on that platform maybe itll pick up a few fans but not nearly you know nearly enough I would say or nearly the amount it would pick up if crunch will did not go all-out forward censorship so whats we going on high school to extend on crunchyroll is is going to be heavily censored I would imagine like it always is I mean look at a show like hunting meet you know gal you know you know what I mean or my first girlfriend is a gala what its also referred to in English if you guys didnt know so Ive seen its almost hop on to Funimation now for animation um you know Ive lost a lot of sense of stuff on there and they are definitely more laid back I mean I dont even know if theyre gonna be censoring the series at all Im not even sure if Funimation will

censor so if you were wanting to hedge your bets and take a lot guess you can sit back and go try it out Funimation this week and get that free trial you know dont necessarily pay you that much subscription its only six dollars but dont necessarily pay that much you know subscription just try it out and see what you know and go from there see whats going on from there so what I was saying about that is definitely go for animation front of nations everyone has the least amount of censorship its gonna have a lot of sub it will also have dub and Im hearing that Funimation is only gonna be its gonna simulcast at the same time as Japan so I dont know if asking me this just a sub for a simulcast were scouts are gonna be the job for the simulcast I dont know if you know that that will broadcast the same time I doubt the double broadcast the same time but I mean Tokyo ghoul its actually broadcasting the same time same same day so thats

that you gotta think about you know these, 12 ups of series are gonna be the series that are gonna be kind of you know just broadcasting at the same time so other than that guys theres not too much to cover I mean if you look at my ear I could see me only like the first six episodes are gonna be dubbed at the same time its Japan and whats highschool DxD I think it may end up being the old series gonna English done at the same time so thats theres a little bit more tidbit I guess of information outside of just a normal conversation of whats gonna be going on to censorship for you guys but Im not too sure to leave a like comment subscribe phone to x.25 and we were actually about twenty seven dollars away from I go on patreon or our first goal on patreon so go check out my picture on down in the links below if you guys want help me make this a career Ill see you guys next time peace thanks for watching guys

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