Final Fantasy XIV Direct X 11 Fatal Crash How I Fixed My Nightmare….

ffxiv fatal directx error
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hello YouTube hundred-year so today I want to talk about an issue I had with fall fantasy 14 and that is direct x11 crashing um I played the game since 2.0 and I have several thousand hours in the game you know playing and everything like that and overall the only issues Ive had over server issues like do define are not working you know when the patches come out or when the expansions come out there you have issues with you know the servers and stuff like that but otherwise I havent really had any issues so but just recently maybe two months ago I started having these DirectX 11 crashes the one one zero zero zero zero to fail DirectX error and Im like what the hell I think it started happening when I was doing a lot to me extreme rounds and it was just bizarre like the game itll just shut down Ill crash Ill say DirectX error its okay he gives you a generic that one one zero zero zero zero to code and thats it doesnt tell you anything else sometimes and Ive only played in DirectX 11 since its come out or whatnot I didnt even know there was a didnt even know they had an 11 or 9 version but playing in the 11 like it would literally its such a random crash like it would sometimes not happen for a couple hours and it would do it I would play for a minute hell crash I log back in boom crash in five seconds its like what the hell it drove me to the point to where I was just about to put the game cuz I was just I just had enough of it I found I tried a lot of so I tried reinstalling the game I mean clean install not even user settings I had to rebuild all my classes and everything even the armory sets there theyre gone like had to redo everything didnt fix the problem video card um graphic card drivers in the video drivers clean install didnt fix it and the thing is is that and nothing changed on my computer which is really bizarre and this is its even more bizarre you know the fix is

even weirder but like I said I tried everything overlays you check out the reddit you typing Fantasy 14 DirectX crash onto Google and youll see all kinds of threats because its a major issue and its just you know people are like oh make sure you turn off overlays make sure you do this install the drivers or update your drivers and all that but no that works for me what I found was a couple people I should have I should have won this round sooner I didnt think this was an issue because it sounds stupid but it is also to add to that DirectX 11 crashes it just started randomly crashing on me like two months ago just ran crashes when I went to like a common thing its like oh go playing DirectX 9 DirectX 9 was worse it would literally crash faster than not it was worse than 11 and sometimes like I usually stream 14 um if youve seen my youtube channel you see a spam with the videos um it would actually crash like sometimes when 11 crash would crashed OBS as well its just like I was literally about to quit the game thankfully I downloaded a my and my MSI Afterburner and Ill show you what I did to stop this all I did was take the core core clock speed boom and thats it this fixes the issue for whatever reason when this is enabled I have no crashes and Ive played since um if this is up and running I dont know if it just um I dont know if its the clock speeds or if its like boosting the cards boosting or something like that which is causing an issue um if this is set like this I have no crashing at all I have not crashed a single time in probably 40 50 60 plus hours of playing yesterday I was streaming right I didnt realized my computer shut off all right every started by I didnt think about it the game crashed something okay in my and you know afterburner wasnt up I turn afterburner bifur guy I changed the court clock um speed but I didnt clicked arrow so I crashed again I click the arrow and

then no more crashing because I didnt apply the settings it was back to its base zero which I guess I dont honestly know I mean I know some stuff about computers but I dont know why um this particular I dont know if you like down clock the card if it stops it from boosting apparently I was reading that at the video cards boosting it like Ive never had this issue of any other game and Ive never had this issue of 3014 until just randomly just sort of happening I dont know if its the claw like people say its the clocks and the booze I dont freaking know but all I know is that all I did was this core clock boom and that solved the issue if youre having DirectX 11 issues like me if youre having this 11000 0 to DirectX fatal do this and see what happens like I said that error could be for you know plethora different things this may or may not work for you but definitely do not overlook this I would actually try this first thats easy because you can just download it and it takes you know a couple minutes if that and you know something to play around which I might like just lower it like by one and maybe if you lowered by one maybe it stops the boosting or if youre manually controlling the clock speed maybe it stops it from boosting on its own I dont know um but going down like Ive just been running at 135 to start and I have had zero crashes with this running and a with my long period of time will live a huge sample size zero crashing so definitely give this a try but like I said you know its such a random issue like it just there could be so many different things that causes it so you know its just troubleshooting things like that but definitely check out the MSI Afterburner download it if youre having the issues downloaded and change that core clock lower it down and see what happens if it stops maybe you can play around with it maybe raise that clock a little bit umm lets see what happens just FYI I

have an alien war 17 with a 7 ATM and interestingly enough Ive only played 14 since to point came out same computer on this same OS I have several thousand hours of only overplayed 14 on this computer same OS never reinstalled OS 8 one since day one back from 2002, 12 or no 2013 or early 2014 somewhere around there Ive had this computer for so long I dont remember not but definitely like I said trail this Mis MSI Afterburner if you are having this issue and give this a shot oh nice and this fixed it for me I might around the core clocks to see what I can get away with maybe like I said maybe its the boosting if you read about it feel free to google it and check it out yourself um like I said theres more theres a lot theres a lot more people I have a lot more technical knowledge with this sort of thing than I do but uh you know this is this fix it for me as far as I can tell literally yesterday I played the game without this running and it crashed twice before I before I click this checkbox and boom crashing went away so definitely check this out and you know in the comments if you if you solved it any other way you know let me know maybe I can you know make a make another video with all the possible fixes and stuff like that but definitely googling the problem and seeing you know you see a lot of stuff like oh its its its a users fault steam overlay its its not square enix but theres some funky stuff going on like I dont know that I never had a game do this before in 14 range for thousands of hours and boom it just started happening I dont know if theres a news of Windows Update that fell with DirectX I dont know but it looks like you know and thats not the case you if you look at all the threads some of those threads are years and years old like 2014 2015 Im like what like this has been an issue for a long time and again like I say

its a wide ranging thing it could be all kinds of different things thats causing this shoe but you know this solved it for me and I checked out some threads again because you know I was messing the settings and all that just taking our programs and you know nothing worked and you see like some threads like oh the Thunder clock and the card helped or you know not overlooked I think like people like cuz I dont really overclock or anything but like overclocking the card can be in this shoe and stuff like that but I said let me know if this helps like I said this is a saving grace for me like I I said I was this close to quitting the game like how it was literally like I cant do anything in the game like youre trying to do the contents like it locks me extreme when the run starts boom five or six times I get I lag out Im screwing over my party because its taking them longer to clear theyre missing a DPS its like you know it screws over me because I cant enjoy the game Im trying to stream the game and literally have two streams a black screen and me login and then its screwing over the other people on my party because Im not there to do the content but uh oh you know if I have any other issues with this or if this stops working or something you know maybe Ill make another video but for now although this has worked perfectly and it stopped the crashing so Ill put a link for MSI Afterburner theres other programs that PI allow you to do this this is just the first one I think Ive used it before a long time ago but uh Ill definitely um Ill definitely put a link on the video but hopefully you know anybody just have this you know good look thats all I can say definitely try this out though its easy takes a couple minutes is way faster than install reinstalling the game and other stuff like that and see how it works out but thanks for watching and good luck on solving your DirectX he loved them crashing

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