Hecate in Macbeth

who is hecate in macbeth
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hi guys welcome to a quick revision video on hekkador he kids depend on how he see it from Macbeth it will be very quick she is the goddess of witches in Greek mythology and woodall saw more investing Lea obviously shes the goddess of witchcraft we know that then the three witches are going to have to answer to her but however in Greek statues of hekkador he killed however you pronounce it she is the goddess of crossroads that is mighty in terms of Macbeth he is at a crossroad in terms of joy killer King or do I not so the fact that she is the goddess is that also has massive implications

for our play basically we see her at the end of act 3 after the initial predictions after the death of the king after bank wall has been murdered and shed be reached the three witches and she asks them why they have meddled in Macbeth business and she says how did you dare to traffic with Macbeth in riddles of affairs and death so again look at your word riddle that they have meddled in there they have arguably upset the great chain of million and Fiat as she carries on in this big speech and she mentions the feel end well obviously by the prophecies and creating the prophecies what is going to happen

is the fatal end ie the death of Lady Macbeth the death of Macbeth as well but interestingly she chooses to use the words grieved business that there should remind you of Lady Macbeth when she refuses to talk about murder she uses those words so again we can really see how the in the influence of the supernatural is really prevalent in this play if you need my video on the witches on the supernatural please check out my youtube channel and to carry on a bit further she talks about how much better now but hes had that had these prophecies thinks that he can spurn fear and spurn death therefore I almost avoid

it and then finally she gives us a big line that I think we probably should not and she says you all know security is morals chiefest enemy now that links to your tragic hero the arrogance of Macbeth remember at the end this players that he thinks he cant die because of the witches prophecies remember they said that he cant die if anyone born naturally so it heightens this arrogance of Macbeth who thinks well its never going to happen to me hence the great downfall of our tragic hero basically theres not much more to say about heck about he kids so all you want to do is check your speech there at

of Act three but please beware me that after shes buried at the witchs what did they then do they give him the next three predictions which is obviously a massive issue because thats where we get the three predictions about wait you cant have anyone born naturally and you cant die until a burn and Birnam woods begin to move and beware of market off so actually whilst they are warned not to meddle they continue to do so if you need anything on my breath theres a full playlist there theres great nine stuff on you key characters Lady Macbeth Macbeth theres bunk all this Macduff and massive good look in your English literature exam

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