Can’t Uninstall Avast… How to Remove Avast Anti-Virus Completely!

how to uninstall avast windows 10
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hey guys whats up Smee Robert from Huttons computer repair it seems that people have been trying to uninstall vast and theyve been trying to do the status by going to settings and apps and looking for veterans missing or lets say if he doesnt want to uninstall another common one thats out there is going to the control panel and when you get to the control panel youll see programs and programs and features and then youll see a vet saying you try to click uninstall or you click the file and it doesnt want to work so in this video Ill be showing you how to get invest removed by using a simple tool from a vests themselves lets go ahead and get started want to stay in touch from the latest videos click that subscribe button turn on the notifications so you wont miss the next episode alright guys so what were gonna head do

is go to a browser ima simply just gonna go to Google Chrome once you get to there theres lots of ways you can just simply type the title but instead Im just gonna go ahead and type in advanced green the wall tool and heres the link depending on your different locations this ones in English from us it could be set up in a different location where youre at but this is your file youll click it and give it a little second for the site to come up and then youll see this option right here says to download that vast clear exe on your desktop go ahead and download that file I could take a little few seconds and once its there go ahead and run that file you will probably be prompt on this go ahead and press yes if you want this to work and Im gonna go ahead and exit browser

because I dont think I need it anymore right heres gonna ask you if you want to go in safe mode you have the option by choosing yes and no personnel it may have problems trying to understand this program for this choice Im gonna go ahead and press yes to allow this to work and here is letting you know that it will restart on safe mode Im gonna go ahead and press yes and let the system load letting um using a virtual computer so the layout on this video might change a very understanding using a virtual box system so heres a computer logging in right now give it a few seconds and heres the best pretty much coming up this is one of the main things youre going to support shes wondering why were going in safe mode Im just going to exit out we do not need that file and let it best

continue doing its work so heres your choice or here welcome to the advanced alt tool select what version you want to be installed theres different ones theres pro security theres business Securitys that these two have out there one that were trying to choose is the free antivirus protection one and were going to ahead and press uninstall now it doesnt matter if you have installed in different locations but easy by default these are where the locations are stored at so go ahead and press uninstall Im gonna proceed doing its work and here it is the product is successfully uninstalled lets go ahead and restart the computer and see what happens if its still there heres the computer loading app and were gonna check and see and it looks like a vest is gone I do not see it coming up lets go ahead and go to settings and were gonna go to apps and

weve a Cs in this list right now I do not see it in this list so lets go ahead and lets check underneath the control panel so Im gonna go ahead and go to search bar type in control youre not just type in the holding type of control panel but it comes up by default and then Im gonna choose programs and select uninstall program or heck you could just use programs that features that go to the same place and then it seems that avast is gone out of this list so this video shows you how to officially remove this tool from at best and have any other problems let me know and also let me know if you have problems out here from different troubles that you having on your computer Ill be glad to make another video for it and again dont forget to subscribe and Ill see you in our next video

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