who is the dumbest person in the world
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you need to learn American ish oh-ho-ho-ho-ho all Im missing is a baguette perfect slap some French on that anyways today Im here to bring you your daily dose of dumb I mean besides this look we got going on right now I dont know what to wear I just picked up bits and pieces Im like okay I dont like this shirt I dont change it okay better this shirt is dirty I like this shirt but I spilled something on it and I watched it several times and the stain has yet to eat itself from thine cloths alright but anyways Im getting hungry but we all do this video we wanna check out these girls for this girl this is the same person I am sick of all you run us believers saying that the earth is not flat okay we got one of the Flat Earth oh no no I aint gonna it is too late for this I am too hungry for this I am trying to argue right now with a flat earther maybe go to the doctor and get yourself checked because you might be a flat brainer did you know that there are over five languages in this world oh my god yes English Russian Spanish German Chinese Japanese oh my god thats six right there Wow we dont need all these languages people we dont need no British in language or Canadian language or Hawaiian language or Alaskan language okay Lal troll all right see Charlie British in Hawaiian Canadian yes theyre all English her face look like shes struggling though like she really trying to firmly grasp the fact that theyre more than five languages and shes saying we gotta get rid of something because they just gotta go we need just American okay just American language not even English just American like yeah giddy up on down time to rock and roll honey Ill see you talking like that you uncultured swine nothing more nothing less just American you want to know why because the letters are pretty theyre cute pretty like Japanese is pretty Japanese is the most aesthetic language out there thats what people who dont even speak Japanese dont even know how to write it cant even understand it get a tattooed on their body wear it

on shirts but cuz its pretty they dont do that to any other language out there I mean except English but you know English is not as pretty like you cant get letters prettier in the world okay also like with the what does it seem Seraphin she is really struggling right now maybe I feel a little bad for her she uses all her brainpower right now draining her battery to make this video but like I said English is not even pretty its just familiar its just there there was just a lot of fonts you cant get that with no Canadian language with the little ching chang chong canadian language with the ching chang chong its so hard because im now shes trolling but at the same time it looks like shes trying really hard to form these sentences using all her brain power but oh she got a point that she talking about fonts can you get fonts of other languages I dont know but ya got a point cuz I feel like English is so simple that you can put in a bunch of other fonts but I feel like yeah other languages you cant see maybe not like Japanese but Im talking about font so as the president of the world kid president of the world and the queen of everything I am now going to officially cut the Dookie with the other languages we dont need them okay excuse me maam FBI here who made you kid president of the world who made you queen of everything okay who did it who caused our Queen once she really playing the role now she actually believes it I think she got it wrong the queen of Dookie you wanna know what I found out most to England speaks American ish but they just have an accent Wow mind-blowing you knew in England they speak American ish crazy how nature do that Americans we dont have any accents because we are the future of the world Im just sayin this Trumps long-lost daughter who just ran off when she was born that ye did the fetus but they didnt eat it hard enough they speak in it they speak it so should you so if you cant understand this video you need to learn American ich

you need to learn American dish wow guys you hear that if you dont understand this video go get yourself a book and learn american ich you know American dish for dummies leave a like if you know American ich she was so annoyed at the end like was that really necessary you know you had me convinced and then you had to go and be rude like I was gonna go learn American ich for you and then you had to give me that attitude by her mo will you mean so rude for like I listened to your hold on speech hes gonna give me that like just by what if I do that in my videos like at the end of every video like hit that like button end up by you would not come back to my channel Oh would you okay we going back to this girl why is our name sound so familiar Schmidty thats a hella familiar I am sick of all you run us believers saying that the earth is not flat okay see us around earth believers we dont need to say that this is not flat because its common sense that the earth is not flat or is it you know Shane Dawsons video got me thinking and ever since it still got me thinking Im mini pot of the Flat Earth Society Im gonna tell you I the up is flat okay you know Ill listen I aint got nothing better to do at 2:00 in the morning bus so told me that if the earth was flat then gravity would be right way stronger Im gonna tell you right now gravity is not a thing lets just take gravity and throw it out lets just take gravity and throw it out the door okay you take your appetit throw it off the door youre gonna be flying what now well you mean gravity is not a thing okay so if the earth was flat shes trying to say you dont need gravity because its just like a flat plane how the earth look like a pancake do people live on the bottom of it or is it just one long pancake okay lets just pretend the earth is flat for a second and think what if you dig so

far deep how far deep do you have to dig that it goes out into space has nobody thought of that like if the earth is flat you got to be able to dig deep enough that opens a rift in space you feel me buddy not a thing gravity does not exist in the Flat Earth Society gravity is not a thing okay okay in the Flat Earth Society gravitys not a thing but you know what in the real world sorry honey but we live in an gravity um second of all how we all keep together that is a huge wall of ice around the way way how come Ive never seen this on Instagram Ive never seen anybody pose next to a wall of ice okay so heres the earth and its surrounded by a wall of ice so its not a flat second people who think that theyve traveled around the world are just going under Antarctica around and talk to come sorry in the Sun guys like from the top of the world to on the in tactical and then its a same with the moon and then they come back up when its time okay sir oh you people trying to tell me that the earth is not flat kangaroo just die this argument but at the ad thats like you dont believe me just go die what is this what is this let me go slam my head oh let me go slam my head on a wall of ice and die oh wait it doesnt exist you are contributing to Illuminati theories we kind of believe that the Illuminati is like kind of trying to make us believe that the earth is round okay so yall hear that according to her shes saying we all in little loominatee if we believe the world is round so its the Illuminati even like an exclusive group anymore if everybody that believes that the earth is round this in it or supports their ideology idk man I am losing brain cells I cant keep up with what this girl have to say anymore Im faking satellite images that very easy to fake oh yeah slap that bad boy in the Photoshop Elon Musk it he got a guy for that yes Elon Musk it

making trips to space trips to space what was it fake though hmm as Earthlings well never know just stuff like that you can tributing in that like Satanism sin lies lying sin yes Wow that escalated real quick if you believe the earth is round shes saying you supporting Satanism because you are lying to yourself and lying is a sin and sin is for temple Wow also the earth is flat because if we have airplanes going around the earth theyre just gonna go off the air and fall thats the thing if the earth is not flat this is what would happen heres the circle of the earth airplane bolts because it came off the edge thats why we have this lovely thing called gravity I wonder why that doesnt happen all the times I like plane flies from LA de and I accidentally fell off the earth goodbye world say thank you but this flat its very passionate Im very passionate about this yeah I could tell shes very passionate about it oh my God thank God its over cuz I dont know how much more that I could take Flat Earth okay lets see what the flat-earthers believes the world looks like okay shes saying is like this its surrounded by ice but shes saying is the ice wall I thought it was like above looking like a thick pancake but what about the other planets I dont know but let me know what you guys think comment below you think the earth is flat or do you think its round oh I always hurt myself on this desk let me show you how awkward this desk is it goes like this where I sit and then it goes it curves but it like just sat over here such a stupid design I dont know who designed this desk it was on sale though and I have had it for ever since I moved here Ive had the stupid desk and it always hurts me and I could never hurt it back Im hungry but anyways look lover should I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did I should hit the like button in the face and subscribe Jon the wolfpack why I love you guys so much thanks for watching bye guys

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