FINAL FANTASY XIV Shadowbringers: The Identity of the Crystal Exarch SPOILERS

who is the crystal exarch
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are you alright say something 12 for friend he cannot contain the light hes beginning to turn her aunty if youve autop your sleeve now is the time its changing back the combined power of every light warden is too terrible a burden for any one soul to bear and so I shall relieve you of it xq what are you doing I will channel this profusion of power to the crystal tower and use it to travel to other worlds as I have dreamed of doing ever since I first learned of their existence who would choose to remain here in this dying realm when they might go elsewhere and begin anew not I and thus thus did I use you I dont believe you it doesnt make sense damn you we wont let you do with him as you please do not interfere please I beseech you all let him go you knew of this very on Shane shes all a fiction such vaguely defined acts of teleportation stand no chance of success the ex arc will never live to see

another world as he knows only too well then what does he mean to do he means to take the light with him into the rift where he will die from the beginning he intended to sacrifice himself to save our friend and nor friend at journeys end an opportunistic thief makes off with the heros prize a poultry way to end a chapter I concede yet your tail will continue and my role in it will scarcely be remembered worry not whatever should become of me I will be happy and free safe in the knowledge that I have played my part thank you for fighting for this world for believing fare you well my friend my inspiration only those who possess the Royal I of the Allegan Imperial line are capable of controlling the crystal tower such individuals do not exist in the first therefore in all likelihood the XR arrived here with the tower this much I had surmised yes I could not discern his grand scheme to think that he went through all this trouble

for the sake of a single hero its almost admirable in its absurdity alas it is not your grand scheme youll succeed but ours you bastard stay put your friend is still alive but whether he remains so depends on you what a disappointment you turned out to be I placed my faith in you let myself believe that you could contain the light but look at you now Oh way to becoming a monster you are unworthy of my patronage I am an a CEO my heart soul desire is to usher in the great rejoining a hundred years ago I entrusted my Conrad log grip with the task of increasing light sway over this world this we sought to do by manipulating heroes when that failed to achieve the desired result I created for free the thanks to your meddling that tomb has ended in failure what was your true purpose in approaching us by your 12 boy have I not told you before that everything I said was the truth you were specimens by which I might gauge mans

potential as it stands I genuinely had an interesting genuinely considered taking you on as allies provided he could contain control the light if not then he and by extension you would be of no use to me cause as simple as that so weve been found wanting Aldous huh but even had we fulfilled your conditions there was no guarantee that we would cooperate what then then I simply Kenny wolf at the very least it could restore the world to the way it was before you went about trouncing like war between suffice it to say it would be most inconvenient to have all that light taken away and I would be lying if I were to claim his actions didnt have me worried you still retain your form and your senses but you have all the become a scimitar whether you will it or no your mere existence will serve to engulf the world in light those in your company will likewise turn into Sin Eaters and in time you will succumb to your base instincts and hunt innocents to feast

their sweet sweet ether those few of the were left to find may rise up against you but before your absolute light they will quickly know to spell there is no hope we are finished mankind is finished oh the irony one four three achieved from bliss you but I have overstayed my welcome I shall look forward to seeing you bring the world to its knees hero thanks doc I hope not to show from the time and effort I invested in you he is a small token to my troubles I did not expect that I could learn walk from man but I may have learned something all the knowledge he had hoarded for his precious hero I pity you I do your friends are now your phones if you do not kill them they will kill you when it all becomes too much to bear seek me out at my abode in the dark depths of The Tempest there you may complete your descent into madness with some dignity far from prying eyes till then I bid you farewell eat

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