Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion

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in chemistry we use the metric system which uses degrees Celsius instead of Fahrenheit now we know that in Fahrenheit seventy-five degrees is a nice comfortable day what is that temperature in degrees Celsius so were

going to convert that our equation for the conversion is degrees Celsius equals degrees Fahrenheit minus 32 divided by one point eight so we simply plug in our degrees Farenheit into this equation and calculate it

out so degrees Celsius equals 75 minus 32 divided by 1.8 now its important that you do the top first before you divide by the bottom of the light to come up with the wrong answer

so we can take our calculator and do this 75 minus 32 equals 43 divided by 1 point 8 equals 23 to round up to 24 degrees Celsius 75 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to 24 degrees Celsius

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