Flash Pulmonary Edema Emergency

a nurse is assessing a client who has pulmonary edema related to heart failure
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we have a patient here whos got no one flash pulmonary edema and what I actually want to do is demonstrate the treatment of this condition with both CPAP BiPAP and Heigls nitroglycerin and put a CPAP mask on him yeah hes head maam he colors the mask pretty yell I remember right this last time I talked I treated him the seem to tolerate it well so were tracking on the pulse ox up there yeah it was so I think every time he comes in though is hes very hypertensive right so were coming up on the SATs now is he got nitroglycerin yet okay so howd you set up your grill William what were we going to give them one sublingual just starting about 400 okay okay okay so 400 400

Mikes all right so Dylan thats an awful lot of nitroglycerin yeah all right are you breathing easier sir bidi okay still working hard though so whats his pressure doing something yeah and what was this max pressure 205 over 159 okay so hes up to 96% on his SATs now yeah hey Chris so whats happening now were gonna do a okay so he bombed a dude home with well on the face mask so yours yours significant others girlfriend what happened to night then you just need to see woke up to 30 okay so theres a sweatin yeah that cold head was wet great right and you got it I was in the bathroom he they come back and you heat T here the heaving that respite yeah yeah and yeah

all right so you and Ive met before because we we treated him in another room here probably a month or two ago or but for flash pulmonary didnt was maybe it was longer maybe longer than that last time he was here as they just sent him on the next that same day yeah thats cause he ate too much salt yeah yeah before that was like this actually this is horse okay okay yeah but you would took care of it yeah and he responded fairly rapidly that daddy I did we did it was kind of shot like less Holly was like boom great great missed this time its a little bit itll stayed in the hospital like a week right right no matter how old you get remember what your

mother said about the clean underwear think it still probably was his favorite king shirt holiday corner are we gonna do the c-max syringe friend over there and get it over and get your every bag everything ready just relax this where you can see it okay particularly suction cuz no minute yall want me back yeah the studio puts me I can see it to go sorry okay can get it down pona right there youre not going to knock it on the door Ill be right there youre going pull up satellite back for me this is the first time hes been intubated yeah okay well yes first time is happening into those yeah first time Ive seen it likewise thank you good yeah all right good can you listen fix it

breath sounds here in here sure listen excellent theres a lot of frothing secretions in there yeah you know youve got playing on those you want to hear both sides so what what what did you do what was the deal on your DL I mean you lost you Wow I wont my view when the tube kind of obstructed it but I wasnt passing easily yeah so thats when I looked over here and I could see so you were trying to do it without it without looking at the screen right oh I understand now okay yeah and then once I looked at their own I was getting my opinion to your part of the court then what then you adjusted it so I went back and its within usually there okay you

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