Fallout 4 Keeps Crashing – This Is How To Fix It

fallout 4 keeps crashing
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now over the course of the last weeks I have been dealing with a quite annoying and very persistent bug when it came to fallout 4 and that beam whenever I try to load up a game and enter the main menu the game what instantly fucking crash which might help explain my recent upload schedule now when it comes to both the elder scrolls in the Fallout series bugs are something almost synonymous of the game franchises themselves and while I suppose I dont mind the lack of a decent physics engine and whatever the fucker this is but when these bugs entirely prevent me from playing the game Im a little bit fucking peeved and after spending

well over 50 fucking hours on trying to resolve this issue before finally coming up with a solution Im in the mood for a fucking rant and for those of you complaining that I am blatantly ripping off up is not jump calm down have an eclair one initially encountering this bug I first thought it might have something to do with the 200 or so on mods I have installed on the unholy abomination which Id like to refer to as my load order so I started off disabling the most recently installed ones until at some point I just kind of said fuck it and disable each and every single last one of them after which I boot

the fallout 4 try to access the main menu and guess what its fucking crashed so I thought if the problem isnt proving the mods which it still might be it could be the integrity of the game files themselves so after one 120 hour plus 80 gigabyte download later not to mention the accidental download of the higher resolution DLC which changes more or less fucking nothing in the entirety of the game besides the color of one goddamn table this guy could be over 50 fucking gigabytes I booted up for loop or try to access the main menu and guess what its what he crashed so I went back to the next smallholder reinstalled and uninstalled every

single fucking mode on there hoping that the issue was caused by the installation of one of these mods for example Nexus mods trying to install a mod and crashing halfway through resulting in a partial installation causing the issue I once again booted up 404 and guess what it didnt fucking work now at this point I started contemplating if I will play fallout 4 ever again so I started scouring the internet for a possible solution and even rooting around the game files out of sheer desperation and trying to boot up fallout about 20 or so more times after which it miraculously fucking worked though it took me solid 40 minutes to wrap my head around what

but apparently my internet cut out like some form of icing on this shit fucking sandwich which miraculously solved the fucking issue now this honestly speaks volumes upon volumes about the nature of Fallout 4 if the only thing that can help resolve an issue it might be having is if another one fucking occurs so in the immortal words of the late up is not jump brown faces is something Ive had issues with from when I first started playing Fallout 4 if for some odd reason you actually enjoyed watching this video and would like to watch more there subscribe to channel as always my names Ronnie youve been watching troll Bros and the Nexen guys house

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