Dan Howell EXPOSED by Phil Lester (aka the incident of the phone call in India)

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Indian Christmas what was it like a fun one joke did I tell you about the dent did I only know about the dent on my phone did I tell you guys about that good not this is like when I should probably tell you guys something about that and the chair to get know says one person No okay fine when the hell is my phone did I screw and this is not how I talk to my friend all the time so can you bring my phone in here I dunno rather so far um yeah so I basically I dented

my phone I feel dizzy Im just ruining his evening basically I was on the phone to somebody um and in India and I was just pacing up and down in the gardens in my hotel in India and my phone the phone when I was just standing under a tree and this it its literally a terrific as it sounds a spider fell from the tree down the back of my shirt I mean some of you guys know this and I threw my phone because it was it was awful and basically my my brand new phone now basically has a

dent in the corner so if an iPhone usually looks like this it now isnt like a triangle in one of the corners I dont know what I went so I dont know why if a spider descends on you my immediate reaction was to throw my iPhone but I did I initially I just threw it at a rock and I basically was a second crash and I was it was literally as horrific in the sounds in hindsight it was quite funny um yeah and after co-op yeah I got attacked by another cop I got out two cops good anyway

you found it Thanks how busy you because like I just grabbed you eight 80% busy hello live show your own glasses very much dont look at me did you put your contact lenses in wrong yeah my eyes are all sorted a fact um so when where is it I cant my pants you can identify this pose Rob yeah can you scoot yet a wall bats as close as you get to see that its yeah thats a gross little knob on my phone it was very funny from my perspective when all I do is I am I talking to

you about something boring whats our radio radio show and then I was having to edit ariana grande also now today were talking about the economy NARS and the Arianna videos what did it sound like when I do my room I was like Dan did you die did you get Stampede Galloway nothing I died to pay to get attacked by a mosquito transpired on the Messiah and theres just silence silence unexplained silence okay youre such screaming an employer oh yeah screaming in those Islands I wonder I actually I met all the Indian police call the Indian lady Indian ambulance

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