Encrypted Journals with Monkkee [Habit]

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hey guys happy new year and I thought Id just give you a little recommendation to start the year off to set a kind of a positive trend in terms of reflection and I recommend journals a lot of the time obviously sometimes its difficult to do this and it can be kind of a chore

so Ive got a online website recommendation where you can do an online diary very simply very full-featured its free its called monkey and one of my favorite things about this site is your private thoughts so fully encrypted it has auto log off as well so you dont need to worry about your private thoughts

being hacked into or anything like that as Ive said gentleman is so important especially if youre not doing any emotional hygiene or not seeking out neutral chats with others not really ever or not ready to consider counseling or therapy with others I definitely check it out takes barely any time to set up and

just throw some thoughts on there on you know at least even just once a week you will get that reflection youll get that emptying eventing and youll start to build a pattern and you start to see how a lot of the things that talk about um really do bring clarity of mind cheers guys

Encrypted Journals with Monkkee [Habit], Monkkee
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