Counseling Assessment Vignette – Client with Features of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

of the following, who is demonstrating a compulsion?
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at least Id do it today little doing okay do it okay I understand youre here to receive counseling services my boss sent me here your boss sent you here whats going on with you and your boss oh not even between me and my bosses but Im a good worker at my job I get everything done on time but theyre calling me inflexible and a perfectionist all right so whos whos calling you in factionist well my boss has called me that have had several coworkers there was a recent incident where somebody wanted to change days with me but I told them the schedules out Im supposed to be here on Wednesday you cant change it its the its right there black and white I work Wednesday you cant change that and they felt that a little bit more reasonable to change well they wanted to change and I really dont agree with that if they needed a certain day off they need to go through the order of command and ask for a day off and they didnt do that and said they asked you to switch and then they called me inflexible because I got upset about it in what way did you get upset well I told them I said thats irresponsible that they didnt think ahead that they wanted to change with me I am there at a certain time Im there from in the morning till 5:00 in the afternoon I take my lunch at 12 oclock that is my Wednesday thats always been my Wednesday I dont know why they want to upset that all right so that upsets you and that upset down that whole incident yeah anything else that youre your boss may have as a reason for they call me a perfectionist because I like the things done by the book which I think makes me a very worker because I got everything done well you know on deadlines not before not after right on the deadline and everything is just

exactly you know everythings filed everythings organized and some people like so you know take a file all while I need this to fill out a report you know its there its in the file you cant touch it you cant move it thats where it needs to be so you could see yourself fairly well organized as employee oh absolutely yeah absolutely and you mentioned you there from 8:00 to 5:00 you can take your lunch from 12:00 to 12:30 yes how many days in the last say three months have you been late left early Oh zero zero zero no Im there 8 to 5 8 oclock in the morning to 5:00 I wake up at 6 I get ready I leave for work at 7 I get there at 8:00 every the whole day has a schedule and I meet that schedule and its the best thing for me all right so this is this is frustrating for you that your co-workers cant understand where youre coming from I just dont get it you know Im doing everything by the book by the rules and Im in trouble somehow somethings wrong with me because I do it right I do it the right way and thats wrong somehow and I dont get it have you ever had to work and uh like a group like a team of any of your coworkers they made me but I dont like it because I know the way we need to do things before give it a project okay it starts with a b c d and then though everybody was oh lets do CEO d then have no no no ABCD there is no deviations on that and then they get mad at me so working in groups hasnt worked out too well for you not really not unless people listen to me so in instances where people listen to you how have things worked out if i oversee everything I still get uncomfortable because you know theyre out of my sight

I dont know what theyre doing sometimes you know I have to watch personally you know one person other persons over there I dont know what theyre doing and if its not done right its not done right and thats bad can you tell me anything about your mood in general in terms of have you felt sad or anxious aint like that recently not particular I get my guess I feel anxious sometimes when things arent going the way they need to go because then it puts off the whole day and that does yeah I guess I would I would consider that you know anxiety because if its not going the right way one thing goes wrong the whole days thrown off and then now I have to deal with that now I have to adjust my whole schedule you might and that does cause me anxiety even bad minute even by minute so if you were if your days not going away you planned it for it to go you feeling some anxiety from that absolutely yeah does your employer ever have like unscheduled meetings or any like that that happens that he does you will schedule some some unscheduled meetings and Ive Ive calmly Ive tried to calmly approach him and say you know theres a meeting we need to know about it you know I need to schedule my day around the meeting he once scheduled meeting at 12:20 and I told him Im at lunch 12:00 to 12:30 why do you think thats appropriate but sometimes I feel like Im the only smart person there and the only person who knows how this needs to run well I see you have some different stressors at work and some disagreements with your co-workers you tell me anything about your home life um I presume center my home like there they meet you know if you go into my home everythings nice everything is where it needs to be I have my meals scheduled out I have a nice

little calendar everythings you know planned you know Thursdays chicken Fridays tamales so on and so forth all right so your home lifes a bit like their work life in terms of being organized whats the right way to do it do you ever in terms of your home life to ever collect anything yeah I do tell me about that I guess that does also cause me some anxiety because I do like to collect things if I have a good day I like to keep the newspaper on the day that I had a good day mm-hmm and I have newspapers from years ago but no important news on them but I just cant seem to let it go so you kicked him in your home yep so newspapers anything else that you collect receipts receipts well that says to keep it I mean Ive always known you have to keep receipts you dont know when youre ever gonna have to prove that you purchased something or when you have to return something so what percentage of the receipts that youre given do you think that you keep all them every single one I get very upset if I dont I mean if I go to McDonalds or food fast food place I want I received all right Id ask you some questions come back to work kind of regarding your work schedule you wash your hands regularly where I wash my hands before I eat after I eat what after I use the restroom for 30 seconds every time you ever find yourself like having washed your hands and then going back and washing them several other times no theres theres no need to do that no need to do that no you wash your hands 30 seconds thats it thats all you need to do do you have any particular concerns about germs or anything with them I try to keep meat but not particularly no have you ever found yourself in a situation where touching something repeatedly like

a doorknob or operating a light switch seems to lower your anxiety like repeatedly doing that not at all that seems like a waste of time thats though being efficient yeah yeah theres no need to do that how about double checking for example light switches or make sure the doors are locked I make sure my doors along the first time okay so you check but just the one time well I I do it well you know when I come in the door lock the door thats it okay so what do you think the solution here is your your employer sent you in for counseling I always like to change he wants me to be more flexible to not get as upset if there isnt lets get maybe if somebody needs to switch shifts with me I dont really understand it but Im in trouble of work so I have to look into it you like your job I do like my job I like being able to have everything I need you know somebody calls for something you know oh its right here something called something else right here I love it its like a machine yeah so you like your job youre like Im able to be organized there but theres some conflict with co-workers and your boss you want to you want to try to work that out I guess I mean I dont want to lose my job and if this is a problem the right thing to do would be to come speak to you thats youre open to attending counseling sessions and take a look at whats going on here absolutely if my boss requires it my boss requires it then thats the right thing to do all right I want to appreciate you answer my questions its been a very helpful well get you on the schedule to see a counselor here I have take about a week and well go from there okay so in a week all right thank you Thanks

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