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9/10 men know who this singer is
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hey did you watch the game last night oh my god yes I love rugby what did you think about then Zota still having bicarbonates goal in the last few seconds holy shit that was amazing hes honestly one of my fav players reported for nudity I did too this filthy trash needs to be taken off this great Christian web site how the fuck is this guy getting laid but not me your name answers your question police release a bit of man wanted in connection to robbery I remember bowling against the seller on Wii Sports sorry your card was declined but why you gotta save so loud man attack store clerk when debit card is declined why the food machine still broke cause the Adak in it stranger one has disconnected change nota Xavier in my dads phone can I throw a party this weekend dont you need friends to throw a party live stream right now lets go one time niggaz liver streamed themselves playing Minecraft and the only thing they did was fly to the top of the map and say this in the chat Im going to Evan in class me smiles teacher why you smiling me nothing me in my mind this dog inhaled secondhand pot smoke and now has married Lana growing on his head still think the devils let it is cool hey hey how are you good how are you doing good thanks and you good and you good thanks but breakfast $799 sack of cheese nothing wakes me up in the morning like eating eight hundred dollars of cheese out of a sack hi folks just got a new tattoo of my favorite band and bought original $2,000 worth channel glasses life is beautiful bling bling lmao the tattoo is so fake and glasses too but nice job grandpa Sara keep your shit comments for yourself dont fuck with your grandpa just because you cant afford anything and you still milk Joeys cows 40 hours a week so you can buy yourself a Snickers Im lmao ring at your life in the song five lives you state I get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs how do you interpret this statement does each firefight hug you 1000 times or do only one-tenth of the total bugs give you a hug what the fuck is wrong with you this guys tinder bio 223 I lost my watch at a party once an hour later I saw some guy stepping on it while he was harrassing some woman at that party infuriated I immediately went over punched him and broke his nose no one does that to a woman not on my watch stealing a bike in Canada apologies still your bike last night in the final chapter of an export

fuelled rampage smooth ride though great by choice fam ten out of ten would steal again this kid might be Owen too but I respect his game tonight oh and to ha be talking to girls damn my niggas is getting locked up shits real out here cook please speak English one of my friends got incarcerated the atmosphere of the urban environments are difficult to maintain positive outlooks and social relations in worst employees ever employees must wash hands I waited 45 minutes and no employee came to wash my hand would you hit your best friend with a car for five million dollars Id put it in reverse and hit that fool again for five mil there must be a really good story behind this this is not an exit fuck your photo Im late for bingo interviewer so tell me a little about yourself me Id rather not I really need this job when you Loki wanna be a piece of grilled chicken fat dog OWar ice cream look Karen I know Ive gained a little weight but this representation is ridiculous maam this is why I unfollowed my uncle on Instagram TBT when I was downstairs ten minutes ago that friend who gets drunk and goes from zero to a hundred Im gonna steal the Declaration of Independence someone dropped their CBS receipt when you try to close out an ad but it takes you to the app store instead slabs are great with families they are very kind and very smart Lamson enough is enough breaking news rising ocean levels threaten Colgate what the hell is that Fox doing probably making a withdrawal seeing a season line at the ATM tell us what you doing if your dad got your wife pregnant get my mom pregnant so we are leavin nine out of ten men know who the singer ooh I wish my boyfriend played some type of sports so I could go to his games or practices but nah well hes a gangbanger lol go to his drive-bys oh yeah sent me a big what the fuck is that Grand Theft Auto no it just looks bad cause I have Android a word you thick as shit lol too bad he died I never got a chance to suck it deep goal I gotta start checking the name before I type couse I need my back blow mount hair can you do it for me I dont know if I should watch that stuff out or what imagine busting and not just to have that not one-day bust you police call an 11 year old brave after he reported his dad for allegedly selling drugs purebred dogs that have been bred dogs know the difference you need to hide who is this get in the

closet now I served you once at Applebees why do you have my number I love you good afternoon ladies the ushers have requested that the Deaconess Russia tomorrow morning its Fathers Day and graduation recognition Sunday no special color please let me know who would be willing to watch sure thanks this sees Morris my name Jess I dont remember this episode Tori Vega this morning I farted out blue cocaine feeling rich yo Gordon Ramsay how this cake look the grounded lover suprise friend it may go I absolutely love Chris Brown guy thinking of way to impress her punches her in the face push me to the edge all my friends are dead the grill is often doll she got on there is a frozen hot dog how to talk to short people wrong correct interviewer it says here youre extremely fast of math whats 30 times 17 mean 47 interviewer thats not even close me yeah but it was quick Im breaking up with you okay bye youll never find someone like me thank God friends who try to make you smile when youre sad are the best kind of friends my aunt gave birth this morning and my grandpa is obviously very excited okay how to parallel park one park somewhere else when she comes out from doing her makeup and sees her phone is disabled for 600 minutes Im taking full advantage of the snapchat update hey bro you wanna pick me up some mugs while youre at Matins Im not at McDonalds lol dont play yourself what kind of sauce you want with it which celebrity uses their fame for good and which one you said to be a douchebag when I was younger I got roped into watching my three-month-old niece while my sister got her hair done so there Im sitting in the waiting room of a hair salon with my niece and who walks in but he knew read I was nervous as shit and just kept looking at him as he read a magazine and waited but I was too scared to say anything to him pretty soon though my knee started crying and Im trying to quiet her down because I didnt want to bother keno but she wouldnt stop pretty soon he gets up and walks over he started running his hands through her hair and after what was wrong I replied that she was probably hungry or something so kinu reads put down his magazine picks up my nice and lifted his shirt he breastfed her right there in the middle the hair salon chill guy really nice about it what other people use private mode for for what I use private mode for how do I boil water about that time shits wrong chat when someone shows

me literally any picture on the internet ever now thats what I call a meme I saw three weeks ago 93 come in here and say that again Ill fuck ya shit up dry boy legs have an Athlon bitch why the hell am I seeing commercials and Spanish on regular channels on TV in the USA because this is the USA where the total number of languages spoken is 311 that 310 more languages that you are able to speak as a matter of fact 60% of the world speaks more than one language that means that you and 40% of people need to catch up not the other way around hope you can understand we hope this helps espera must get filled on some did help name along you see it that womans Wongs mu b ng h nasa wants to probe deeper into uranus than ever before nazca better take me out for dinner third gil why are you sad whats wrong egg my name is sadder thanks for showing me your boobs last night they were neato youre still stuck in 2017 meanwhile Im out here in 3070 Frontier Airlines tells customers are just fuckin the algobit youre uncomfortable for a few hours and then you get to be somewhere else says CEO Denver noting that some discomfort should be expected while traveling to a faraway place in just a few god damn hours officials from ultra low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines reportedly told customers Thursday to just fucking deal with it I get that youre cramped and miserable but if you just shut the hell up and sit there for a few goddamn hours youll soon be at your destination said CEO very L before urging passengers to suck it up and quit whining so the flight could get on its merry fucking way who gives a shit if you have no leg room and the seats austere soon youll be 800 miles from where you are now and itll be like the last two hours of your life never even fucking happens youre the ones who wanted to save 150 dollars so youre welcome assholes thisll added that he didnt want to hear any bitching and moaning about wanting in-flight food options because everyone can just stop their stupid faces when they land we are done here broom broom motor fucker when you win some deep shit use this card and your crew will come and pick you up and get out a bad bitch Kendricks lyrics is like why the more you listen to it the better it gets never nobody listens to wine bottles when you sleep and you hear your home is giving and water bottle opening the purge one night a year all crime illegal clean Christian chap frickin my Latin class struggles

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