Earth Diver

who is the featured character in an earth diver story?
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earth diver the first people were the sky people they lived beyond the sky because there was no earth beneath one day the Chiefs daughter became very ill and no one was able to provide a cure for her sickness a wise elder was consulted and he told them to dig up a tree and lay the girl beside the hole that remained the sky people respected the elder and began to dig up the tree suddenly the tree fell down through the hole and dragged the Chiefs daughter with it as the girl fell she saw that below was only an ocean of

water two swans were alarmed by the girl falling and decided she was too beautiful to drown so they swam to catch her they landed her on the back of the great turtle and all of the animals of the earth gathered the great turtle councils that the sky woman is a symbol of good fortune he orders the animals to find where the sky worlds tree had landed in the ocean and to bring it back with its earth covered roots the Swans led the animals to the place where the tree had fallen into the ocean first order then muskrat and then

beaver dove in search of the tree each animal came back to the surface without the tree and died from exhaustion many other animals tried but they also died an elder woman told volunteered she dove and remained below a long time all of the animals thought she had been lost when at last she surfaced and before dying managed to spit a mouthful of earth onto the back of the great turtle this earth was magical and contained the power of growth the island grew and grew until it was large enough for the sky woman to live on the two swans set

the woman upon the island and circled it encouraging it to grow into the world Island at day yet the world was dark again the great turtle called for the animals to gather they decided to put a great light in the sky a little turtle volunteered and climbed up to the sky with the help of the other animals magic little turtle climbed into a black cloud and crawled around the sky collecting the lightning as she went she made a big bright ball from the lightning and threw it into the sky then she collected more for a smaller ball which she

also threw into the sky the first ball became the Sun the second ball became the moon then the great turtle commanded the burrowing animals to make holes in the corners of the sky so that the Sun and Moon could go down through one and climb up again through the other as they circled so there was day and night the sky woman lived on the island on top of the great turtles back she gave birth to twins one good called Thorin Gilligan a one evil called Taoists Garen from the breast of sky woman grows three sisters corn beans and squash you

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