could not find or load main class java cmd error : [SOLVED]

could not find or load main class
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hello youtube today this video I will talking about there could not find our load language in a common foe when we are learning it our way so journal articles I have a solid onion of Java and in this file is in my local risky and readability download a poker internet database program I got a file that omnia little Java and I am reading with an offset plus one since highlighted Java program it simple program with a class Apple after that you are ready public static void main we agree here stand off I lost in a pen yes how are you sir very simple form so we want to run this

program in our sample infinitely ndnd over grounded program so how do you can run real value in top male vocalist already sitting value in variable if our key focus is really telling you what will be done but you gotta quadratic like David actually what people always here Felicia well put the field in a PDP sorry the deceiver error go to Gallipoli cover s : local TV job on state program after that because America Java we need to compile the file of running this program photography is the common for Java compiler operating the gullible photography nyonyas dog jump okay you can previous adult okay so in how many apples for our

program incredible that making this will didnt discuss got elected so when you compile the program in our commercial you already got it flat files so now we must run with that or you can sit here vir hold the apical cap so Java effects you can see them of Lily could not find a little limp as apples that is our government and we are going to solve this problem yes so let me show you how it is for these things all right so were in summer base program ability that you need to create the class I will put it apart and perfect for this territory how to fix it class equal

to equal to our local is three four five never point our TDC be polite here to put that negative means any be copy this one and we sit here and we cover then set class are equal we have to good we are the earth we will start typing in library like we need to find out our T dot yeah will this looks we file a copy this one and sit here close and this will be cause after this now you go and delete this class that we already compiled you can only slowly move to delayed by Albert ability and then we are going to compile a funny dont stop to

eat piles now jump off and happen how are you so we got it from them that could not find a load main crabapple so we got that when you got that ego method just fit the class when you directed it to the class hopefully little list again to compile your fine you compile your level 5 then this from the program proceeding here we are you already false so now I hope you guys enjoy this video and if its the missing if youre a hit me the success retainer like this video which is on your frame if you have any comments comments below I will be there with you children over and

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