#Feku vs #Pappu: are twitter trends credible?

who is feku in india
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but lets just move to this does in Delhi strong words in the mother plays chief minister there but in Delhi three the buzz is about Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modis speech at the ficky ladies organisation and his version of woman power but forget elections the campaign is well and truly on on line with the Congress using the hashtag fake who and responds pappu CI but the BJP online activists then converting it to fake who for our Gandhi Narendra Modis trying to improve acceptability after his party president recently endorsed his popularity active corporate bodies over the last one week have raised the specter of a Rahul Gandhi versus marine remove the presidential form of a contest one man cannot deliver on the aspiration youre going to have the one guy whos gonna come and hes gonna fix everything hes gonna come in a horse thats level thats the

Indian model its going to come in the house son is gonna be in the background theres a billion people waiting hes coming in and everythings going to be nice no its not gonna work like that in reply Modi spoke about his rule his solutions and a dig at Rahul Gandhi himera Congress came with Ronnie Joker Dickie what got babe Rekha Campea it just so been Kapisa popular hot yoga media Cairo Ram dhaba dang it what do Nene it just went before calamity just happen again my goose Vertica nominally ricotta disc an ample party isnt a party many of otaku Sabatini the platform was offered by a corporate body and Narendra Modi unleashed the politician an aim to create and change his image for long he has been criticized for being a corporate darling for favoring corporates so amidst an audience packed with women entrepreneurs naren the modi

presented the socialist in him how he has worked for the are mad me how he has promoted entrepreneurship among women especially at the grassroots level Mooji Facebook / or Peter birth cohort but in matrimony absurd jury Lima Alanas some partying he Taniya he is a decibel Weepu chain or both salads with Habibi honestly would abhash article Chavez hotel on a Quadra and today after narendra modis speech at ficky it was the Battle of the hashtags hashtag Modi storms Vicky was trending for most of the morning until it seems that the Congress supporters got their act together and made hashtag fake who the top trend worldwide for the next several hours perhaps hijacking what has always been the sole roost of the right-wing I am Moussa tweeted yes we have decided to counter Narendra Modi and his a PCO gang hashtag team Congress will not keep quiet now

hashtag Baku is just a start so easy for to make something trained on Twitter I just need some organized activity with a critical mass Ive made stuff trending on Twitter I wrote a blog post saying make this train on Twitter and people followed and intended for two days last week when Rahul Gandhi spoke the social media was saturated with Alti Rahul rants and began flooding the India trends mocking Gandhi a possible PM candidate with acerbic analogies bordering on malicious even a vocal Rahuls mothers Italian birth this frita was worried at a point that the anti Rahul trend was falling it has gone for a ride he tweets this one says he will have to get it back in the top 10 right now it swings between the extremes of Rahul and a moody or pooh pooh and a chop punch Aarti if you like Bureau report NDTV

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