Bill Tanner Rankings: Worst to Best

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hello one fans mode once again if you asked an average moviegoers or who the James Bond mi6 regulars were Im sure theyd come back with NQ Moneypenny but theres one member of the team who has become more prominent a lot recently that people tend to overlook any Bond aficionado will be able to tell you that theres another forever underutilized member upon support and that man is Bill Tanner the mi6 Chiefs of Staff made very sparse appearances in the series until the Daniel Craig era where hes now a bonafide regular Rory Kinnear is probably the most identifiable actor whos ever inhabited role but how does he shape up against his predecessors really well thats what we take a look at theres we break each and every mi6 chief of staff starting at the very bottom of list number 5 Carl pop chief of staff its really nothing to say about Michael good lifes betrayal of Phil Tanner I mean theres nothing like at all here the accident was the first onscreen portrayal of Mg Safin the role is completely thankless and without fanfare heck good life wasnt even credited in the film credits for the role and is now entirely clear why they focally to bring him in at all he has a couple of lines exposition and thats it and even then the James cousins character Koltsov has more to say and do in the movies and Tanner I dont entirely know what the impulse was to even introduce the character in this film my manager seems like the screenwriter was like well we need more meat in the room to deliver this exposition what names from the books trips to work with okay Tanner right guy youre Tanner number four and double-oh-seven try not to muck it up again a much more prominent Tanner portrayal came into your eyes only which the character is covering for em who is inexplicably only but some reason in reality of course Bernard Lee had passed away after playing M in the previous 11 films from the role was not immediately recast out of tribute to

Lee so all of his lines were given to Minister of Defense Freddie gray and bill Tanner played here by James Villiers James VII is immediately Tropes over a good life because he actually has an opportunity to give the character a bit of character given that you have a lot more screen time but exactly what that character is isnt exactly terribly MBA I seen James billiards in a few films and TV shows like The Nanny and house of cards and in everything Ive seen him in he plays the same like foppish plummy voiced Pocho and thats exactly how he plays bill Tanner and while he has some funny moments with lines hes largely unlikable I think its performance is more of a testament to the great work that Bernard Lee brought to the series where he could deliver the exact same lines as Villiers delivers but do it with some kind of grandfatherly warmth and not the resentment and disdain that Villiers brings again there isnt really much here to suggest this is anything other than Hannah in name but unfortunately starting with the characters next appearance since our to improve number three the bloody hell is that finally in the chronology of the series we had a good likable portrayal of Bill Donohue from the Flemming books is supposed to be as close to a friend that bond gets in the Secret Service and kitchen brings a good deal of warmth and likability to the partner has a nice chemistry of Brosnan that you know yeah I could see these two going for a round of golf or a pint when theyre off duty when he first appears in Goldeneye its a brief role really very exposed Torrey in the mi6 Situation Room but he does set up Judi Denchs debut as M rather superbly into your hunch was right over seven looks to have the Evil Queen and numbers alleged players pila kein kitchen would again appear in the world is not enough and while he certainly in more scenes than he is in Goldeneye theres probably less opportunity for his personality

shine through which is a shame I love Michael kitchen as an actor in pretty much everything Ive ever seen him in I wish hed had the ability to be in a couple more movies and being given the opportunity to become more of a recognizable regular but only one film after his debut and he had his thunder well and truly stolen number two and the Thunder thief in question is : salmon yet because of scheduling conflicts kitchen was unable to return to the series for Tomorrow Never Dies so kinda makes no appearance and instead we have a new character Charles Robinson technically this list is a built on a ranking but Robinson is pretty much Tanner in all but name he says chief of staff after all but then in a minute where they arent both Robinson and Tanner in the world as owners together then does that mean that Robinson is Tanners deputy if anyone out there knows for sure exactly what the job roles of these guys are in the world designers and please do let me know Id look Id love to understand if nothing else than just Tanners own job security say mom Im just on the mi6 bulletin board online now um Ill just go because I Im on the job section and I cover the notice of visual internet hotel for my position regretting that evil queen of numbers remark yet the character appears in three Bond films and very much performs the built an ax role of hanging around at n side and spouting out bits of exposition so its not just the entire theme of Judi Dench waffling on Im surprised as they went with someone as young as Colin salmon for this kind of role but I love that they did theres only so many middle-aged guys in suits you can see before they all blur into one but catching someone is young and lets be honest handsome as salmon makes him stand out from the usual mi6 and government suits that populate the earlier chunks of Bond adventures Colin salmon is enacted with a

great amount of screen presence I wouldnt say that Charles Robinson is ever really given much of an opportunity to display much in the way of a character or personality so an actor with the stature of salmon is perfect in the raw heck salmon for a while was counted as being a potential replacement for Pierce Brosnan in the role were fond but its exactly this that prevents him from being number one on this list for me as much as I love Colin firm and his chief of staff is just a bit too well badass he feels more like an agent and while Im sure its important for service staff to have some agent qualities regardless of role I mean God you know Moneypenny can pack a punch Im sure but this guy feels more like he should be side by side with bond in the field and so stick behind some desk and facilitating other peoples exotic trips to foreign lands to take out evildoers I like my mi6 chief of staff be a little less actually a little more funny which is where my number one choice comes in number one yes easily the most identifiable actor in the role of Tanna Rory Kinnear has occupied the roses Quantum of Solace and has actually been allowed to imbue the role with some personality and character to become an incredibly likable addition to the cast in an increasingly star-studded bunch of mi6 regulars it would be hard for anyone of their own and attract attention away from the likes of Judi Dench and ray Fiennes but Kinnear manages to do just that even if he still doesnt get to have his name on the sodding post goes come on well I cant quite imagine Craigs bonds and canoes Tanner being especially pally with each other they still have a kind of interesting chemistry I think this version of Tanner is more of an admirer a bond than previous incarnation steps this is more of a byproduct of Craigs bond being a much more isolated and less social character than scissors but while I dont

that Tanner necessarily has a bit below 7 shrine in his home that he weeks in front of every night and he does very much get their self by bond every now and then there are moments when he just does a look or facial expression that says so much and I think this is the great thing about cmere he has such an expressive face that even when the character is just largely spouting out a lot of exposition he manages to bring some character to it my very favorite moment of kunia is in Skyfall when he and Q were trying to figure out what bonds doing with Julian to them this is just after Kinnear Ill be in a delayed fashion saved em from silver in what probably has been the most stressful day of his life but also after Rays Sciences come in and figured out how the group can be of most help to em can you give them this look that just says so much up to this point in the film weve been unsure of Mallorys intentions and this is the moment for him to show us that hes very much on bond side and it specifically the visuals Kenyas ever so slight smile the look of respect the look of yeah maybe this guy isnt all that bad that truly lets us the audience know that hes okay its truly in that moment that the audience looks to build Tanner to know how to feel and just a slightly wrong facial expression going to ruin the moment but Kunia nailed it I really hope we get to see more canoes tanner in future installments like maybe you could even be the first standard to graduate to em well see what the future holds for Kinnear and the character but if the Rosen and Craig ear is this Dean agents go by bill Tanner is very much here to stay thanks for watching as always fun fans please let me know your own rankings in the comments below or over my Facebook and Twitter pages until next time so long for now

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