Guys or Girls? Dej Loaf answers her preference!

who is dej loaf dating
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hi 97 Im not saying it out with days loaf who will be at our summer jam yes true true true whats up so your birthdays coming up yes covered days out the 8 day happy birthday man thank you what do you have planned man youd be surprised I dont have anything planned nothing I was supposed to go like I had a four day like um vacation this past week but it didnt work I will nicely in another place in them so like I dont know what Im gonna do like Im not looking forward to too much but everybody like what are you gonna do I dont know you dont have a special somebody to spend it with you are definitely dry mode no boo this time you just go time you know do you like cupcakes cake we just trying to get this ready for management to like make sure youre gonna do I want a cake ice cream I want out of those things but you know yeah Im just looking forward to just partying are you gonna go back to Detroit anything Im gonna be home in route or you gonna be out about work yeah its day by day for you its hour by hour for you Im actually in the process of moving so uh probably I dont know probably looking for cream today who knows oh gosh you are working Oh guys give her a break and time to label give her a break okay so lets talk about music okay so you have a new single out apparently its used somebody in Hennessey you me and this yeah right so you know do you like Hennessy that much I do man

thats all I drink like thats it Tennessee gets the job done I made his record like a year ago I wrote it a year ago and was just a nice little sexy record full you know you name person yeah yeah you meet a Hennessy so yes a nice little food girl so thats the go-to drink it is okay I think in this yeah everybody be off the NDC now – that is seems like that it seems it for a while seemed like nobody was rocking with it then all of a sudden everyone wants honey good yeah whyd a name sell soul cell so my first mix a was called just do it and I was in his I was in his space behind a lot of shoes and thats what it is a spill Sol II like the sole of a shoe so I dont know its kind of like bringing them into my world like my shoes is my everything you know yeah thats how I felt and it was like a sequel to my first mixtape kind of sorta but I dropped it two years under so it was different content but it still I said I just kept it that tighter like sales so I dont know yeah I always been like a crazy lady shoe thing like I always watch shoes like every weekend you know she is able to afford them like that was my thing yeah this is big for you man out of Detroit because you know Detroit being known for a lot of great people mm being that you guys have done a song together if you could work with three people its part of your bucket list and

like look I got to get to these three people bucket lists Jesse Boykins jay-z three great tiny was the cardia was great yeah I remember my first heart try me are you sick of the song at this point or are you like okay its cool that people know me from that thats cool people know me from that but you know more I have more in store so Im just ready Im excited about you know new music just moving forward like I said oh that was a step in the door and Im just trying to stay in the doors one hell of a step though yeah it was crazy I feel like its gonna add so much pressure for the next singles but obviously youre not tripping off of it just by your whole demeanor you know youre just more like a I have so much to offer so take the body of work you know Im seeing how it works now like hes really like Oh cuz I always thought I was just great I mean I still think Im great I know yeah but I just feel like damn its like really crazy when you get like in the industry you know yeah you know you okay you know you gotta just come with you like I said Im not worried about the next England still a day I just like to create music so yeah its just funny go get that song went that puts so much pressure on good so you know Im sure you hear about all the stuff on the internet like oh they cant figure out you know your sexuality and stuff how do you deal with that like do you

even care yeah I dont care everything I do I do for me I do it like because I want to yeah I dont I dont live for like the world in their opinions cuz I dont know follow the worldly rules I do what I want to do yeah so I just kind of try not to fall in the trap of just like the world yeah social media and stuff like that like I just try to just like block it out you know yeah and you know what I think a lot of times its because people actually want to date you so its not you know its not always bad its like because we had tweets from girls like look no for real ask her like its not because theyre trying to bash yeah thank you out you know so its like its flattering in a way versus I think how some people could spin it like oh this and that because you wear baggy pants do you take girls guys do you have a preference or is it just whatever you feel like I dont great answer okay so lets say now because your focus on work and lets say we could put the perfect person together for you personality-wise what would you like in them personally just open you know like I like Jamie people like a buck I like energy I go up in each yeah I love when I can feel like being you know energy I can feel what youre thinking and all of that like those are to tell people that like to be wrong do you want someone whos funny funny is always good good not so silly I dont like

you know like goofy late relax I like ya silly always up for a joke do you care if they work in the industry or would you prefer them not to um its hard like I say Dayton being an industry I see now like its crazy um I dont know like I say you never know yeah I wouldnt say no because you know but I would probably prefer not to industry definitely got something going on establishing their thing yeah like you gotta be doing something that I bosses silly you know I mean yeah I dont want you I dont like workers I like bosses so you know what I just want women we have to set our standards now because so many times we put our standards down when I go its okay there but theyre really nice but they live off me its like no yeah you cant do that right especially right now in a position that youre in yeah give our for who can you help me up yes the post off is gonna be me is it stable enough cuz if its stable then maybe yeah I mean but yeah days lope Im so excited youre gonna be a summer jam Im curious to see how your performances really I I wont look it up I wont you too many because I you know your voice is very sweet when we hear it at times even though he took you know sometimes a talk at talk is real rough right but your even your community very kind Im curious to see how your performances if its similar or if its out of control like the complete opposite you see me I have fun out there

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