He Who Promised Is Faithful

he who promised is faithful
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and to the many many people from all over the world that are watching it also we have indication that we have people from New Zealand and Australia and from Mexico and from many states in America and from Switzerland and from Sweden and from Iceland and from Germany and from Milan Italy and also from the Philippines Japan Hong Kong and also Singapore so its good to be able to share with that full house but also you just need to know in the spirit where one all over the world and the day is approaching and we will have a great ring of all the believers in the clouds and only then and there we will know who was a real believer I can wonder and maybe imagine people looking for their pastors nearby on Wednesday we ended up the message with a verse from Hebrews 10 verse 23 one of my favorite verses and I was supposed to share different message this morning and the Lord really shook me two nights ago to not share that one and to sit and all day long yesterday sit and prepare a new one and based on that verse verse I read verse 23 to 25 before that let us pray okay father we thank you for your word that is sharper than a two-edged sword we thank you Father that your word will never come back void we will go and it will achieve that which it was sent for and we thank you Father that your word is a word of truth and it is the thing that you want us not only to and receive from you but to give to others and we pray that you will open the eyes of our hearts to understand that which the Spirit has to say to all of us in Jesus name Amen so Hebrews 10:23 2:25 let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he who promised is faithful and let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some but exhorting one another as and as so much the more as you see the Day approaching this is a beautiful portion especially in times of great confusion great deception just you know terrorist attack in in France this morning in Catalonia in in Spain at least 300 wounded people in the attempt of the Catalonians to have a referendum of separating from Spain and the Spanish police just shot rubber bullets I mean and just wounded hundreds of people Syria this past month had three thousand people killed a hundred people per day not even talking about the rest of the world confusion deception but the thing that worries me the most is the biblical illiteracy that we see nowadays you would think that in times when there were no books of the Bible and you could only find the Bible in synagogues 2,000 years ago when you go on a Sabbath day and you hear the Word of God and just so you know the Bible says faith comes by not by reading in those days they never read the Bible they listened to the Bible read publicly to them in I want to tell you something there is power in public reading and in listening to the Word of God corporately its powerful and the very bothering thing is in days where the Bible is everywhere and I betcha most of you have more than 3 4 Bibles each there is so much biblical illiteracy people dont read people dont study people just pick and choose what they feel like and what they want and they come up with their crazy conclusions some some of them are they might be in their ministry Im not even sure if theyre saved you know somebody just posted a YouTube on me that Im an I worship Satan now listen wait a minute and and and he concluded that because he said that he saw me once doing this now I never did that but he caught on video while I was talking I guess some of my fingers moved but he caught it thats what people do today instead of reading the Word of God instead of dealing with what at least with what I teach no its his fingers motion complete illiteracy weve gone crazy and the one of the problems is that people read portions in there and read the whole text yet so they take things out of context context is important because if you dont understand the context youll sail with your imagination and and it has to be said when we read the poor that we just read we read about holding fast of the hope and then we read about the fact that he who promised is faithful and then we hear that its going to be very soon as we see the day is approaching so theres the what there is the why and there is the when but we have to ask ourselves those things and always always remember that the best commentary to the Bible is the Bible yeah why do you want to read something that someone else wrote when you can read something that God wrote in so many other portions of the Bible that explains exactly what you need and exactly the same parallel portion you can find in 1st Thessalonians 5:23 2:24 now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely and may you hold the spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ he who calls you is faithful who also will do it both portions are speaking of a hope for the day that is coming specifically here the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ they say and the fact that he will come because he is faithful because he promised remember jesus said I I have to leave you because Im going to prepare a place for you Im gonna send you the Holy Spirit but then he said I will come and receive you unto myself so where I am you will be also where is he by the way hes on the right hand of the Father interceding for us where are we here so if he comes and he receives us and to himself so where he is we need to be its the only of the two that needs to change and versus us and so we understand at least regarding that hope that the Bible talks about here that its just its not just a hope its the Blessed hope the Blessed hope that chapter 2 12 and 13 says we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present age looking for the Blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ now Christ will appear to the church in a different day that he will appear to the rest of the world thats something that believers find it hard to understand we are not of this world we have been set apart from this world we have a different meeting place in a different time for a different purpose we received an invitation see the world is not inviting him the world is not did not receive an invitation to come to where he is we did receive that we received that and the Bible says that there is a great promise for us Romans 8:22 people ask me what do you think about all the earthquakes and hurricanes and mudslides and floods and everything and I said hurricanes happen in hurricane season earthquakes happen in places where there is tectonic activity its not like an earthquake happens where it never happened before or hurricane zap happens in January so what we need to understand is that creation groans and these are birth pangs you see you do not have birth pangs when youre not pregnant last time I checked so you have to be pregnant we have birth pangs so we understand the Bible says in Romans 8:22 2:25 for we know that the whole creation groans and Labors with birth pangs together until now not only that but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit even we ourselves groan within ourselves eagerly waiting for the adoption the redemption of our body now we are redeemed already we are the redeemed of the Lord but our body is not redeemed yet take two fingers everybody right now take two fingers and pinch yourself thats your body youre still here your body is not redeemed yet so you can take vitamins shakes you can drink green tea you can whatever its still not gonna work because let me tell you something take a picture of you from 10 years ago and put it right next to yourself youre dying Im sorry Thats Life and the Bible says the redemption of our body is what we were looking for and eagerly looking for in other words the body has to be redeemed take him out change if I may say for we were saved in this hope thats the hope when he says hold fast to the hope the hope that the day is coming and he is going to take us out of here thats hope but we were saved in this hope but hope that is seen is not hope in other words were looking forward to an event that is going to happen not had happen already for why does one still hope for what he sees but if we hope for

what we do not see we eagerly wait for it with perseverance and then he says in 1st Corinthians 15 behold I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep the terms sleep speaks of how a believer died you know we believers were not dying were sleeping we go to sleep because death lost its sting when you die you just sleep because the minute you know to be absent for a body as to what be present with the Lord so we just changed location and its all about location you know but when your son or daughter falls asleep in the living room and you take them in and gently put them back in their bed they wake up in the morning in their bed so thats what happens to the believer that dies in this world but the Bible says we shall not all sleep now some of us will not die before Jesus comes many of us probably will not and in the race and the rate and the pace things are happening right now well we shall all be changed we may not all die and sleep but all of us will be changed I want to see smiles on your faces right now because that body I dont know if you fall you fell in love with your body but the body is gonna be redeemed yes after all that work and the Bible says in a twinkling of an eye in a moment at the last trumpet for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised incorruptible incorruptible remember and we shall be changed so the hope that we have is not only that hes going to take us but hes taking us in a way that our very lowly body that is dying is gonna change and this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on immortality you see the minute we change we can never die a group of Isis terrorists will have their guns at you they can kill you we will have immortal bodies our first word taken of course when we come back thats it when the Bible talks about John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so he so ever believes in him will not perish but will have eternal life thats the eternal life we will live forever they will try to kill us they cant its interesting Philippians 3:20 21 for our citizenship is in heaven you see the minute as so many people are trying to change citizenship theyre trying to get new citizenship and they think its better in this country or better in that country I want to tell you something once you believe in Christ you already have a new citizenship which is in heaven and from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior the Lord Jesus Christ who will transform our what Im sorry to tell you our lowly body that it may be conformed to his glorious body according to the working by which he is able even to subdue all things to himself we always sing and pray that we want to be like Jesus when that day comes that were gonna change for the Lord himself in 1st Thessalonians 4 for the Lord Himself thats the difference between him coming to us and him coming to the rest of the world to us Jesus is going to come and a different day in a different manner the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout with a voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God that day is unknown to all of us the Bible even say that no one knows the hour and the day not even the Sun not the Angels so with it angel is blowing the trumpet and the trumpet is of God its God besides that minute right now thats it and you know its not a democracy over there in heaven hey Gabe you mind blowing the trumpet I mean no blow the trumpet Im going to get them look what he says and the dead in Christ will rise first now dont think that the world is going to look around and hmm dead people rising no they will not see anything the dead in Christ will rise first then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air so whos going and where we are going to meet him were in the air in the clouds see thats the difference when Christ returns to the rest of the world he comes with his feet standing on Mount of Olives and the whole well see him coming but when he comes to us the world will not even know that he came we have a meeting RS how do you say VP thats it we go and we go to be with him and then the world will go through such a terrible tribulation time but where the Bible says were not destined to the wrath of God the Bible says that he will take us out of it in the Greek of the hour of trial that hes about to come upon the world thats why says thus we shall always be with the Lord therefore comfort one another with these words you see my hope is that the Lord will come transform my body from this lowly state into something that will dress immortality and I will be with him forever and ever thats the hope thats the Blessed hope so we should comfort one another with these words not with its only gonna get worse you know all those people ah its only gonna get worse no in first Thessalonians 4:13 I do not want you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who have fallen asleep hes telling the believers well maybe somebody died among you but I dont want you to to be so sad unless your sorrow as others who have no hope it says dont worry if somebody died before Jesus came to take us hes in good hands he in fact when caught when Jesus comes hes gonna rise for us the rest of the world that doesnt have that hope let them worry what happens if you die but not you beloved in 1st John 3 now we are children of God and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be but we know that when he revealed we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is and everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself just as he is pure so thats what we need to think about thats the hope that we have the hope that we have is the rapture the Latin world wrapped to Rho the Greek word harpazo which means to be snatched away to be taken up from the earth were not the only ones Enoch was taken Elijah was taken Jesus was taken in its not like oh I have no problem believing you know can a large a pataga we either it happens or not its the same God yesterday today and forever what is the hope that a believer has if not that Christ is about to come and take us and redeem us from this world and why do we have that hope because he who promised is exactly you see were not all perfect some of us make some promises were not always with the clear intention of fulfilling them all sometimes we just say yeah something just to get somebody off your back well not in that case of Jesus the Bible says in second Timothy 2:13 even if we are faithless he remains faithful he cannot deny himself we serve a God that hates lie and cannot lie doesnt even know how to lie because he cannot deny himself because whats his name I am their way I am their truth and the life thats his name truth so he can a lie and whats the name of Satan the Great what deceiver what is to be deceiver when you dont know the truth youre not a deceiver youre just wrong but when you know the truth and you say the opposite you deceive so guess what – Satan knows the truth and hes deceiving the nations in Luke chapter 137 when when when Mary you received from the angel that shes definitely gonna bear a child and then about Elizabeth that shes already pregnant although she was burnt remember the Bible says for with God nothing is impossible for behold a virgin shall conceive and Elizabeth was pregnant after all and John was born with a mantle of Elijah to prepare the way for the Lord in 2nd Corinthians 1:20 for all the promises of God in him are yes and in him amen to the glory of God through us yes and amen he never say a and then said I changed my mind when he says he chooses Israel to be his glory well even if they are faithless hes faithful because he cannot deny himself so if you are here seated and you say God is done with Israel and the church has replaced Israel then what you do say basically is he does change his mind and the Bible says for the gifts and the callings of God are what irrevocable Ephesians 2 says therefore remember that you how many of you are Jews here 1 2 3 the rest of you are Gentiles just so you know I

mean thats the definition of a Gentile a non Jew but in the old days Gentiles predominantly were not just Gentiles non-jews they were pagans they believed in thousands of Gods but not in their only and the real one and so therefore remember that you wants Gentiles in the flesh who are called uncircumcision by what is called circumcision made by flesh but in the hands in the flesh by hands that at the time you were without Christ being aliens from the Commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise having no hope and without God in the world but now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off had been brought near by the blood of Christ amen so in Christ the Bible says theres no Jew nor Gentile anymore thats it he brought down the wall of separation now we are one family you know I spoke last year in a prophecy conference last October in Minnesota and somebody ran right after me when I was done with my I dont take it you know somebody run after me I run because you can you never know well he ran faster and he got the to say I need to say something to you said what is it and he says I have a word for you and I said what is it he said the Lord told me you are one of the two witnesses and I looked at him and I said so youre telling me that Im not gonna be raptured Im gonna be left behind no way Jose ladies and gentlemen in Christ theres no Jew nor Gentile we are now the bride this is gonna come and take amen but not all the promises are nice you know some of the promises that he says are actually quite shaking I mean the Bible says in Hebrews 12 26 27 but now he has promised saying yet once more I shake not only the earth but also heaven now this yet once more indicate the removal of those things that are being shaken as of things that are made that the things which cannot be shaken may remain dont be attached to the things of this world they might be gone one day I was in New York City on the Twin Towers the night before they got hit in fact I asked the host the hosting pastor that that had me there whats gonna happen if something is gonna hit those buildings because obviously theyre gonna fall and destroy so many other buildings all around and he was shocked with my question and then he said that the way they designed it is for the pressure not to not to cause the building to to fall to the right or to the left by for the metal beams to pop out so it will collapse like a stack of cards and therefore not destroy all the buildings all around well the next morning his theory worked and those twin towers are no longer the part of the skyline of New York City of Manhattan now who would believe in the 1980s and 90s and even in the – in early 2000 that is ever gonna happen but theyre no longer there ladies and gentlemen everything that is not of God can and will be shaken and the Bible said oh we belong to a kingdom that cannot be shaken if you want stability in your life then we the Word of God and belong to Christ and everything else will never matter and when will that happen so we have the hope of the rapture and we know its going to happen because he who promised is faithful but when well the Bible says that portion that text remember context says as you see todays approaching in other words the people of God can see you can see look at your eyes you have eyes to see you dont need NASAs reports of a possible Star constellation to think that something might happen theres so many things you can already see just look just look around you you know Jesus when when he stopped by the fig tree and Mount of Olives and he rebuked the fig tree for not having fruits remember the fig tree has always been a symbol of the nation of Israel always and he definitely rebuked them for outwardly looking so good but inwardly theres no fruit there was no faith theyre just as Isaiah chapter 1 says I dont want your new moons your festivals your Sabbath your religion I dont want that my soul hates that I want you to to change I want you to have new heart I want you to act righteously now come and lets reason together though your sins are red as crimson theyll turn white as snow its not about religion you know all the people of Israel just celebrated Yom Kippur yesterday everybody fasted nobody was driving it looked like theyre after took place I mean you see that that all the streets are empty and in all they did they fasted and a funny thing is before the fast began everybody says may you have an easy fast thats the blessing easy fast and you go to the Bible you see the Bible says and you shall afflict your souls not have an easy fast of your tummy you understand were so caught up word religion that we miss out that which God really wants from us but God promised in his word that at the end the same victory will come back to life its interesting how the warning to the nation of Israel and how God would always bring destruction and and and failure of crops as part of his judgment against them specifying empty fig trees that were stripped bare and fruitless in Joel and Habakkuk and Haggai the fig tree was something of a barometer of the health of the nation taken away as punishment and flourishing in times of restoration and jesus said when you see the fig tree come back to life you know that summer is near in his entire speech of how the end times gonna look like he mentioned that fig tree and you know and when the Jewish people started returning to the Land of Israel theyve returned in small numbers and the first thing they saw is a land that looked like that I call it a barren wasteland nothing was growing there the only thing they had is mosquitoes that brought the malaria a me was crazy but then the Lord Himself promised in Ezekiel chapter 36 in verse 8 he says but you are mountains of Israel you shall shoot forth your branches and heal your fruit for my people Israel for they are about to come he he basically said land get ready Im about to bring them back and amazing now he can bring them back but theres a problem in 36 he prepared the land but while the land is being prepared in Europe somebody decides that the Jews have no right to even live there not even human beings are subhumans and 2/3 of the European Jews are taken to the gas chambers and in Ezekiel goes in chapter 37 and he sees a valley full of dry bones he says Lord what is it and the Lord says son of man these bones are the whole house of Israel they indeed say our bones are our dry our hope is lost and we ourself are cut off and the only thing that I could come up with in my mind as who are the people that that could look like hopeless are these when the Allied forces liberated that camps thats what the Jews look like no hope in their eyes they thought God is done with them and the Lord says behold all my people I will open your graves and cause you to come up from your graves and I will bring you into the Land of Israel then you shall know that I am the Lord when I have opened your graves all my people and brought you up from your grave and I will put my spirit in you and you shall live and I will place you in your own land Israel is one of the most modern states in the world seventy years old only yet one of the most powerful countries in the world today definitely in your news every day and its interesting because this morning the head of the hezbollah sheikh hassan nasrallah gave his speech from his bunker for the last 11 years he hasnt left his bunker he really loves his freedom huh and I want to tell you something he gave his speech during the Eshoo right and its a Shiite holiday thats the holiday have you ever seen Muslims that are cutting their forehead and with lenses until they bleed and they dance this is their holiday just just as if you remember in first Kings chapter 18 when the worshipers of Baal started cutting themselves with knives to tell bow to to do something and its interesting because in a speech that was televised to everyone he says ah he want you to know we have no problem with the Jews per se we have problem with the Jews returning to Israel we advise all the Jews to leave Israel and go back to their lands where they came from and you see we will not hurt you you see the enemy has a problem with the fulfillment of Gods promises to Israel isnt an interesting

God said Im gonna take you I will place you in your own land and then you shall know that I the LORD have spoken it and performed it says the Lord you see your eyes can see that that the day is approaching and and thats how my grandparents I survived Auschwitz and they came on that boat to the left and there was no international help no country opened its gates to them no country helped them they just lost six million of their own people and they didnt lose it by their own people unlike all the Muslims you know immigrants nowadays that the Muslims killed them thats why they flee no people treated him as not even human beings and and they fled and they come to a land and in the 1980s we brought it look if the European Jews thats a 747 jumbo jet we stripped it off from the seats and we put 1000 Ethiopians there thank god theyre so slim and then when the plane landed it was a thousand and one because a baby was born now I want you to know guys this is a godly thing there is no country that has such a thing an episode in its history in its reason and that God says thats my promise to them not only that he brought us to the land of Israel but he made sure we will sustain ourselves there were not going to be destroyed and look water-wise I want you to see you need water thats the first thing you need to survive water wise an article from a, 13 this year Israel a regional water superpower Israel is the worlds leader in water reclamation with 87 percent of its waste water undergoing purification and with reuse for agriculture we even developed a mobile unit where we can just pump seawater like the ocean and within two minutes you can drink from the glass its drinkable the Prime Minister of India the most populated country on planet Earth came to Israel and Netanyahu showed him that and he was not only that we have water how about energy can survive without energy ladies and gentlemen Israel just found the last four or five years trillions of cubic feet of gas off the shores of Mediterranean we became super-powered we now supply gas not only to ourselves but to Jordan and to Egypt and we are even in negotiating terms with Cyprus and Greece in order to get a pipeline under the sea all the way through Italy to the rest of Western Europe to lower or or lessen their dependency in Russian gas yes who is angry Russia and if thats not enough in the middle of the Israeli desert the highest solar tower in the world look how many solar panels we invented a way to even get water from the air theres a machine that extra its you theres humidity in the air we extract the air and we get water anything thats not in our food while frame what why farmworkers made up only 3.7 percent of the workforce Israel produced 95 percent of its own food requirement no country has such a thing and if thats not enough Israel cows are called super cows every Moo is computerized they are the worlds most productive cows more than American cows more than Dutch cows more than german cows who would believe that the land that was desert is now superpower in such a thing if thats not enough go to the military we were rated as the number one in the Middle East you dont need to read this but you need to know this is an article from January 29 this year why Israel has the most technologically advanced military on earth well after eight years of whoever you had you lost it and now Im sorry Im not a political person I talk to military guys thats what I do you lost the edge for the last eight years the American your Navy has the oldest fleet in the Western world just so you know thats what you have and itll take at least three four five years to restore it well now hundreds of billions are allocated to the military but it takes time to build things and in five big reasons Israel is a mini military superpower and it shows amazing thing and if thats not enough we have a technological advantage Israel became a cybersecurity superpower almost half of the cyber security needs in the world are coming to Israel for a solution were the only country outside of Cupertino California that Apple started research and development center in fact I found 10 almost everything there is Israeli technology every cellphone you have that has voice recognition is a chip from a town near Tel Aviv so when people say boycott Israeli products throw away your cell phone thing and if thats not enough you see God brought us back and God blessed us its him because he is faithful we also see members chapter 36 of Ezekiel he restored the land chapter 37 he restored the people chapter 38 he says now the people are back in the land theyre safe and secure but the mother of all wars is about to come you see Israel in the last 70 years had several wars but all the wars we had was with Arab countries we never had a war against Russia or America superpowers never invaded into Israel and for the first time ever a superpower Russia Russia will invade guess what between us I dont tell anyone everything that you hear about North Korea its just a smokescreen and you need to understand something while the world is looking at North Korea and is looking at Europe and in looking at all the things Russia as we speak right now there is an unprecedented air traffic into Syria of military cargo planes of illusion and antonin plane that can take up to 400 soldiers each they are building a mass of soldiers we hear more Russian on the other side of the border in Syria right now than we hear Arabic theyre ready Russia is ready Iran is already in Syria Turkey is in Syria Sudan cant wait to get back on us for all the destruction of the convoys of weapons that they took from Iran and on their way to Hamas and we destroy them all on their ground of course you dont need to know that that Libya Hillary Clinton out of 30,000 emails 1700 emails were all about how she wants Qaddafi out and just so you know it has nothing to do with him having weapons of mass distraction because he actually voluntarily gave it away unlike North Korea he offered in the last few years of his life that the whole petrodollar will be a null and there will be a golden dinar that will be and everything will be based not on how much dollars you have but how much gold you have you understand Libya has 444 tons of gold Britain has twice but Britain has 10 times more people living in their country and so the bankers those who pull the strings who are the best friends of Hillary Clinton she would come and give speeches Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Citibank secret speeches they told her you need to get rid of it and when you get rid of Gaddafi that will be your card for presidency Im going to change something they killed him and you know what Qaddafi said in the last month before they did it to him he said I dont understand you I am the only Court that stops Amy gray all the flood from Africa into Europe when Im out Europe will be flooded guess what happened the minute he was taken Europe is now flooded so Libya is now controlled by Isis and their collaborators Sudan turkey Russia you have all this its todays newspaper and this is a 28 hundred year old prophecy and these are the names go – garma Rajpur cushioned these are the biblical names of those countries and people are asking so where is America descriptors sorry youre not there in the name America okay America is after America America is the first name of the person who probably identified it as a separated continent not part of the new world that Asia was and and and thats why you dont find it in the Bible but you dont find Turkey in the Bible also the name Turkey is after after Tork you dont find Iran in the Bible you find purcha I believe America is in the Bible when it comes to Ezekiels description of the war when its called the Young Lions of Tarshish and its interesting because its not helping Israel its criticizing the attack but its staying aside what could possibly bring the superpower called America to the point where its not even responding and helping Israel when Russia invades can you do that hmm there you go well I can tell you theres four possible scenarios lets start with the least important least one is a war from the outside North Korea everybody you know what your president just tweeted 57 no 90 minutes ago Secretary of State rec Tillerson is wasting his time negotiating with this North Koreans Rocketman does not appreciate it we will find the solution for it very soon okay now these are words and rocket men is always saying this is crazy and this guy says no you are crazy so you are crazier than I am and now

crazy people but thats why its a guarantee that theres not going to be a war because theres one thing that North Korean know is that they have to survive otherwise youre gone and they know one thing with this president in the White House hes crazier than they think he might order the annihilation of North Korea if they do something wrong which means it will stay a battle on Twitter so I dont think this will bring you down another scenario is a war from the inside from not far well you see already that your country is super divided those that are standing dont start kneeling down almost on everything youre divided but but Ive seen paperwork and Ive seen the plans of some of the super left-wing liberal organizations that are actively trying to stop they say thats how they say stop and reverse the right wing revolution in our country thats what they say stop and reverse and they realize they cannot do it in a legal way they cannot do it in in a political way they cant because in America unlike other countries you cannot just replace Prime Minister in a non confident vote you know overnight theres a term of four years and then another term of four years so we need to do it in a different way and for the last year almost you see always are being used and I still dont believe that may bring you down theres a third possibility of one or many catastrophic nature disasters that might paralyze you everyone knows that America is awaiting a big earthquake Im not a prophet I come from a nonprofit organization but you can you can ask the this that the scholars and experts they just dont understand how come Yellowstone has almost three thousand tremors in one month something is just cooking there and they know it is about to explode and then theres the Cascadia mountains up in the northwestern part of America that might call theyre talking about a tsunami that might completely destroy the Seattle and that whole area now again Im not staying I read it in in in your magazine and then there is this this cascading and the San Andreas Fault and the New Madrid fault and theres so many options did you ask me the most likely option of the bad options is a financial collapse and I will tell you one thing 72 hours ago the leader of Isis in a very rare speech said that America you know what I dont like these people I think theyre demon-possessed but I think that when they say something you need to listen you understand and he said one thing he said America is going to become irrelevant it has so much debt its about to collapse now thats the leader of Isis but you know what he may not be reading the Bible but he can read numbers and anyone who reads numbers can tell you its only a matter of time until some bankers and some rich families will move all their assets out of America sell everything move it somewhere else say that theyre doing that and everything collapses and the indications that I get is that the raw child had already begun as of two months ago three months ago so youre looking at me saying I had a good day until now let me tell you this there is one more option the one that I call the hope for scenario and that brings us to our Blessed hope when that happen were all out of here and America will have millions gone from key positions now the Bible didnt say America will disappear it just says that America will not act as a superpower anymore thats all the day indeed is approaching and until then stop counting the hours stop sitting in front of your computer and stop analyzing what are the options stop doing what I just did until then occupy the Bible says in John 17 jesus never prayed that God will take us out of here not interesting he could have said Lord now you take me please take them also with me no he did not because if he would have said that Paul would have not gone to the rest of the world and you wouldnt even be believers today the Bible says but now I come to you jesus said to the father and these things I speak in the world that they may have my joy fulfill in themselves I have given them your word and the world has hated them because they are not of the world just as I am NOT of the world I do not pray that you should take them out of this world jesus said but that you should keep them from the evil one they are not of the world just as I am NOT of the world father sanctify them by your truth and as you sent me into the world I also have sent them into the world and for their sake I sanctify myself that they also may be sanctified by the truth the reason Jesus is not coming yet to take us is a some of you were not ready now you look at yourself I cannot see through but you can see through some of you live life that do not honor God and you know that and the Bible says that you know with God a day is like a thousand years a thousand years like one day hes not slack as some count slackness but hes long-suffering not willing that any should perish but all will come to the knowledge of Jesus taught in all will come to repentance so theres a reason why hes holding up and its probably so you will be ready but not only will be ready the Bible says in in Hebrews writer with Hebrews 12 thats what what happens when you prepare a message in one day therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us we must run with endurance which should not be faint heart it might take time its not maybe tomorrow we dont know the day we dont know the hour but we sure know the times when we sure know the seasons and we see everything around us looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith Jesus said who is then is a faithful and wise servant whom his master made ruler over his household to give them food in due season blessed is the servant whom his master when he comes will find so doing Jesus wants to come back and find us doing his business so the Bible says that he is faithful how about you do you want to be good and faithful servants because thats what he wants to find when he comes back then be about the Fathers business youre not here to make money youre not here to to make pleasures youre not here to enjoy life and in just and just somehow check that thing that calls life youre not here youre here for one reason he could have taken us youre here to share with the world that which saved your life I call it the gospel and he gave you a box full of them and you need to go and give it to the world and they may not take it thats their problem so he that is faithful he is going to fulfill all of his promises but what about us are we ready lets pray father we thank you so much for your word which is the word of truth and we thank you Father that understanding how may be not ready we are youre giving us a few more hours days or weeks we dont know its time father for us to understand that the bride should get ready before the bridegroom come to take her so father this morning as we examine our hearts and our lives if there is anything in our lives that brings sorrow maybe shame guilt all those things that only sing can cause today father is a day of salvation we want to start afresh we acknowledge that the life of a believer is not the absence of troubles but its the presence of Christ we think father that when you brought the Israelites you didnt take the Red Sea away that you parted the Red Sea so we ask father today that you will part the Red Sea of our lives we understand that there are difficulties issues struggles maybe even addictions today we surrender it all to you we want to be are about your business so just as you are faithful we can also be good and faithful servants and give you honor and glory not in the way we sing or the way we give money or the way we read but in the way we live we thank you and we bless you this morning from Miami Florida from the United States we say well that we love you and we say that we thank you that you give us the opportunity to make a difference here in our community in our city in our state in our country we thank you and we bless you and we ask all of this in the matchless and the most beautiful name of Yeshua Jesus and all of Gods people say

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