Cardi B VS. Nicki Minaj: Who Is The Queen Of Rap?

who is the queen of rap
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are you ready for the ultimate battle between the two best female rappers in the game in one corner we have the record-breaking artist Nicki Minaj and in the other corner we have the hot new fresh artist cardi B who will win you decide dont forget to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to the taco for more videos like this one now lets check out who will win this rap battle background lets start with Nicki Minaj Nickis full name is Onika tania mirage and she was born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Queens New York as a child she had a tough upbringing and its one of the reasons why she is all about female empowerment her dad had a long history of battling inner demons his mental health resulted in endless fights with Nickis mother her mother almost lost her life when Nickis dad said her childhood home on fire seems pretty intense right the tough events she experienced through childhood made Nicki develop a persona by calling herself Harajuku Barbie and later Nicki Minaj she was able to reinvent herself and rise above her childhood traumas Nicki revealed that she used to be a waitress and her attitude would get her in trouble all the time but she was also extremely passionate about rap and shed used her customers as inspiration for her songs after taking on several odd jobs and backup singing roles for New York rappers she eventually got signed to dirty money and thats how her career began cardi B story is a little bit different her full name is Belle calles almond czar and she was born in Bronx New York while her parents split up when she was a teen party was surrounded by 36 cousins and people who helped shape her personality at the age of 19 cardi began working as an exotic dancer after a while she was able to get prestige clients and make enough money to become completely independent but her internet fame began with the rise of the short video app vine yes thats right cardi B was actually a vine star her six-second videos featuring punchy lines and plenty of comedic timing made her a viral sensation providing career landed her a spot on a reality show called Love & Hip Hop New York after two seasons cardi quick to pursue music full-time the beginnings Nicki Minajs career first started in a rap group called hood stars in 2004 the group according the entrance song for Deidre Victorias entrance out World Wrestling Entertainment in 2007 Nicki released her first mixtape under Dirty Money called playtime is over while the mixtape didnt land her a chart position it introduced people to Nickis talent and made them pay attention she released two more mixtapes in 2008 and 2009 in 2009 she signed with Young Money Entertainment her very first successful moment came with the featured verse on Kanye Wests single monster although she shared a spot with some of the biggest rappers in the game people absolutely loved her verse the general public started to pay more attention to Nicki and anxiously anticipated new song releases as well as her first album in

2015 cardi B released her first single called boom-boom a remix of Shaggys classic but 2017 was the year that made people pay attention to cardi B in March 2017 she released her very first mixtape which introduced her rapping talent to the industry and put her on the map in that same year she released her second mixtape and got signed to Atlantic Records she was also nominated for a BT Award for Best New Artist and best female hip-hop artist first success in 2010 Nicki released her first solo single called your love the song was never supposed to be released after a demo leaked online Nicki was humiliated she thought it would ruin her career as she didnt like the song but the single showed Nicki singing and rapping ability and was mostly well received with the critics it hit the top of the Billboard Rap Songs chart and came in at number 4 on the Hot R&B charts at the time this achievement made Nicki the first female artist to top the charts since 2002 the song reached 1 million sales and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in 2010 your love won the Peoples Champ Award at the beauty Hip Hop Awards cardi bs first commercial single became an instant viral sensation bode act yellows instant success mates cardi the fifth female rapper to ever leave the charts she was also the second female artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 charts without needing the assistance of any other featured artist by September 2017 abode a yellow became number 2 on the streaming Songs charts with 40 6.4 million u.s. streams the single also stayed number one on the rap airplay charts for five weeks boudic yellow is five times platinum in the US and three times platinum in Canada cardis for a single one single of the Year at the BETs Hip Hop Awards further success Nikis discography features years of hard work after your love success at Nicki released her first album pink Friday in 2010 the album was promoted with eight singles but the one that skyrocketed Nicki to the top of the rap game with super bass the song peaked at number three on the Billboard charts and went eight times platinum in the u.s. in 2012 Nicki released pink friday roman Reloaded followed by the pink print in 2014 her singles and collaborations made Nicki the most charted female rapper in history of Billboard Hot 100 she also became a household name in the rap industry Nicki also earned three Det awards during her career three MTV Movie Awards and was nominated for a Grammy nine times after the initial success of bode at yellow the expectations were high for cardi B her collaboration on songs No Limit and motor sport made her the first female rapper to land her first three entries in the top ten of the hot 100 by the end of 2017 she released her second single called Bar C Accardi which became certified platinum in the US followed by the release of her single cardi also collaborated with Bruno Mars on the remix of his song finesse she became the first woman

to have five top-ten singles charting at the same time cardi has also had two nominations so far one for Best Rap performance at the Grammys and the favorite breakout artist at the Kids Choice Awards personality so lets talk a bit about their personalities both of the artists are known to be incredibly outspoken and full of attitude they dont hold back and they always say whats on their mind Nicki Minaj is known for having many alter egos and performance personas it helps her channel her creativity and bring out some of her best songs from Roman zelanski to Barbie Nicki is able to use her alter egos to step out of her comfort zone and although cardi B might not have alter egos shes known for her catchphrases cardi B created her own language regular regular shmeckler means youre describing yourself in a humble way making a noise thats similar to an airplane noise means theres good news but not exciting news saying sh money is just money and so on and so on her catchphrases are just one of these things I make car D unique and she uses them in their songs as much as she can relationships Nicki Minaj has an epic dating history it all started with safaree Samuels back in 2000 theyre impressive relationship last until 2014 but ended after Safari broke it off its been noted that this experience has been the one that influenced her album the pink drank the most in October 2013 its been reported that Nicky and Zac Efron shared a steamy night together however we havent heard much more than the said rumour in 2015 Nicky started dating Meek Mill she ended the relationship after they had a fight that left her stranded in Turks and Caicos its also been reported that at some point Nikki and the rapper future were an item however apart from Nicki being featured on futures Instagram not much is known about this relationship and then there was Drake B on again off again relationship nicki has had for a couple of years the two were close friends before Drake confessed his love for her its not known how the relationship ended but what we do know is that Nicki started dating nas by mid 2017 the two seem to have split by the end of the year as of April 2008 eeen Nicki hasnt been reported or seen dating anyone just yet meanwhile cardi Bs relationship isnt as intense one of her most known relationships is with the rapper offset the two first collaborated together in 2016 and in February 2017 they were first spotted holding hands they soon became relationship goals and went official in May 2017 while cardi never really wanted to talk about the relationships the two were spotted spending time together even more from $50,000 shopping sprees to a sixty thousand dollar chain offset made sure cardi was treated right how cute is that in October 2017 offset proposed to cardi during power 99 s powerhouse performance in Philadelphia in December 2017 the internet was full of rumors of offset cheating on cardi after a half video and des fans allegations started spreading around the to address

by making a parody of the video and put the rumors to rest but their relationships still went strong on April 7th car D confirmed pregnancy rumors on SNL and showcased her baby bump for the first time feuds now that weve talked about love we also have to talk about hate Nicki Minaj is no stranger to voicing her opinions and standing behind it at all times her strong personality landed her in quite a few controversies over the years in 2015 Nicki fell out with Miley Cyrus the Hannah Montana star criticized Nicki for dressing a lack of nominations at VMAs in a separate interview Miley talked about Nicki saying she made it all about herself instead of appreciating other artists at the 2015 VMAs Nicki publicly called out Miley who wasnt afraid to fire back but that wasnt the only feud Mickey had with other artists over the years she gave many subtle digs through her verses as well as in her interviews one of her biggest feuds includes her ongoing beef with Remy Ma it all started back in 2007 when Nicki released her dirty money freestyle and through subtle shaded Remy Remy of course fired back their decade-long feud inspired some of Nickis best collaborations including Swala with Jason Derulo Remi released several diss tracks and even criticized Nicki for not responding to them but Nicki came back with a song called no prods which later became certified gold in Canada and peaked at number 14 of Billboard Hot 100 charts by the looks of it this Butte is still going strong in 2018 since cardi B is still a fairly new artist she hasnt been surrounded by many controversial feuds while except one lets talk about the ongoing debate that its cardi B versus Nicki Minaj and the supposed beats that you have the to shut down any earlier rumors about feuds but there seems to be one thing thats bothering them or at least its bothering Nicki in October 2017 Nicos featured both cardi B and ki Minaj on the song Motorsports the song features the rappers trading verses however Nicki claims she had no idea anyone else will be on the song other than quavo how people didnt seem to believe her so she asked quavo for support however if the artists refused to back her up which ended in Nicki publicly addressing the situation she said she felt ambushed and unsupported later she tweeted that quavo apologized and all as well but not all seemed to have been well between Nikki and cardi Nikki mentioned that she was disappointed cardi didnt show her any love in one of the earlier interviews party seemed to be more grateful for advancing her career than praising the artist she worked with Nikki said she fully supported cardi but has never seen the same support back so while the two didnt really have an ongoing Eve people seem to have taken sides and thats it for our video who do you think is better are you team cardi B or T Nicki Minaj let us know which fandom you belong to in the comments dont forget to subscribe to the taco and well see you next time

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