Greekgodx Reacts to ‘Who is GreekGodX?’ with 12,000 viewers

who is greekgodx
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again were playing the video now Im skipping all donations now okay and Ill play I know what be kingpin who has worked his way up the fast food chain noticed which he disrupted dozens of communities with his ggx gang taking out somewhat which is biggest celebrities yeah I have successfully spawn as the working men say Deb so Ward a Greek story begin how did he meet Tyler and how did he get so thick in this video Ill be going over the life of Greek goddess Greek god X was born sometimes raised on a small farm in the city of England Greek didnt begin to get fat until his early years in high school where he would skip gym class T dunkaroos and play minecraft in the library no fortunately for Greek being fat and he was looked down upon and he lost all of his friends Bree found new friends in the Minecraft community where he wanted to become a lets play youtuber like everyone else in 2011 this is where Greek decided to create his YouTube channel read gaming X Greeks minecraft video sucked she tried to switch to an up-and-coming game called League of Legends and while he was gaining views and learning how to spell at the same time the vision not as much as he desires on high school Greek was known for its products as his own with his passion for gaming and love

for stealing content Greek decided he wanted to become a streamer freak want to become a streamer but didnt want to grind and work his way up from zero views instead Greek uses 200 IQ to go for the highest hanging fruit which at the time was sodapoppin and instead of giving money subscribing or moving in with soda for acknowledgement like everyone else Greek decided which streams my soda until he noticed him reach first began sniping soda in World of Warcraft in 2014 and would spam kappa constantly anyone else would have stopped there Greek was a professional stream sniper and somehow followed sodapoppin in every game he played the chatting soda were amazed at Greeks dedication extreme sniping but most of the viewers thought he was a huge leech and wanted him to stay away hey meanne unfortunately for Greek with a dying youtube no stream rates and every mother Greek was about to hang up his entertainment business forever oh sweet justice breeze is about to give up everyone on Twitter started talk about LOL tyler wanna raise a toxic streamer who just got permabanned by kiev legends greek looked up Tyler on socialblade and was very impressed extreme Tyler was streaming h1z1 a game Greek was a master at stream sniping and despite his autistic screeches and hours of commitment the chat did not like Greek and what Dans game him endlessly then one day Greek started up his

Alienware computer and realized Tylers main dual partners sloth was gone for the day this was Greeks time of shine and he knew he had to claim a spot in Tyler stream true so like any other pleb Greek asked for mod and chat thats the Tyler told Greek that if he does a 24-hour stream with sir that he can add mod and since Greek had nothing to do for the next 24 months he added and completed the 24 hour stream earning mod and Tylers chat became a co-host of Tyler stream and created amazing content for months he had a huge passion for making Tyler and the chat laugh and create some of the best content on Twitch Ive ever seen it was a perfect duo a time on Twitch I dont think he never be replicated Tyler may have had the platform but Greek was always pulling his weight of entertainment which is very hard to do unfortunately all good things must come to an end and after eight months of providing entertainment for Tyler stream Greek was finally ready to leave the nest and start a streaming career of his own on April 28th 2017 Greek turned on a stream for the first time to over 40,000 people waiting for him as the funny guy Greeks bar for entertainment was at an incredible high and while his dreams were entertaining for the first few weeks Greek quickly got burnt

out and started to ditch Greek became depressed and riddled with anxiety instead of streaming on his main account he started streaming on a secret alt account to a much smaller crowd where he felt more comfortable and understandably Greeks fans were really starting to get mad he hyped his dreams for months and people subbed to his channel just for him to ditch as soon as he started Greek had to show his fans he was serious about streaming again and decided to fly to the dark deaths of LA to provide content with ice Poseidon to win back his viewers sure after a month of sitting on a couch and walking on Hollywood Boulevard I say we succeeded and not only won back his viewers but still all of Isis adderall while in LA Greek attended twitchcon and met rob22 ones brother Tyler won for the first while there are many friendships on Twitch to me many others Greeks and Tylers feels the most genuine yeah on Isis stream you can see Tyler Greek laughing in the background having fun happy to be with each other there arent many genuine friendships on Twitch and watching Greek and Tyler really made us fans happy they were finally together after being in LA for over a month and then visiting his girlfriend Kitty and Canada Greek flew back to England with the viewers back on his side and enough adderall for a lifetime Greek

from ice at a cult-like following is a way to go and created ggx g GX is a cult you try that you represent everything greek stands for this being trihard k kona and autism it has been speculated that greece is this cult to take out other big live streamers jones dr disrespect lyric and even a robbed once ggx does whatever they can to help greek with his networking and get him as much exposure as possible and today whether it be GTA Lets Plays watching other peoples dreams or live stream feel reactions Greek is allege dividing a fun stream for his viewers sure viewers find Greek entertaining because at the end of the day Greek is one of us he was a pleb like us for years before he started streaming and even spams try hard on his off time although Ive never subbed donated and I use adblock I earn thousands of others will continue watching Greek really gets perma banned what okay Virginia Techs the cretan Blue Ridge Mountains great I miss these streams they make me cry I fucking love these listen boys its been a fucking good right anyway the 30 jut Im glad the 30-day challenge is started because hopefully we can make a bunch more new memories new memories you know say that I see old times and heres to the good times yeah its good its good old Greek

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