CAMTWIST FOR MAGIC EARS | Many Cam Alternative for Mac users.

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how to use cam twist in the magic years classroom hello heroes Im Richard James and Im here to tell you about how to use cam twist in the magic years classroom this program it has a lifesaver if youre like me you dont live in a big apartment or big house dont have space for physical crops so we make them digital youre still going to need your two relevant props but now its as simple as going on the internet searching for what you need theres so much you can do with this program now the main thing you want to take away from this does it listen step by step on what to do especially with the installation cuz youre gonna want to make your settings exactly how I tell you because if not cam twist is not going to work so now stay tuned lets see how that work cam twist so the first thing we want to do is the installation okay so were gonna go to the website you can google it if we have to and well find the download link for cam twist all right once we have it lets download the program now its not going to install it first youre going to have to change your privacy settings so lets go up top where you see the Apple in the left-hand corner of your screen click down and lets go to preferences and lets go to security now youll see on the bottom of the little tab open its something about cam twist you want to open it anyway Im going to change your settings and then lets exit out of that and lets try to install again and youll see Im just going to install relatively fast and there you have it it is installed and were ready to go to the next step the next step is setting up cam twist and having it work on the magic ears portal so lets open up cam twist lets go to your applications and well find

it Umbertos will open it there it is all beautiful lets pick the webcam setting up top so the feed thats going at the cam twist comes from the webcam you want you can see on the right hand side you can choose the camera you want to use in the cam twist studio all right so we have camp twist set up and now were gonna open the magic years portal and see what happens okay so a lot of people that say they cant use cam twists have had this happen so they open up their portal and they go to settings and okay now theyre gonna change their camera setting and crash its gone its gone so what are they gonna do they just give up here usually but you dont have to you can change your settings in cam twist so go to canvas change your settings you want to change the frames per second to 30 and then you want to change your camera settings to custom and type in the resolution of your camera so each cameras gonna be different just look at your camera settings and thats what you want to broadcast in so change those settings to that all right and then lets open up the magic gears portal again lets go to settings check device go to camera change the cam twist and what happens its there there I am and at work the portal is not crashing so we can use cam twists now for magic ears for a slide in the IJ lesson where Id want to add some effects to it were gonna add the big eye and the little eye first were gonna add text its gonna say hello world really big thats the default I like to change the color to red well change the text to the big I will change the font to something where the big eye shows properly and well save it as big eye so now its saved its there and we can check it uncheck it

when we want it to show up on screen so well change the name so when we know were clicking it its there and then well add the little eye so it there it is again hello world really big were gonna change the name to little eye okay now were gonna change the text in there so were gonna take off hello world and just add the little eye and there it is and change the color I think red looks better as I said stands out more on screen and lets change the thought oh the the font looks good well keep that well save it so now we have our big I am little I saved and ready to go were just going to position it where the students can see our face okay now well go to a slide where we have to add something else all right now we have igloo so this is gonna be our first chance to put a cool picture on here so were going to Google search for igloo gif because we want something thats fun for the kids to watch so a moving gif is always fun um so lets pick the one with the penguins here so were gonna drag this to our desktop were gonna go to cam twist and were gonna quite simply just take the picture and pull it over and drag it will change the name of the picture so we know what it is when were ready to pull it up change it to igloo all right now we see the picture is really big and its displaying really big so we got to change the size a little bit so there we have it we change the size to where the whole photo show is now were going to add text that says igloo make it smaller change the font add color all right make it smaller drag it down and there we have it a nice photo to show what an igloo is and that the kids

will love okay so we have it saved we can uncheck it and lets move on in the lesson we have juice so were gonna find a nice photo of juice something kids will like and put it on there so you can pick whatever photo you want just make sure to watch the whole gift first sometimes theres some inappropriate things that might pop up so make sure you watch the whole thing loop before you choose it you dont want to be embarrassed or in class all right so well put this over and well save it as juice make the size correct say but its juice something Im going to add text that says it juice add the text change the font size change the font add some color drag it down so you can see the picture and were good to go its a nice representation of juice again we wanted to have the J and the I have dots on it so we change the font bring it down save it okay so now we can look at it and lets fast forward to the end and we are done so we have made our first lesson plan on cam twist for magic ears and the best part is we can save everything so once we make it we can save it and never have to make it again so were gonna exit out okay then were gonna save it Im gonna save it as i Jake so thats the lesson were doing save all right now Im gonna clear everything just so you can see its gone but when I click on IJ again all the overlays come back and we have our lesson saved and now were ready to use cam twist in the magic ears classroom and if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the family group Im always here to help thanks for watching be sure to like this video subscribe to the magic airs channel and leave a comment down below

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