Fortnite Lag – Wireless Icon with Down Arrow / Red Cross

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like the ISIS is Holcombe Alstead here quick video currently stayed plain fortnight and Im experiencing some lag seems to be a new feature on recent update that they put a wireless symbol in the top left hand corner I currently stayed got a down yellow orange arrow which to indicate that theres some lag Ive checked to see if I got any downloads running in the background and theres nothing downloading I also recently experienced one with a with a cross I think of red across that was particularly bad leg that day Im guessing thats what the cross means that its its really bad lag whereas the down arrow

means youre not experiencing the best gameplay yeah so I thought I just just highlight that in case anyone else out there is experiencing the same thing not sure if its a problem with my wireless or to do with fortnight I mean fact it says wireless symbol just makes me think its to do in my wireless but everything else seems to be working fine for me wirelessly why say yeah bit of a mystery Im gonna delve into that one a bit deeper and maybe do a further video but yeah anyway Ive highlighted it and yep I move on to a more exciting video ok cheers guys bye bye

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