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whats up my natys its your boy Dee the black bull and welcome to my channel so I told you all in my first video that Im on five different hookup sites and apps and between them all Ive hooked up with so many women that Ive literally lost count well today Im going to review another one of those apps double lists if the closing of Craigslist personals in the spring of the year 2018 double list was born and hoped to be Craigslist new replacement in my eyes SS would have very big shoes to fill because most of my hookups came from Craigslist personals mainly because it was free and also because almost everybody knew about Craigslist so there were numerous men women and couples on it looking to hook up Ive been a member on SS since May of 2018 and its the site that Im on where Ive hooked up the least probably only three times in the past year there are two reasons which relate to one another why I believe that is reason number one SS is still relatively new and despite being in many countries all over the

world like the US Australia the UK and Japan not a lot of people have ever heard of doubleness so compared to Craigslist and all the other hookup sites when Im on there arent as many members reason number two in order to become a member on double List you have to register with your actual telephone number this reason alone will and probably have scared people away from becoming members and to be honest it nearly scared me away to most people who sign up on these sites want some sort of anonymity and having to sign up with your personal telephone number makes people feel that they are given their anonymity away for reasoning behind double is wanting members to verify their accounts with a telephone number is the curtail spam and ensure spammers and violators cant create multiple accounts and abuse the system real cellular number and landlines must be used for phone verifications temporary virtual numbers or prepaid numbers which are very easy to create and fabricate cannot be used once you sign up a verification code will be sent to your telephone number and you will have to enter that code

to fully become a member on the site SS has strict guidelines and codes of conduct to which Craigslist never had SS once to be vanu Craigslist but without all the illegal activity the use of signing up with an actual telephone number greatly curtails people creating multiple accounts non-local posting scammers spammers fakes escorts massage services and prostitution most people involved in any of those activities dont want to be easily tracked down through their phone number anyone who violates SS code of conduct will get banned from the site and they will not be able to use the same telephone number or email address if they want to create a new account SS also has a very strict policy on nudity and genitalia pictures and extreme vulgar and offensive language items none of the other hookup sites and apps Valley Mon have posting any kind of frontal nudity including female breasts can get you banned from the site and posting what they consider to be vulgar language like a word that rhymes with rock or a word that is another word for a cat will get your profile suspended and also possibly bad SS

has filters and algorithms that can flag certain words SS members are also able to ensure the guidelines and code of conduct are followed by being able to flag profiles that may have slipped through the cracks and violated SS s rules unlike most other hookup sites all information written on a profile and all photos must be approved first by double List this is a process that can take up to 24 hours once submitted which isnt all that bad when you consider that SS claims to get approximately 60,000 post submissions a day users are permitted to post to post the day and are only permitted to post 3 photos per post unfortunately I have discovered that most members do not post photos of themselves with their post each post can be renewed after every 48 hours which will send the post back to the top of the list of whatever category it was in SS has 11 different categories for males females and couples looking to hook up with others but unfortunately unlike other hookup sites SS doesnt cater to the transgender community what are my overall thoughts about doubl list well despite

being completely free unlike most of the other paid hookup sites that Im on I really dont recommend it because there arent enough people using it maybe one day if it becomes as known as Craigslist or the other hookup sites then maybe it could be a better place to look for hookups ss has done a good job of greatly reducing illegal activity on the site and making it better for users but with that comes a cost they are scaring away so many potential users by their strict registration policies why am I still on it its free and I have nothing to lose so why not Ive hooked up with a few females and also a couple hopefully my number of encounters will increase as the word gets out there that this hook-up site exists I hope you all enjoyed watching this video if you have any questions or comments about doubl list or any other topics please let me know please subscribe to my channel for more subscribers I have four more videos I will post of my experiences as the black bull this is your boy D play safe and stay naughty

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