Git Tutorial – 3 – Creating Our First Repository

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what the heck is going on guys welcome to your third get tutorial and in this video as promised were going to be creating our very first git project so lets go ahead and do that right now so go to your desktop and create a new folder new folder and you might as well name it tuna because why the heck not now typically whenever youre creating a project youre probably going to use this folder to store a bunch of you know website files or maybe a Photoshop files if youre a graphic artist or maybe I dont know like if youre using it for school then a bunch of Microsoft Word documents but were just going to create a silly little you know tester document right here something easy for us to understand and maybe Ill be putting some text files in there or something so this is going to be our project that we want get to manage so how exactly do we tell get that this tuna folder is the one that we want to work on because right now when we open a bash youre just sitting there and back you know what Im get I keep track of changes in files Im ready to my thing but Bucky you got a lot of crap on your computer how am

I supposed to know that this is the one that Im supposed to be working with well lets go ahead and tell git that that tuna folder is the one that we want our project to be at so the very first thing that we need to do is we need to figure out exactly where git is looking right now and in order to do that type the letters P W D and hit enter so right now get is looking at C which is the hard drive users Bucky and of course thats not where we want to be right now were in Bucky folder we want to be in this tuna folder which is in the desktop so here are some simple commands that Im going to teach you guys and this is just how to really easily navigate arm on your computer so the first thing that you guys should always do is type CD tilde now CD may means change directory and it pretty much means change folders now tilde means home and what is home mean well go ahead and hit enter and then it takes you to whatever um bash thinks is your home directory on your computer so now hit PWD and hit enter and apparently my home is C users Bucky so that makes sense because you

know right now Im logged in as Bucky so this would be home unfortunately its not exactly this tuna folder so how do we navigate to that well the first thing I want to you guys is how to move backwards in forwards so right now were in see users Bucky if we ever want to go back one directory to this users type CD which is change directory space dot dot now if you hit enter what thats going to do is its going to take you back one directory to see users so you see how when youre going to see users Bucky were now on see users so if you ever have to go back or up one thats how you do that but lets go ahead and get back to Bucky and this is how you do that so right now were in see users where are all the folders that we can hop to well if you type LS and hit enter that lists all of the folder so all users Bucky default these are all of the folders so lets go ahead and go back in Bucky so CD Bucky alright so now you can see were in Bucky again so lets see what we have right in there right now LS so in Bucky we have all of this

crap and check this out inside Bucky is our desktop and thats where we want to be so CD desktop all right now were on our desktop which is right here but we want to be in this tuna folder so open up bash again and put CD tuna and hit enter and now check it out we are insi users Bucky desktop tuner tuner oh thats kind of funny but anyways that is how you navigate to where you want to be if you ever want to go back CD ah if you ever want to go to a specific folder CD and then the name of that folder and if you ever just want to list all of the crap inside that folder LS and of course there is nothing inside tuner right now so thats why this gives you you know pretty much empty but anyways right now we are inside this tuna folder and that is where we want to be but we didnt tell bash yet to create a git project or the technical team for technical name for project is actually a repository so if I say repository instead of project Im saying the same thing its just you know technical language versus me just trying to explain it so how do we turn this tuna folder into a git

project very easy get in it and hit enter now what in it means is is short for initialize or start empty git repository so initialize them to get repository repository in everyday language means start a git project so thats all we did we started a git project in this tuna folder and even though you cant see any noticeable changes right now this tuna folder is now a git project and everything we put in here get is now going to be keep keeping track of the changes in those files so pretty freakin cool pretty easy guys right so in the next tutorial Im going to be proving it to you guys and were going to be creating our very first text file add in there and also if those Unix commands were kind of confusing like CD da CD Bucky how to navigate around your you know how to navigate around computer via the command line then if you guys have any questions you can ask me on my forum its in Buckys room and Ill put a link below and also if you have any other questions about get all together then go there and ask a lot of people are very willing to help you out so thank you guys for watching dont forget subscribe and Ill see you next time

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