Fix MMC Could Not Create the Snap in Error

mmc could not create the snap-in
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you hello everyone how are you doing this is MD thank you with another quick tutorial in todays tutorial Im going to show you guys how to hopefully resolve if youre getting an error saying the MMC could not create the snap in error so this could be a few different issues and this is what Im going to show you guys how to hopefully resolve it so the first

thing I would actually suggest would be to open up the Start menu type in uninstall go underneath add or remove programs under system settings if youre on Windows 7 or Windows 8 the process might look a little bit different but basically we want to remove a certain program from our library here if it is installed you and you want a good answer you find something says microsoft

visual c++ so you want to scroll down right here and Id actually recommend installing install you so then left Pokemon yes you after you done this I would actually recommend closed Hanna here now were going to be making sure we are using framework and running the mists up to day one here so were gonna just open up the SAR menu again type in Windows Features should

say turn Windows Features on or off right above control panel you want a left click on that match give it a second alone this swing so you want to make sure that framework for point seven is the one thats selected here and if we expand it as well make sure that its this one and not an older version so make sure this one is filled in and

thats about it and I would also suggest if youre still having problems try and run a system restore but hopefully one of the methods I went through in this tutorial should have some positive results for you so as always thank you guys for watching this tutorial I do hope I was able to help you out and I look forward to seeing you all in the next tutorial goodbye

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