Fix Micro Stutter And Lag In PUBG And Other Windows Apps

windows 10 stuttering
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hi this is Mike from my sandbox and reviews on how to and today were going to take a look at how to fix the stuttering and issues with micro stutter in games and applications on your Windows 10 PC keep watching to find out more okay so in this video were going to look at how to try and fix the problems we get with things like pub G and other games with micro stutter or lagging and also issues in some programs such as they be premier and things like that mostly its going to windows not looking after the RAM properly and caching far too much of your system this then involves the cache moving the files around which causes micro stutter so lets go straight to the pc and ill show you how to go about trying to fix this problem okay so the first thing to do is to open up web browser and in google you can just type in WG 32 or go to the empty standby list so click on that and we can download the file save it to the desktop its only a tiny little file so that shouldnt take very long at all so what we want to do now is you want to put that executable file somewhere within the system 32 or program files folders you can choose pretty much whichever one you want I think Ill go with Program Files so if you start a new folder and well call it empty and then what we need to do is to grab the exe and stick it in that folder once the files copied across right-click and choose properties and then in compatibility we want to run it as administrator if it isnt already so its already got run as administrator so were all good if yours doesnt say it then just put a tick box there and click apply so if yours looks like that put

tick box click apply and hit OK so thats the program side of it done so what we need to do now is open up satellizer and go to performance and then memory and as you can see theres our cache memory just on this side 1.2 gigabytes is the main one which is actually quite a lot and windows generally wont release it unless you either close a program or whatever and itll just keep on building and building until it gets to some incredible size so what we want to do is to create a new schedule in the task scheduler so its like bin task and scheduler or start typing it and you should get the up come up and what we want to do now is to create a new task so were going to call this task empty so pull I in the name and the description and you want to change the user group because you want it to run as a system task so in the users or groups click on advanced and then finds now to get a list of all the users and groups and scroll down until you find the system group or system user double click on it or click Add and then click OK make sure it just say system there and also make sure you run this with the highest privileges and you can change the configure 4 to Windows 10 obviously if youre running Windows 7 or Server 2008 choose that if youre gonna in Vista when youre 2 then click on that one there choose your operating system version so all we do now is go to triggers and create a new trigger and we want to begin the task on a schedule leave it at one time but then what were gonna do is were gonna repeat the task every 5 min you cant choose longer if you want to its entirely up to five minutes

to me works absolutely fine I would recommend that is essentially pretty much the length of around and kind of most online games so basically its gonna remove your cast file or cached memory after every rent which should keep the cache file under control so the duration of that we want to be indefinitely cuz we want this to run all the time every five minutes regardless and make sure that youve got tape box there it says its enabled click OK and now we go to actions so what we need to do is weve created our trigger and now we need to know whats going to happen or choose what is gonna happen when there trigger is done so click on new and we want to start a program and we want to brave now to the program so depending where you put your folder set mine was in Program Files and then empty and theres our file empty standby lets see so choose that then click open then click OK and in conditions pretty much you can leave this as it is I think thats pretty much okay and in settings your settings might look slightly differently Ive got the option here to allowed to ask to be run on demand that may or may not be ticked Im gonna leave it takes just so I can show you the actual program working without having to wait for five minutes so click OK and thats it so if we go into our tasks at your library we can see down or make this screen a little bigger this is a library library of all the triggers that are happening on your system so if we highlight empty and what we can do now is actually just click on run and if you look at the cast memory size there click over on run we should see that drop pretty dramatically well hopefully and there we go so thats

going to happen that is realistically all the RAM that we need to be having cash at the moment 325 megabytes which is a massive drop down from the 1.2 gigabytes that we were using and as you can see is slowly creeping up and that will happen all the time ilk windows will slowly creep up and down but generally it doesnt release the cash very often it doesnt flush the cache so its a good idea to do this just so that Windows doesnt have the juggle or cached information around from your RAM through to your system basically calls those little bottlenecks micro stutters and lags that we experience in games and apps so thats pretty much the the job done if for any reason yours doesnt empty the cache every five minutes you may find you have to do a restart of your computer to allow the task to kind of bed in or to trigger itself but that should be pretty much it okay so there we go theres my simple way of reducing your Windows cache memory size and to actually help your system perform as it should do this is something Microsoft should have fix a long time ago it should have been added in but they havent done but thanks for WJ 32 for making this exe file and what well do is Ill put links for this both in the video description so you can check out for yourself also Ill be putting links in the discord server so if you get any problems for setting this up or youve got any comments or questions feel free to comment over here in the section below or join us on a discourse server and well try go through any problems or issues you may face so there we go Ive been like this is my sandbox and views in how to and hopefully well catch you in the very next video thanks for watching

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