Goku Meets Goten For The First Time – 3D/HD 1080p

who is goten
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I dont sense Goku here but someone else we know is huh huh look its mr. piccolo Wow he showed up hello piccolo I dont suppose youve seen my father yet not yet but hell be here that outfit

youre really going to fight in that of course oh where in the world could go creepy gosh maybe they werent able to bring him back Ill go comb the area yeah me too hey Im back dad its

you Goku whoa pinch me you guys have changed a lot in seven years go on your giant ha Oh go welcome back to earth Goku Oh miles us so guys are you just gonna stand there and stare

at me all day Oh sweetheart I missed you Ive missed you teaching Goten its okay hey I think theres a little me hiding behind your leg chichi Im go ten and Im Goku hi Oh guys youre a

arent you here you go do you want to be an airplane listen up Goku remember that you only have 24 hours thats all I can do mm-hmm yeah I know I see you good all right Thank You Baba

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