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brute force xbox
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you welcome to the newly commissioned 23rd special forces unit reporting for duty commander Bratton sorry we havent had much time for formalities we have a situation and youre the man to resolve it and Im used to it sir a mercenary group called the Red Hand has been unusually active in this system in the last few weeks red hand didnt these to work for us not anymore they get their wages elsewhere these days weve managed to track them to a small base in the planet estuary I want you to go in and clean them out terrific pack up youre on your own Ill send some help if you run into anything you cant handle Yeah right and Ive heard that before Ive read your bio texts I know what youve been through and for that you have my respect so Ill forgive your dissent this time hmm well be using an experimental transportation device based on content forecasting technology to get you planetside forecasting like they used for

fleet movements yes Tex weve started using it for equipment and personnel transportation it will provide you with almost instant entry and extraction you neednt worry about getting stranded in a hot spot again that depends on whos controlling the technology will I get any Intel during the mission Ill be monitoring mission progress through your optical implants they allow me to see everything you do so I can analyze the mission while you were planetside great can I turn those implants off you know after hours you leave immediately and Tex yes sir welcome to the newly commissioned 23rd special forces unit code named brute force what a dump Im gonna find a squad made here weve sent in a confessional carrier to evacuate the remaining colonists to a secure village then Brutus find it to us you have information for me Ill trust we will dismiss consulate of avoids these actions buddy whines hmm well looks like I got a save in now youd better be worth it he is Oh a text many colonists are still m.i.a you come across any

lay down some covering fire so they can make it back to the ship yes now maybe a few remaining colonists putting up some resistance help them out so they can make it out of there alive move it move it move it we dont have all day here area secure move on to the next objective score another one for the good guys what the heck is that thing Bratton Ive got some alien doodad here nice work secure the object and bring it with you now we can find out who or what is behind this outcast uprising want some of the same treatment it looks like Brutus is being kept in that cage kill all the hostiles in the area you are my new pack well hello virtus it is good omen that we need over death tax Ill take your word on that word we dont one of the same pack now we fight together we die together and with the fighting part your mission is accomplished mine is not my client

must be avenged uh hell might as well sir were here report back together we need Brutus alive we arent sure if we can clone him yet well giant pinpoint where the fire is coming from were not being altered well me and my trusty camera are the hunters here be advised our sensors are picking up some activity in the tree ahead now even the dog head see you now Brutus the new gods at me are clad far superior Im sorry I didnt mean to interrupt you swap universe let me just excuse myself good job you accomplished more than we set out to do time for a little R&R find the down chopper recover those documents ASAP time for a little fun mutants in this sector have been terrorizing the locals if you are up to the challenge you should try to take them all out full lethal force for this OP has been approved Im taking damage your bread killing machine we just found our objective it looks like the mutants have already removed the documents

crash site there is a mutant stronghold to the north it is highly likely that they have taken them there check it out and recover those documents careful Im gonna need a medic pretty soon not being updated Im still standing whats your fire around those fuel tanks not up here if you take a mouse but I do mind having to reclone you you cant take away from West I know there are mutants hiding in this fog lets take it slow here Id hate to meet up whatever these bones belong to who wants some of the same treatment Im gonna need a medic pretty soon Im still standing looks like those mutants believe that briefcase is worth dying for accommodate them you do realize that cloning costs money Ryan where the fire is coming from good job brute-force we are powering up and the extraction point should be phasing in momentarily you nice work down there mission successful

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