Fable 3 Silver Key Locations Brightwall Village

fable 3 silver keys
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hey guys as the title suggests Im going to show you where you can find the silver keys and bra all village theres only four of them and obviously the first thing youre going to want to do is go to the sanctuary so you can fast travel I tried to cut out as much as the loading times as I could so itll save a little bit of time but once you get inside the town youre going to need to turn around and run across the bridge because the first key that were going to get is to the right underneath another bridge beside this house so once you get down here just take a riot please youve got to help us now once you cross this bridge and get beside the house youre going to need to go left and youll find the stairs to take you directly down to the key now once I pick mine up I just splashed traveled again the same time so you

didnt have to watch me run all the way back through across the bridge but obviously you can do it however works out for you but once you get back to the main part of the town youre going to need to take the bridge on the left and then go up to the right towards the Academy okay guys Im so sorry because when I said 4 Im in fun when I said right I meant left because were going to need to pick the one up by the house of Clark first its just easier that way and Im really really sorry I promise it wont happen again I dont know how at the world I forgot this one but its just right up here by the chickens ball ball and its right here beside the house and I could not say this Trey and I took it out on the chicken apparently please okay once you get to the Academy youre going to need to take a left

and the key is to the right here and all these rocks and trees and if it looks like Im really confused or I dont know where Im going its because I put my TV on standard its completely black in places and I cant see anything so sorry about that but once you pick up this key which is just right here in these rocks outside the Academy were going to go inside a bit so we can get the other two you better at the place in it another thing that might save me time that I wanted to show you is if you know you already have the other team if you zoom in and just best travel to the tunak house itll take you right outside the Academy so again if its something that you just know that you have itll save you a little bit of time and then were just going to proceed on inside the Academy and where were headed is at the end

of these halls to the right so just go through there now I ran past all the enemies and Id already killed some of them and they didnt respawn from where Ive been in here before but its pretty much going to be a stray run for the most part until we get to a cert door that you got a lots of torches to get it so just run through as you normally would until after you dog okay the door youre going to need to lock the torches on its going to be coming up so if you want to go ahead and clip your fireball spell if you havent already its right here and you can see the six baskets lined up theres three on each side that you got a lot and it will open up the store here that has your third key really simple nowhere else to go its just right there okay once you get here youre going to go to the right try

rican see it as easy as possible and were going to go up here and climb this hill and take another run and were going to flip the switch and thats going to let the stairs come up so we can get the last key theres a bunch of holloman that come out here I pretty much cut out most of the botting so but be prepared for that theres the stairs obviously okay now the drop down spot is actually to the left of here I dont know what I was trying to do and when I didnt I wouldnt got the chest to the right so I just get it back where I came right back here thats where you just drop from and just go straight across up these stairs and as soon as you get up these stairs and look theres going to be your fourth key so I hope this helped and thanks for watching and I hope to have the other ones up soon

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