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here at Sakura real gaming here welcome to another video today well be talking about a little fix for a Minecraft problem called pixel format not excited now its a really quick fix and it should be really simple to do but basically when you do this this will be so if we go into my games here you know here so basically what happens is when you open minecraft but itll crash and it will say pixel format not accelerated Ive never had a crash on my computer because this is a really new computer and its a really powerful computer but it itll crash thats what itll sick so a really quick fix that you can do is youll want to go to actually only good to here on Windows 10 so the Start menu you want to have settings then you want to go to system and then youll have display were gonna display it after properties and then in here youll want to click on properties right here and then in this option youd want to go to drivers or driver and youd want to click update driver and you should do search

automatically for updated drivers unless you happen to have you updated driver on here in which case you go here okay so if you have an Nvidia device youd want to go to you know youd want to go to Nvidia site and then you want to come down to drivers and you can give you the GeForce drivers are all on video drivers I met all Nvidia drivers and youd select what you have so obviously most youll have GeForce youd want to select a ten series if thats what you have I have a 1050 Ti so thats what Id select then youd search and then youd want to do obviously this one um now the difference between this and GeForce drivers so GeForce drivers shows basically just g-force and this is what I have all right cuz Ive already done this and then itll show all of these so these would show all the past ones packed back to August up to the most recent which was five six days ago now if you have a Indy or an AMD graphics card youd want to go here and then you like gonna scroll down I

dont know but youd want to select the AMD thing you the Andy graphics trick you have Sophia you know desktop graphics and then you say we have a rx Vegas series and then from there you want to select the product so that and you want to do Windows 10 so I dont know why its saying that whats the wolf just which terrain on Vega what the heck what the heck dude okay r9 all right lets just say r9 so I dont know a lot of AMD graphics cards because I dont use AMD but your should be in there and we want to do our nine 300 series will say that and then Windows 10 so the new display results and youll see them right here youll want to download this one right here because that is the most recent so thats the one youd want to download now if you have an intel graphics or you just have a cpu with integrated graphics youd want to go to download center which would be down okay so lets just go back to intels website just so I can show you so be here and

then you just download center right there and were gonna go to graphics drivers and then what you would want to use is this four six generation graphics though that is the driver for if youve got the six gen now I have a seventh gen i7 and then youd use that if you have a fourth and fifth gen and youd use this one for basically six seventh and eighth generation models so you have those three websites depending on what graphics drivers you need that is what you would download you download that and then you go to settings this system display display properties display our properties and the driver and you press update driver and then you press browse my computer and then you find where you downloaded that driver which would most likely be in downloads and youd select that and and you probably you want to select here and search for otherwise you just have the system look for it otherwise if that if youre not going to do with that I recommend searching automatically and if it cant find anything have an update to what you selected so the other less little

you want to do if that didnt work is you want to unplug anything you might have recently plugged into the computer so if you plugged in in the USB hub lets say or a cd-rom a CD drive off the drive or you plug in a game controller if you plug anything in its still plugged in unplug it and same goes for if you put something in like a flash drive you just unplugged it and you took it out plug it back in and restart minecraft and see if it works so because sometimes minecraft might be it then you know it might interfere with what Markhams trying to do and itll screw things up so its really just unplug everything and see if minecraft works and then if it does plug everything back in one by one to see if which one was the problem so anyways thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed give it a like and if it helped you out give it a like as well if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments below Ill see you on the next video peace

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