Continuous Partial Attention

the term “learners with continuous partial attention” is applied primarily to students who
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hi this is dr. Ivan Meisner founder of BNI and the senior partner for the referral Institute we are living in a world that is more connected than ever and there are some definite pitfalls in our hyper-connected world as it intersects with our business relationships and our networking one of these pitfalls is the fact that hyper-connectivity can lead to a state of continuous partial attention continuous partial attention is a state where people are only giving partial attention to what theyre doing but theyre doing that continuously Im going to first focus on explaining the risks and repercussions of continuous partial attention in relation to face-to-face networking and social media and then Ill talk a bit about how the distraction caused by continuous partial attention can wreak havoc on your productivity at work and your ability to achieve your goals but also on a professional level when attending a function of any type it is becoming increasingly common to find people who remain connected to their social networks with mobile devices during the meeting or the event theyre not simply uploading a quick photo or a tweet about the event I see this all the time at networking functions theyre sitting there doing their entire social media program right on their mobile phone and theyre doing it often right in the middle of a BNI meeting or a Chamber of Commerce or sometimes even a big gala dinner event by driving us to stay live on our online social media sites this desire to connect digitally causes us to miss out on the opportunity to connect with the person directly in front of us weve all probably had the experience of being in a conversation with someone at a networking function and getting a social media alert on our mobile device during the conversation the thing is when

we take our attention off of what is happening right in front of our nose to take a look at what is happening on our phone we lose the connection with the person were speaking to we will not remember this part of the conversation well if at all even worse well send a subtle message to the person were conversing with that they dont matter as much as the various social media alerts coming in on our mobile device its a fact continuous partial attention can hamper your efforts to build profitable business relationships with the people you want to connect with I believe a price is certainly being paid because of how this constant connectedness is negatively affecting our real-time relationships now every now and then someone says to me yeah but what if I need a call from my wife whos about to go to delivery and have a baby really you know Ive been networking for decades and I think in all my life that has never happened it might happen from time to time but we have to focus on whats primarily taking place not what might be taking place the truth is that our brains are not capable of multi-tasking they didnt work like a computer which can have many programs running simultaneously our minds have to switch between tasks some of us can switch tasks extremely quickly seemingly multitasking but were not actually multitasking others might switch tasks with a little more difficulty making it extremely challenging to really pay sustained attention to anything when we attempt to multitask now for the part about how your distraction can throw a serious wrench into your productivity at work most of us work at our computers laptops or tablets with notifications switched on email Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ linkedin pinterest Skype YouTube tumblr snapchat are

pain chirping and whistling those notifications fly across our screen shouting look at me someone retweeted you someone wants to be your friend even people who do not have attention deficit disorder are working in a state of attention deficit due to the distraction of all these notifications its very easy to spot these people theyre theyre the ones that have the prayer neck posture theyre always looking over at their phones now holding their device and taking a look at it its very easy to lose track of who you have just followed up with you end up sending your follow-up email twice or you reference something you were discussing with someone else or worse yet you send an email to the wrong person entirely who hasnt done that continuous partial attention keeps you from being alert attentive and focused and can hamper your post event follow-up not to mention your day-to-day activities be honest who you greet first when you get up in the morning your spouse your kids your dog or your virtual community do you reach for your smartphone before you even throw your legs out of bed to get up admittedly I have found myself doing this from time to time until I got involved with social media I used to never even turn my mobile device on until after I was up had exercised showered and had breakfast I think social media is great I really do I use it regularly to stay in touch and to build relationships however if there is one thing Ive learned its that knowing when to focus on face-to-face interactions and put the social media and notifications on you do not disturb is extremely important in this ever-expanding digital age this is dr. Ivan meissner founder of BNI and the senior partner for the referral Institute thanks for watching

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