Fix All Directx Error How to Download & Install All DirectX (Official)

directx error
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hey guys welcome back again Im MJ in this video I will show you how to fix all DirectX error or how to download and install all version of DirectX and windows disease first we need to check which version is install in your Windows PC to check this simple thing is go to run command by pressing windows R and here they are side DX D I AG and then hit enter okay now press okay if

you got any information then press okay here go to display and here you will see directs X version H 12 so right now in my PC Direct X 1280 install if you need DirectX 9 can play one or other you can do easily this one just open any browser or open Google and in the Google just drive direct X and hit eater open this forcing is the official link of Microsoft open this fourth link

okay if you need a DirectX 9 just type DirectX 9 here are can like these or live on like this and hit enter so Im going to go take the direct X and after this open the first link here click on download so I dont want a mess and all this thing so click on no thanks and continue okay so downloaded restart very soon so these are very little files okay done so save this

file okay save now you will get this type of server file we have double click on this and click on yes and then click on I accept and click on next okay install the bring I dont want uncheck this and click on next thats it it will install your direct add in your Windows PC its very easy you dont need to do any hard work for it just click Next and follow the onyx instruction

so I have already install this so I am NOT going to this all right now so the easy way to I need solve any series of direct X any version of direct X in your Windows PC thanks for watching if you have any question ax will come at are they there is a giving GB going on my channel if you want to participate click the link in video description thank you see you next video

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