Dark Souls 3 Pure Dexterity Build – 80 DEX

dark souls 3 dex build
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yo whats up guys chase the bro here and welcome back to another Dark Souls 3 build video today Im gonna be showcasing my pure dexterity build and when I say pure dexterity I mean pure dexterity I am rocking 80 decks to get the most damage output from a lot of dexterity weapons I have 16 strengths so I can specifically wield the law third great sword two-handed and its pretty much up to you how you allocate the rest of your points but I like having a good helpful and stamina pool so now as for the actual weapons Im going to be using Im starting off with the sharpest or great sword which gives me an AR 630 with a TD X I have a lot of other choice dexterity weapons that Im going to be using Im probably going to conduct two battles with each of these weapons and then at the end you guys can tell me how you feel which weapons do you think benefit the most from having the highest amount of Dex and yeah thats for the Rings that Im wearing ring a favor +3 Havels ring because I have pretty low vitality and I want to have some absorption prisoners chain and light from those three what Im wearing is mostly based on fashion its not about absorption in any way just what I like to wear and yeah thats pretty much everything guys so were gonna jump right into the battles all right jumping into our first battle we have another ultra user fire Im gonna make sure to apply my human buying resin Oh actually you gave me a story swords hes pyro and Im just straight-up damage output boo I love the rule of catch on ultras though you can manually swing and a mint and if they roll to your side a lot of the times youre going to catch them what is the shield for never seen someone use that four times webinar for randomness wow I didnt expect that to catch him but a bonus alright moving on to round two with the Astoria whats our bro going to be using pyro with a whip that could prove challenging its a much faster weapon than what Im wielding although I could trade with him if my timing is on point like that alright were gonna try and finish him with the webinar again because thats a lot of fun and succession all right moving on to our next weapon the sharp Karthus great sword make sure we buff it Im gonna try to land a true combo for you guys it all

depends on where youre standing when you attack with the light attack and if you happen to connect it in the right way you can full combo with the webinar so lets just see like that as if you have to be right up on your opponent when you connect with a ladys act that way all the spins of the weapon are connected stumble alright moving on to round two with our combo sword oh and were facing a poised monster Dark Souls 2 was better you think so sir you may think this but thats not popular belief my man oh I should have really tried the combo right there actually no theres no way Im getting close enough to him I wont poise through that weapon theres no way even even when Im like mid running attack the great club be too strong so well just pick them off like a man with our cowardly running its a hex oh boy oh okay now it now it has to be a running attack theres no ands ifs or buts Oh goodbye my man I didnt get the full the combo off again but its okay I got it once alright moving on to our second weapon were gonna be using these sharp quarry insight now I rarely use sights so Im not the most adept at fighting with them but Im gonna do my best for you guys see fuckin headspace everythings gonna be okay wow you tried to beat me into Barry thats thats a different well breakdancing but in the middle of your act my son o-over wow these things are actually pretty good you tax come out quick they have good range not a lot of hyper armor but thats no big deal if you time it correctly round two with the site yet another Cairo with build feel like these are becoming popular Im not sure why I suck pretty bad or the web so maybe that is just me okay maybe I can enroll – the answer is yes yes I can enroll catch Wow and these things havent seen range so that the roll catches on point all right now were moving on to the drag Spears so we just have to pray that our opponent isnt a fairy king oh and hes rocking a katana so he wont be I never mighty pulled out a shield for the specific reason you cannot you cannot be baited with these weapons let me tell you that you need to make sure you mix up your play style dont consistently just spam let attacker running attack Oh although we havent

touched each other yet its been a while there we go theres a trade that was some nice damage output I actually love the way these things fight because they have amazing range they have that awesome l1 rolling attack that the authors have – that comes out I think it may come out even quicker or on the same speed Im not really sure but one down alright moving on to round two with our drain Spears make sure theyre buff because we have no idea what were gonna come across oh and what is this full smoothes armor alright well now I might be a blast in terms of spear never mind I got that damage output right there jeez man that is actually horrifying very the other thing has good range but I think Im a building yeah I wish I would have connected the first l1 though but what can you do this is run around him Oh what is that where did my roll okay Im gonna use the weapon art I just realized I havent done that yet next time I have an opening theres my charge sir how does it feel oh my god that did half my health that is the most horrifying thing that Ive ever seen in my life GG SMO Wow alright so our next weapon of choice is the washing pole the way of the weave okay I didnt even want me to both although he walked over here all night oh you know what thats fine thats fine want to play that way I dont even mind bring it even how youre escaping my second swing Ill never know but it matters not want anything what is going on here either way Ethan perished I just dont know how he was getting out of to latex its very strange and round two with the washing Pole and round two with Ethan I guess he queued up right away well guess were fighting the same bro as our secondary attempt come on Ethan show me what you got this time maybe you learn my fighting style maybe how are you defensive with the biggest swords in the game sir sir my realization that until I stop changing you wont stop were gonna finish him with the webinar I will I will promise that and Im going to deliver roll roll attack yes wave the weave now were moving on to the trihard sword the pontiff curved sword every try howd you ever meet well be wielding this weapon be prepared and doing some of this no guarding some unlocked on walking away we can make

a trihard surprise attack well let me just unlock on and walk away Im try hard mode right now guys I actually am not good at fighting like that Oh I much prefer the more direct approach oh I thought I might connect him to the second half of that do you know I fired search me sir I thought he might go for that double Perry but hes not going for it as if he has one HP right now well 25 it looked like one though and the first win for the try-hard sword round two with the pontiff curved sword what are we facing Oh ducking blade doc moon blade it is big dinky bazoo so I actually fear dark and bladed great swords they do so much damage up foot is he really trying to I love how hes so trihard that he actually is wearing armor of thorns just in case someone has tears of denial that was actually pretty easy r1 spam for the wind what the hell he wants to show me how its done oh now weve got read to your stone right what kind of build are you rocking sir so its the adequate build but not adequate enough for the pontiff Knight curves over all right and our final weapon is gonna be the sharp s stock now let me just apply my dark present hopefully this guy doesnt hit me what a bro what a bro never mind not at all not a bro at all it was for a second but then then his bro shit past now Im gonna hunt him like the child that he is I know you need one if you kill me Im aware and you have that second swing know a bad about AE bad about a swing its me again yeah one more time ya know all right you got a hit you two more times hes gotta get you with one light attack and there it is all that blood splatter like bursted out of him all right and our final battle is with buffman actually I love that a moat can only gonna do cheat engine but its like its oh oh okay great sword a stick maybe not the best matchup oh my god that was brutal that was brutal Im untouched light light kick with the eStock is amazing and when it connects all right moving on to the Alaric great sword with a lightning resin boom Im gonna be fighting valour heart alright this could be proved to be very strange oh my god the trees on that guy oh now hes gonna

Im not sure how this is gonna go I didnt realize that lost half my health in that little mix-up hes good at his timing whoa good thing I aimed that away that actually would have gotten me killed lets try stomping yes it provokes them into rolling and then you can catch them to the lady Zach thank God all right and RAM do with the lothric greatsword what are we gonna have oh okay I was gonna say do not be afk that was my last lading resin were gonna bat were gonna bow but youre wasting my buff and thats not cool dont make me Park for you Ill be that defensive dont be that guy oh he definitely has the poise on me parkour everybodys really fond of that arent they why so defensive my guy both the rocking ultras in a way is his curve but all right well I think one more strike from each of us and were dead even though my health pool is lower hes really not hes not fond of fighting oh I thought I might catch him that looked like the timing was gonna be correct now I might not kill him with my swing Oh but it knocked him out of his attack all this is close this is too close my heart cant take it oh that was close but we prevailed all right my bruise thats all the battles that I have for you for today I used at least one of each class of each weapon so I use most of the weapons that are on here I hope you guys enjoyed all the battles hope you guys got a look into how powerful decks can actually be when youre running a pure decks build with 80 decks no buffs this is just more viable for if youre invading or fighting invaders that way you dont have to constantly buff although yes a decks faith build is very overpowered in the arena just because you actually have the time to put your buff on and youre not fighting multiple enemies but this kind of build is just more dexterous it can handle more situations and yeah you guys enjoyed the video if you liked the video like the video it really helps out my channel and Im gonna be doing this with each type of class so Ive done a pure strength build of multiple weapons Ive done the pure Dex build with multiple weapons now maybe Ill do a pyro build maybe Ill do a faith well see Ill work on it for my bros but until then chase the bro out

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