Hidden Android Settings you should change RIGHT NOW!

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whats good guys and welcome to a pretty interesting and kinda different video today were talking about Android settings for which you can often just go into a menu hit a toggle and instantly make your smartphone experience better weather being said lets get started the first one which a surprisingly low number of Android users have even heard of is chrome home so whilst Google Chrome the application on Android is great in fact for a lot of people its the best browser out there there is a little tweak you can make to it so if you should go into the Chrome application hit the URL tab and type in a chrome flags and what you end up getting is Googles experimental menu these are almost like beta features which theyve never rolled out to the end application which they want people to constantly test and from here you can activate Google home mode and that takes the URL bar from the top of the phone all the way to the bottom it also adds some cool new transitions into it generally Id say it makes it a much better smartphone browser having the bar on the bottom means your fingers naturally rest in place slightly more over it so you can generally flick between things and search for things a little bit faster one thing I found criminally annoying about Android devices is you spend so much time customizing the homescreen making it look really pretty and every time you download a new app from the Play Store it automatically adds it to your home cluttering the whole thing up however if you go into the Play Store and hit the settings on there you can actually disable this so once you actually hit the setting that means that when you download in your applications they just slide peacefully into application drawer and dont mess up your home for the next one were taking a security angle because what happens a lot of the time when your Android device screen turns off it doesnt lock instantaneously theres normally a 5 to 10 second delay in which anyone who pinches the furn out of your hand could actually still use it fully but there is a setting which allows you to lock the phone instantly the second you hit the power button now Im about to talk to you about a fascinating series of settings that are hidden away in the dexterity and interaction section of the accessibility settings of your device this is called Universal switch what it lets you do is create a series of if and then commands allowing your phone to respond to open gestures which you might be thinking my phone can do that anyway my launcher support this but these are not on-screen gestures these are real-life gestures so you could have it such that the front camera is constantly looking at you you could nod your head down to perhaps bring down the notification bar you could make it so that every time you plug in your earphones the volume drops to a certain level or every time you open your mouth youll go straight to home its like I said an odd section of settings but its interesting nonetheless one setting which you absolutely have to turn on and to be honest one Im surprised doesnt come by default in a lot of phones is a double tap the power button to open the camera this is most beneficial for people who either bombard their firm with tons of different applications for whom it would take 5 to 10 seconds to find the camera app manually or just people who have big phones if you have a really large device then often times youll find in situations where you really want to take a photo youre just not holding your phone at quite the right angle so you then gotta turn it upright again browse through your apps and then find the camera or is actually youll be able to configure it so you could double tap the power to open the camera app and then tap the volume down button to take the photo a rather curious one which to be honest was intended for people who have reading difficulties but which can be useful for just about everyone is magnification gestures so after you turn this on in the

accessibility section what allows you to do is to zoom into your phone screen three times no matter what application youre in you simply triple tap the screen and itll just go BAM itll be right in there which has some interesting benefits it allows you with applications that dont let you manually zoom on photos to zoom in to check things out in more detail even in the camera app if you want to see what exactly youre capturing and a little bit more detail just triple tap the screen another setting which you should probably change on the Google Play Store its improved play protect they might have noticed recently Googles introduced play protect which is essentially some sort of guarantee from Google that an application youre downloading is safe however theres a lot of third-party app salons which tend to be high risk anyway which are completely unverified so by heading into the Play Store settings and checking this box thatll allow Google to investigate applications who are a little bit unsure about and then notify you if theyre either safe or unsafe to use so also hidden away within the accessibility section we have the text-to-speech engine and this is essentially your smart phones way of converting written text into spoken word depending on which brand of phone you have you may have two or three different engines installed but for my testing the Google zone one works the best now by enabling this setting alone unfortunately that doesnt really allow you to do anything what you need is a third-party app like the voice allowed read to then really manipulate that and use it to your advantage well this could do is it could read any document you send it could be a PDF a word many other different file formats it can even read web pages if youre simply browsing the internet and you share a web page to the app itll start dictating the whole thing so you want to be driving your car at the same time as also learning about this very specific article youve found then this is really the only way to do it the next one is not technically a setting and does require a little bit more configuration than the ones weve just shown but for a neat kind of user its very much worth it this is the Evie a facial Mouse it allows your phone to completely track the movements of your head and what it does once youve installed it it brings up a cursor as if your smartphone was a tiny little computer you then move your head left to right up and down and the mouse will move with it and you can even click by blinking your eyes so its the kind of thing you might use if its very cold and youve gotta wear gloves or if youre lying in bed in the morning and you just cant be bothered to use your hands its an interesting and refined tool but its just not for everybody for those of you who are using Googles own keyboard keyboard application I have a setting for you and to be honest if youre not using keyboard you might want to strongly reconsider because from everything Ive used is the fastest keyboard and also with the best text prediction engine by default though as with a lot of Android keyboards it has a little bit of a problem itll actually change the format depending on the type of text field youre entering your text into so sometimes it will show you the number up top and sometimes it completely doesnt sometimes you have to tap two extra buttons just to access the numbers so what you can do is go into the keyboard settings and just simply tap that toggle which allows it to show them all the time and voila youre sorted so guys I really hope you enjoyed the video it is a little bit different from an Android app video or an Android customization video but I thought you might like how instantaneous the process of changing a setting is so if you did enjoy the video it wouldnt mean so much to me if you could smash that subscribe button and with that being said I missed you as a boss and Ill catch you in the next one

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