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a sign of intoxication could be a guest who is buying rounds of drinks for strangers.
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– How would you rate your oral sex skills, out of 10? – Oh my God, Im a 10 outta 10. Cause I read Cosmopolitan, Im always on PornHub, and Im like a giver. (woman laughing) Wait, this is curved. Ive gotta get that straight. (banana cracking) (loud laughing and yelling out in background) – Oh. (“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Mozart) – Im Megan, hi. – Hi, Im Andrew. – Im andy, and I am here to connect with somebody. – Is this Truth or Drink? – [Man] This is truth or drink. – Okay, thank God. – My name is Emanuel, and Ive been single for six months now. – Hi, Im Jefu, and Ive been single all my life. – I think I already know who he is. (laughing) – Oh hey, the crowds pretty small. – Hi Im Paris. – Im Jade. I like that name. – I like your name. – Thanks. – Oh my. Ive never actually been with a girl. – Well is this your first date with a woman? – Yeah. Im bi-curios, so I would try it out and see how it goes. – Alright, cool. – Oh wow. – Hi. Youre cute. – Youre really pretty. – Thank you. – Hi. – Hi. – I know him. I dated a guy that mentioned you before. – Who is it? – Packers fan. – Oh. – Yeah, him. (nervous giggling) What, tell me about him. What happened, what happened? – Oh no, Ill take a shot. Lets take this out. Weve been definitely talking. – Oh, just recently too? – Yes. – Oh. – Hi. – Hi. – Oh my goodness. – Andy. Im Amalia. – Amalia, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. I have family in Maine. – Oh you do? – Yeah. – I spend a lot of time in Providence, so I love East coast. – My parents are really WASPy, theyre old and white, so all they love to do is yacht clubs and sailboats. – Old and white? – I was a souvenir from Asia. They picked me and my brother up from an orphanage. They were like that one looks funny. Where are you from? – I was born

in South Korea. My parents are also white. I was also adopted, with my younger brother. – Oh my God me too. – Yeah, I know. – Wait, I told you that, yay. – Im freaking out a little bit. – Ladies first. (woman giggling) – Of course, okay. What sound do you make when youre having sex? Can you make it? (man giggling) – I dont make a lot of sounds. – Youre just like silent the whole time? – No, no, Im not silent. No, um, talking I guess? Not talking like conversational, but– – How was your day today? (laughing) So I need an example at this point. – Is this good? Like- (laughing) – Finish this line; My favorite genre of porn is: – I like oral porn. (giggling) What about you? – I like watching porn with people who look like me. – Why? – I dont know. Thats my type. – Do you do it just because you imagine yourself as that person? – No. – Are you attracted to yourself so much that– – Yeah, well Im not attracted to myself. (laughing) I mean, I like fine black girls, I guess. (laughing) – Okay. – Alright. – Okay, how good are you with money? – I have a lot of student debt. (laughing) – Where did you go? – University of Washington. – Then why do you have that? – Its a couple t-shirts away. Then I went to U-Dub for grad school, and then Im in a doctorate program from there. – How old are you? – How old do you think I am? – 28? – Im in my thirties. – Okay thats fine, thats totally fine. Im 25. Im a leo. – Okay. – Where is the craziest place you have hooked up with someone? – I hooked up with this guy at a movie theater. There was no one around. – It was not that guy, right? – No, no, not that guy. So it was How to Train Your Dragon. (laughing) I really wanted to see it. He kept trying to push my head down, and I was like no just let me watch this. I just want to see How to Train Your Dragon.

– How would you rate your (laughing) How would you rate your oral sex skills, out of 10? – Oh my God, Im taking a shot to that one. – Youre taking your shot? – I cant rate myself. – Why dont you feel like you can rate? Have you given? Is that a thing? (laughing) – How would you rate your oral sex skills, out of 10? – That is so embarrassing to say about yourself. But Im a 10. (laughing) I am. – Im a 10 outa 10. Oh my God. Because I read Cosmopolitan, Im always on PornHub, and Im like a giver. Im a good person. Do you know how good I am? I got TMJ, do you know what TMJ is? – Yeah. – Its where your jaw unhinges and shit like that. And so I had to fucking go to the dentist, physical therapist, and a massage therapist, because I was so nice. – Because of giving head? – Yes. (girl giggling) Wait, this is curved. Ive gotta get it straight. (banana cracking) (people laughing and yelling out in background) – Oh. – I dare you to text an ex I still love you. – Can I text the Packer guy? (laughing) – Yeah, take a selfie with me. – And send it to him? – And send it to him. Oh my God, this is fucking crazy. Whew. – Which one of us do you think is more attractive? – Ill just take a shot. – She thinks shes more attractive. – How many sexual partners have you had? – Im gonna take a drink, just cause I like tequila. – Alright, perfect. – Lets say less than 20, but more than 15. – Oh thats so cute. – When was the last time you masturbated? – Right before this shoot. I actually went on a date before this. (laughing) No, it was just like, we didnt get to anything so, I was like really horny. – Oh yeah. – Afterwards, he was really hot so– – Oh yeah, he sounds great. (laughing) – Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? – Like Ive taken Plan B. What about you? I would assume, Im not gonna– – Im a mom.

Ive got a seven year old daughter. – What? – Yeah. – Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? – Nope, cause I am good with my condoms. I am good with my birth control. You, have you had a pregnancy scare? – I did. – Do you know what condoms are? – Yes, we used those. She was actually on the pill as well. Condom broke. – Oh no. – We got Plan B and she still got pregnant. (laughing) – Im so sorry. – Do you have any kids? – No I dont. – I dare you to kiss me on the lips or take a shot. Shes looking at the alcohol. – I dare you to kiss me on the lips or take a shot. Youre so rude. – Like a peck? We can do like a peck. – Im down for a peck. – Okay. (applause) – Okay, were good. – Would you like to go out on another date with me? If yes, when and where? If no, why not? – I would love to see you again and hang out. – I think we should hang out, and then see, cause this is my first time with a girl. Did it take you a lot of time to figure out that you wanted to be with a woman? – No, Ive known that Im more attracted to women my entire life. Like Ill never look at a man and feel nervous, for example, whereas if its a really beautiful woman then I might feel nervous. I dont know if that answers your question. – No it does. – Would you like to go on another date with me? – Hell yes. – Hell yes? – Youre fun, youre nice, youre pretty. – Thank you. – Youre really pretty. – So what if I cook you dinner? – Sappy. (laughing) – Hey Im a good cook. – Okay fine. – Would you like to go on another date with me? – Yeah, obviously. Where should we go? – Tacos. – Yes. Yay. Toast to a good first date. – To tacos. – To tacos, yay. – Should be on Tuesday. Taco Tuesday. – Sounds good. – Cheers. (applause) – Yall are making memories.

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