Cardi B Ex boyfriend RELEASED from prison,THREATENS Offset Migos life!

who is cardi b boyfriend tommy
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Hey my latter pitches is like oh my gosh why would you kiss with back or dont you have a manager nasai let me show you something me and Tommy were not together right now but even if I was sucking dick and doing porn on TV then I guess still dont care as long as his commissary pop and he dont give a fuck your bitches dont worry about old well Tommy thinking what Tommy thinking but you are not worried about how time he eats youre not worried about Tommy got magazines or stamps oops fuckin sent letters and even if Im not with the nigga Im going to be that bitch then when he gets out Im gonna put him back on his feet night yall and thats all he worried about so if yall wondering there you get alright one more thing gangsta bitch music vol 2 that means if is gonna be so fire oh my god niggas tryna have me wear this hat bro I like a fucking pill ground like a motherfucker stole the merica my nigga know what reduce water great now cardi B is boyfriend named Tommy

jeez Oh Benny and hes a rapper known as Tommy jeez he will set us to four years in prison for gun charge and this happened in Harlem and now look what his release date was October 5th 2017 and he is now released now this is what gets interesting he still wants to be with cardi B but cardi B is dating offset from the amigos however caught Abbys ex boyfriend Tommy jeez he was sending letters to her not only sending letter store he also sent a letter that was a threatening letter to offset me goes and you know what Im a reader real quick Im gonna read a little bit of what he say pretty much Im what part of the letter he has say this I want to make our relationship work we got us of a family in my past youre my want to love her Ive been watching you on TV for myself all my hommies know you got a good heart youre beautiful inside and outside but however something has to go that Ive set needs to know when Im out he aint gonna be seeing you anymore I aint

gonna talk to him or see him just let him know if he tries to highlight you or talk to you Im fond of mark his B word and leave him Six Feet Under this is why I want you to know how much I care for you and love you Wow now he wrote a bunch of letters but that part right there is threatened upset it seems that cardi Bs ex-boyfriend he seems crazy I mean cant put all the way around it the fact is he has to be careful because upset hangs with amigos and upset is a known goon offset does not play with him and I also hear see also look at this cardi B is not with him anymore cardi B is with offset so why is this to try to talk to her when she has moved on he needs to move on and worry about his own life but the fact that he threatened offset you know what its this one I think was gonna happen I think offset is gonna respond on him because offset is not no joke offset has been in jail and he has fought

beat up people in jail so I think offset amigos Im gonna jump Tommy jeez Tommy jeez should never thread offset from the me goes because upset he got brothers and cousins for the mingoes that below jump him and theyre gonna ride with offset so Tommy jeez hes creating a beef situation by throwing offset and he also has to know this offset does not back down no no no offset does not back down offset he knows how to scare people officer knows how to fight tell me Jesus what he has to do is run and hide because what offset finds that out Wow its gonna be no good no no good so I think this Tommy Jesus person he needs to be quiet and move on with his life and try to get his life together because physical mental mess with offset offset and me goes the pump or smoke but I want you to knock on box yall how do yall feel about Carter Bs ex-boyfriend threatened off saying hi I feel good situation be cheap car to be an ex-boyfriend alright the combo say the live button and deaf EOS subscribe and you

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