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welcome to Dell tech support Dell support assist technology is designed to make your life easier by keeping your PC running at its best lets review the six main features to help you understand what support assist can do for you support assist comes pre-installed on all Dell PCs to launch support assist type and support assist in the search box click on it and the menu window will appear the home page has six key features notifications Hardware check up optimize my system system info drivers and downloads and get support clicking on each will reveal information related to keeping your system running smoothly on the left lists your PC ID information the service tag and the express service code as well as your warranty status along with a link to make warranty changes notifications keeps track of

important alerts recommendations and updates necessary to ensure the best performance possible hardware checkup is a diagnosis tool for your computer that allows you to do a default test which goes through a quick rundown of major hardware and software perform a stress test which is more in-depth by including the video cards or scan the specific device which is a focused more interactive step-by-step testing procedures checkup scans will run automatically and you will be notified if an issue is detected additionally Dell tech support will start working on any issues found without you having to contact us you can still run manual scans at any time optimize my system has tools that check on hardware and software performance you can do Hardware scans clean up your files tune-up your performance optimize your network and remove viruses system

info contains the technical aspects for each main component all in one place scrolling through and clicking on items in the left panel reveals the details of each one from security to the battery to input devices drivers and downloads displays urgent recommended and optional drivers to install this section is important as it is a personalized list that helps you keep your PC up to date with items like BIOS and chipsets without ever leaving supportassist you can even view your system history get support directs you to support resources you have easy access to your owners manual you can learn more about Hardware repair service information and join in any of Dells community forums you can also utilize the Dell connect service which allows a Dell support agent to actually connect to your device and take control

remotely in order to resolve issues lastly use the main settings to customize certain options and change the way many of the features are configured including notifications and checkup among others to check if you have support assist right-click on the Start menu and select programs and features and look for support assist support assist should be pre-installed on your PC but if you dont happen to have it then download it with the link provided in the video description whenever you have questions or need any help reach out to us through social media on Facebook or Twitter or join in the chat on the Dell community forum be sure to check out our other tutorials available on this channel and if you liked this video give it a like and dont forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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