GTA Online Should Rockstar Add Crossplay? Will It Ever Happen?

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hello YouTube how is everyone doing its professional here today I want to talk about a topic so many people always ask me in my live stream which is cross play should cross play be a thing now if you arent familiar a cross play what it basically is is being allowed to play off all system so lets say youre on the places in for if a game had cross play you would be able to play with Xbox one and PC or maybe just move Xbox or maybe just with PC but regardless youll be able to play with another platform maybe other systems as well but its mostly PC Xbox and PlayStation there are a few games that are ready cross play the most known cross play games between PC Xbox and ps4 are for at night and rocket League I dont play either of these games but most games is either PC and Xbox or ps4 and Xbox very few have all three a lot of people want cross playing GTA online and cross play is the future the next-gen consoles will probably have it as default Sony I know they havent been big

on cross play now GTA online I do want it to happen but I do do I think its ever gonna happen no and the reason I dont think its gonna happen is personally is because GTA online has been running since September of 2013 it originally came out on the ps3 and xbox one and while the game runs great on ps4 and Xbox one and PC it was limited because of the map of the original consoles had sure we have things like better graphics first-person mode better frames but its still the same map from the old consoles thats why when rocks are released GTA 6 years from now they should do it on the next-gen consoles to fully utilize their power the reason I dont think cross play will happen on GTA online is because of how old the game is it is about to reach at 60-year and we still have plenty more updates to come but if they were planning cross play I think they would have at least had some kind of announcement by now and I also have to mention that the servers are on GTA online they can be

pretty bad especially because we constantly get stuck in the clouds and we get disconnected I cant imagine these servers holding dirty player lobbies of ps4 Xbox one and PC there are approached across place which is being able to play of a larger community meeting new players playing with friends who are on other systems but theres also constic roz play because a lot of people oftentimes they act like cross play will be all good and there will be no problems a small problem that I can think of would be an unfair advantage games for instance the new modern warfare game is really pushing cross play which Sony must have already agreed to along with Microsoft and Steam in certain games the mouse would be more effective you could achieve greater precision especially in shooters this may give PC players an unfair advantage over console players and at the same time this goes both ways certain games a controller may be better such as in a driving game but thats only a small problem the largest problem is the type of players I would like to see cross play of GTA with ps4 and Xbox

but I dont want to see with PC why because of cheaters everyone who supports cross play think about it this way on PC there are cheaters who have god mode they fly on the map they teleport they spawn random things and they can kill players with the push of a button if you allowed cross play of PC these same modders would be able to join Xbox and ps4 servers and cause chaos I dont want cross play of PC until they ban all of these monitors and Im not talking about single-player mods I have nothing against single-player mods Im talking about the people who have specific cheat menus or and they can abuse it in online games and Im not attacking PC either I have a gaming PC this is not the fault of PCs but its rockstars fault for having terrible anti cheat software in their games there are cheaters on ps3 and xbox360 as well I play on ps4 because most of my friends are on there its just my preference but on PC you have these people who cheat like this and I understand its not every Lobby but Ive seen

gameplay of GTA on PC and there are so many lobbies where these cheaters play a lot on cross-play of PC would allow these people to join console lobbies imagine youre selling your cargo and then someone just teleports in front of you and blows it all up that can happen so while I think cross-play is a good idea I do think some things need to be tweaked like the anti cheat software in GTA online I think cross play is most likely to happen and read that online if anything since that is rockstars newest title and they are still adding a ton of content in the future that may help the game especially to grow but I dont think we will unfortunately see it for GTA online so let me know what do you guys think what do you think of cross play do you think it should be a thing would you be worried about heres possibly joining console lobbies let me know down below if you enjoyed the video drop a like if youre new to my channel enjoy my console scribe and Ill see you guys in the next one take care everyone

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