who is the main character in fairy tail
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whats up YouTube Deucalion anime my video for today Im gonna be making a topical video is gonna be about Natsu drag mail something like Fairy Tail yeah Fairy Tail yeah my fairytale video animation manga topic for today Im just going to talk about the basic story or the basic argument thats been coming for a long time and its something that I passed over when I was looking for the forums I recently got in a fairy tale the anime and I thought Id look it over you know risk and got into the manga lets see about a couple days ago and this topic came across on fairy law net its a forum website dedicated to fairy tale and I came across this thread in that read let me show let me see writing it right now fairy law very law yeah I went on fairy law and it showed an interesting thread which it said something that I really want you guys to hear about it had the topic of who was the main character or who was you know the central part of the story the main character in the fairy tale story and I like to talk about it cuz I have my own opinion on it hmm lets go alright Im on the website right now very lot at net and I see a general discussion and the the the thing thats interesting about this is was that this is a delegation between who was the main character of the story Natsu dragged Neal and Lucy Heartfilia and since Im recently getting into the story you know Im getting a feel for whos actually doing the most and whos actually you know being covered amongst the story theres a lot of arguments going back and forth saying that Lucy Heartfilia is the main character Natsu dragon eel as the main character based on the presentation of them in the series this is some of the ideas that Ive begun to read and this is just how I feel about it so first of all this isnt some of my opinions wont be of mine personally its just been arguments that have been said before but this is you know I think what is potent to the conversation though first it goes from why not two is considered the main character in the story Natsu dragon L is considered the main person in the story because he has the main central focus throughout the story hes the one who goes out in his most proactive to the story which means that in any type of arc or in any type of saga inside of the fairy tale series hes gonna have a main play into it which means hes gonna have a major part he hes the one who faces the final villain always hes the one who gets the most spotlight an arc cannot go without announcing about not so in some type of spotlight contrary to not to drag Neill Lucy Heartfilia has been shown in different types of arcs the the galuna island arc the festival I forgot something festival arc you know with Laxus and the continued island arc to not be very significant to the story and it be such as a

side character rather not to drag nail has focused on being one of the main characters so a lot of people would say hes wanted the main character because hes had such a focus into that so that argument might be a little uh but heres another persons argument about why Lucy Heartfilia might be the person whos the the person soon the person whos the main character first of all theyd like to say that her she has the point of view the story so anything that goes on in fairy tale and the narrative that starts from the beginning of the story and transgression on base from her viewpoint so Lucy Heartfilia is saying everything you know as he writes in her little you know notes to her dead mother that everything is going on in fairy tale and all these stories that are being told are happening to Lucy on earth in his eyes also Lucy Heartfilia has gotten a good amount of a character development and we see things the worst spectrum in his racing career spectrum a lot of things are thrown around in this argument which sit on the fair hair form here so you can just go to a fairy law net and then you could look up when you scroll down you can look up fairy fairy tale general monger discussions and you can look under the topic that says it has something around saying whos the main character Natsu dragon eel or Lucy Heartfilia or something of that nature and youll find the whole conversation there my personal opinion of it is is that the main character of the story no matter what people feel about it is drumroll please Lucy Heartfilia yes the main character of the story is Lucy Heartfilia Lucy Heartfilia is the main character of this story and heres why is my reasons lie in a story such as this its kind of confusing to tell whatever or Hiro Mashima may take with his main character of the story since theyre a bunch of main characters who get a good amount of development except the main character of course except the main protagonist of course not to drag me yeah the main protagonist of the story which you guys have already guessed is the guy whos driving the action of the story is the guy whos always leading into the story the guy you know who makes the story happen which is not some dragging a lot of times and you know a North American culture you like to say that the the protagonists the main protagonist is the main character but in this situation is not the main character is Lucy Heartfilia one for one of the most important facts is that shes the point-of-view character shes the narrative she has the narrative built the story she doesnt have the narrative fully of the story but things are being seen through her perspective and most of the perspective shes giving is upon not to drag me but for the general basis and the plot of and the plot of fairy tale for anything that happens in the story massive dragon eel is the driving force for anything that happens in the storyline thats why hes the main protagonist you

can see this and all the fights that hes been in you can see theres an all much attention he gets but he never has the set of being the guy who has lets say character development or a change in character or introspection I dont see some of these elements flowing into main character I see that falling into a main protagonist but with Lucy Heartfilia you get some type of identity identity with Lucy Heartfilia she will be important to the overall story Im betting her mother will because she died on that same X 777 July 7 7 7 X 77 thing with the Dragon Slayers and their dragons what not so her storyline will be more important than that and also with the fact that shes gotten a good amount of development you know throughout this series and is important to the story of Fairy Tail its a lot of people would like to say that the person at the beginning of the story how its set up when a person finds this guy whos a part of this bigger thing thus being Natsu dragon one whos a part of the fairy tale that they will be the main character well this is the same world with it but a lot of people would like to say counter at then you know positions have been reversed and the guy who actually goes out and find this new cumber its actually a part of the team is actually a part of you know the team and how everything is working out and this I disagree I think Natsu dragons the main protagonist and hes the driving force whatever actions happen in this manga hated me mmm dude you just got a guys got to think about it like when you think of the person whos always up there whos always driving the action Natsu dragon eel drives the action he goes against all the villains all the antagonist or different types of antagonist while Lucy Heartfilia plays the background character that when he gives coverage and introspection throughout his throughout the the story of Fairy Tail and throughout the other characters this helps because not Sues character profile doesnt isnt synonymous with the type to hold his own type of narrative was only type of introspection for himself for example you can also reach this with one piece but this isnt the same where one piece where Luffy is is the main character because and a lot of people like to say this Im not basically judging it solely on the thought of introspection and the narrative towards a person Im basically solely on the importance of this story and the overall you know guidance of the story if you can see whether uh with the fairy tale story is leading its leading a lot of hype towards the Dragon Slayers and what happened to them and you know whats happened on that 77 date and nine times out of ten I can bet you that whatever happened to her mother on that day whatever happened to the Dragons on that they are synonymous thats why I believe Lucy Heartfilia is one of the keys to the story and it can be very empty without her thats why she is

the main character dude through the narrative of her and then think here emotional will put that in place so that not to drag Neal would be able to have the narrative excuse me so that Natsu dragnet would be able to have the narrative so no one will be able to get what hes trying you know he doesnt ask my synonymous with his character I know a lot of theres a lot of discussions on this coming down below but I think I like for you guys to describe who the main character a fairy tale is I mean Ive agreed Ive agreed I stuck in my head um so you guys could say anything else that the main character is not to drag me oh youre gonna have to come up with a lot of things but until you guys have a better opinion tonight then I have right now then Im gonna stick with Lucy Heartfilia as the main character of Fairy Tail and Natsu dragna being the main protagonist the driving force for anything thats happening in the series you know how someone will tell a story like a fairy tale you know maybe you know you ever hear of them someone is telling a story but then you hear about another guy in the story the person whos telling the story is actually the main character and youre seeing things through his perspective but the actual person whos driving the story is the main character of their story that theyre trying to tell you I know thats gonna sound a lot when you actually think about it theyre making more sense and it itll make more sense so actually watch the series more and see who has more importance later on down the line to the story and whos affected worldwide Lee in the story I think its obviously Lucy Heartfilia but not to drag now it is a central part of this story for the progression of fairy tale thats why the author mentions dimensions you know and exonerates his attention so much for him all right its been dorkula anime I just came up with a short little video to make you guys think of a you know character you know just like the technical side of a story and also for you to since Ive taken you know new interest in fairy tale just a lot of people on the YW sued me on the Yak diving interested in telling me you know read fairy tale read fairy tale and all others in my anime club at school have been telling me rephrase hell read fairy tale no Im just this is an interesting topic for me a fairy tale monger / anime review may come later but I dont think its worth it because it hasnt finished yet but I have a lot of opinions about it this is just one of the main focal pinions I had so comment down below you know subscribe if you want to like the video dislike the video I dont really care but the most thing is that I get a response out of you guys so I can see what you guys want all right guys duel can animate all the quality with none ADHD peace

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