Chicago (Carl Sandburg) by Shmoop

who is the speaker in sandburgs “grass”?
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Chicago a la Shmoop, our kind of town. Its not unusual for people to get excited about where they were born. Most of us have a special place in our heart for our hometown, even if there are a couple things were not so crazy about Carl Sandburg takes it one step further. His poem, “Chicago” has

a speaker who loves the city so much that he celebrates even the ugly part. Why would anyone do such a thing? Well, maybe he is just being a realist he knows that no place is perfect that good and bad coexist. And whats the big deal about a little crime? You have the worlds best pizza.

Maybe because its his hometown wants to find a way to gloss over the bad stuff When youre that close to something it can be a little tough to be objective. He admits his beloved city has a few problems but he jumps right back into whats great about it sounds like someone who prefers these to

these Or maybe he just thinks that all the bad stuff builds character and that the city wouldnt be what it is without its baggage if strength comes from adversity and maybe the speaker is acknowledging it to prove a point but the negative is just as important as the positive so why did the pawn speaker

love everything about Chicago is it because hes a realist to accept the bad with the good or not the first to glosses over the ugliest or a tough side with things hard times builds character and after reading the poem how are you feeling about your hometown Shmoop amongst yourselves. Let us know how you feel.

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