Collision Avoidance Rules 5.4

who is responsible for avoiding a collision between two boats?
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avoiding collisions involves taking certain important precautionary measures for example keeping a proper lookout or if your vessel is equipped the use of radar but more importantly collision avoidance is made possible when boat operators know how to deal with sudden and dangerous situations appropriately boats

in constant motion will meet quickly so take early and substantial action in order to avoid collisions the following considerations should be taken into account when determining the risk of a collision a risk of a collision may exist if the direction of an approaching vessel

does not change significantly a risk of collision may also exist even when an approaching vessel makes a significant change of direction particularly when the approaching vessel is a very large vessel at O at close range if you are boat a and a power driven

vessel boat B approaches within this sector your responsibility is to maintain your course and speed with caution if you are both a and boat B approaches within this sector of your vessel then your responsibility is to keep out of its way by either going

down since you are the give way vessel a vessel approaching from your starboard is considered the scanned on vessel if any vessel approaches this sector of your vessel you are the stand on vessel keep a steady lookout and maintain with caution your course and speed

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