Fix This Browser Does Not Support Video Playback

this browser does not support video playback.
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you hello everyone how are you doing this is M detective another quick tutorial in todays its well Im going to show you guys that are wholly resolved if we gain issue with the browsers are not supporting video playback on your Windows computer so if youre getting different web browsers that are popping up saying that the video format is not supported hopefully this world will be for you so if this is coming up in Internet Explorer Im gonna show you guys how to use software rendering instead of GPU rendering

which should hopefully build and resolve this problem for most of guys to put using that read browser so were going to start by opening up the Start menu want to type in Internet Explorer and I will have a workaround for Mozilla Firefox as well so just hang tight but Im gonna select internet explorer just however you normally to open it up and then you want to go up to the gear icon underneath tools left click on it one time and then go to the left click on internet options

you also go instead through internet properties just typing into the Start menu whichever you prefer but basically in underneath internet options here you want to go and waffle on the Advanced tab and you want to check mark words as you saw for rendering instead of GPU rendering and then left will want to apply and okay and you also want to make sure you have Flash installed here if you go open up a web browser you ever do Google you can type in mi running flash or something along those

lines there should be a website as what is my browser comm so if you left click on that you can see that flash is actually disabled theyre not in Seoul in this browser google chromes find out the best example because it does try to automatically block that dopey flash and you can also more than welcome to go onto Adobes website and download the latest version of a Flash Player probably whatever you prefer and I do want to stress when Im talking about Mozilla Firefox earlier is that Mozilla does

not have the h.264 codec in order to run some videos from the browser so that could be an issue with the browser itself I really cant show you guys a workaround for that so in that case I would suggest using another web browser so well not too much I can do about that one but I do up this brief toriel was nonetheless able to help you guys out and as always thank you guys for watching and I do look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial goodbye

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