Find 404 Resources on Page with Chrome Developer Tools

failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (not found)
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hey everybody this is ori from circuit and im going to show you in this video how to use the chrome browser in order to find for four elements that are not loading on the specific page okay very simple so take an example of one site that I found the floor for error okay so what you basically do

is you load the specific page whos the chrome developer tools inspect a button to actually open the developer tools themselves okay and what you do actually is when you open it youll see an error here if there are errors of course a X icon right here with four errors so if you do see that youre going to

go to the console tab right here and you can clearly see the actual errors that are happening first one said failed to Lord resource server responded with a status of four four one two three and heres a connection timeout heres another issue but for 4 or 4s theres three issues that have been cause theyre all trying to

load a specific image right here heres a JPEG heres a JPEG extender so another way to actually see that is if you actually go to the network tab here and lets refresh the page right here and you can actually see all of the resources that the browser download HTML Javascript CSS images cetera and if you actually use

the status column youll be able to actually see the 404 errors right here one two three and then you can dig into it more and figure out where theyre coming from and then either remove them or fix the issues thats basically it very simple video let me know if you have any questions will be happy to answer thanks

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