Fenix Rising Gameplay 1/5 | Alpha/Exe. on Anvil | Live Comm.

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if you have a cookie problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems ledges pb2 an assassin described all right everybody the hair of a person Eagles a shotgun like Im like on the dip its like that home cuz west coast in the fight to haul team pulls in March oh yeah ran off there we go perhaps randoms instead hence ill come over Kenny Kenny music Sally monster man shut up nah turkey chicken dont love you like a real monster hole we love you love me you love my voice you getting turned on oh wait you like my boys this is inserted is it turn you on its not lovely at all turn your you gonna burn it I get a hard-on time theyre getting a hard-on please I beg be scared throw it washed it will about to be a lance i must be on Lance trihard I wanna have a very sore quad broham how does muhfucka let these new yeah hello hello no singing no singing in this lobby from here on forward all right concentration ok like I know I forgot we cant put we came to get the full team thing full five is a full five

with his full team of Saturn martyrs look like a leg like me I answered it should be like he goes like it hello okay yo you feed you that Sorry Sorry corner in the corner go take it in turtle thank you for heavily deserve great well how sweet how much Oh smooth and go over there wagon no more push yr please make up playing with help you get playing for him hes lancer sorry whats up why youre feeling that playing hormones so much does economy shot how did she notice oh yeah oh yeah my units dont you shut yeah I realized that come on my shutter register now hey hey Ill buzz it okay hey my kill dont kick my girl stop Im kicked my kill thrown show all of us cussing cuz every day younger the chivas youre gonna be merry why oh yum yum yum the fishes all about sandwich bag oh how are you doing trickle only phone Jeremy shes gonna scare me too I know yeah singing every second like this like us to go out my bag there hes flying hey week oh my gosh thank you i love you go off im sure though son beauty send off

him look I got no kills on a second issue in oh boo me about that point yeah I gone you got sunny simply hes shooting all right I tricks will pass me you had one boom shot oh you got one boom shiny patty honor to go thats a start following brick brick no you go see youre nowhere to go youre gonna play the spot just one although the weapon is it I love this ghost madam good all the maps are great no Academy sucks balls oh it doesnt oh my god oh yeah total is still gotta go camacho execution too much hiding where are you peekaboo I die so he could tell us with you oh yeah this is somebody died on a dime Im getting a flanger name something like I need to kill I think its regular deja nice lately I see Josh lame fine whoevers who to henriss Im all London de with a flaming out my cooking with a size the middle I said not all good were one of me uh yeah bc local gayeko just take two girls about oh youre late yeah he had the flame looking for them heres one more to go potty putter goes

one more yeah Ill seem lets see him walking around it Oh threw them away Hardings away it was Mike it away like abusive it doesnt Bible Sam he doesnt buy it open yeah by the past escape character now basically already what is it that cant be thats not the strangeness Ill random see this orange CA for randoms yeah I love rain bitch tinky start on this map okay so youre clear for 5 im gonna be communicate crossed our presence in Beverly lancet 4454 Im sorry fine these these guys were sort of measures you know how it hurts back in the boom why you fine oh thats bull how do you kill me like Oh trickle not playing outdoor use known bag tricks little games I fans got a pretty girl brick brick anyone VIIIs make this thats very cool its basically bad is going on better call them weve like whole thing yeah uses like sliding like crazy yo what kind of doing it for kegs oh come down oh yeah Im not right good thing youre looking though mm-hmm Im always lagging I see that every time I put he came and talked hes lagging this is michael anybody are you gonna put

every Ron oh gosh totally okay Im gonna flame them oh theres a chart beard that doesnt die where the or restraint no not on this oh I thought cuz I got both patients all cookie I was up here ya go like when I got 26 and oh I was like a pile small killing them I spoke yeah Mias body numbers ba ba yeah sure fools I know you like it ended by flames it over there they got the back turn you know see mainstream down abuse abuse try hard push with the body me please nobody touch me please and keep us out man to kick you oh thats you comp am have it you gotta have a trick cool very cool handling picture yeah let me get a good angle is you check to check out and check out your wrists with all the foie gras Cookie Monster died oh we still got it I got here but but the cookie monster died thats all that mattered Oh loser I got I got you guys rusty I got a fanboy I got low because I I I didnt think a lot thank you all lap 13 shut up you got about 30 no we met

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