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who is zingbot
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he comes storming in and all he does is make fun of everybody problems right off the bat I noticed something was different he sure was a whole lot nicer than he used to be maybe his circuits getting a little overheated but were standing around the kitchen table waiting on zingbot start crushing folks hey this guy starts going out props hes giving everybody compliments come

on same pot this aint you so confusing I dont know where I am Ive been watching the live feeds and I got here as soon as I heard theres something seriously wrong with zingbot hes only dishing out compliments Im here for a zinger vention zingbot youre supposed to be singing people let me show you how its done now I know its gonna be bad

this lady rips people to shreds you and amber have something in common you think shes drop-dead gorgeous and she wants you to dropped it sorry Caleb but truth hurts sometimes but Christy theres a belief that glasses make people look smarter thanks for disproving I would zing you but Im only supposed to zing people that are actually playing the game any sense obviously Im playing

the game Im still here I mean its about II what do you call someone whos not afraid to cry where is pink and cuddles with men you call them Zach usually I can take whatever people dish out of me but Kathy Griffin ripping me to shreds is not something I prepared for in life we have to reboot Im glad my wife married me before

realized I was ugly maybe zingbot trying to tell me something I need to get out there and start mingling watch out house here comes old Donny boy Zbot smokes Cody it was by far one of the best Zings that Ive ever heard on the history of this show theres absolutely nothing going on there was just really really really really really good friends believe me congratulations

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