Are You a Head Person or a Heart Person?: “The Science of Us” Episode 8

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the science of us presents wheres yourself heres an odd little challenge quickly without thinking point to where yourself the stuff that makes you who you are is located in your body chances are you just pointed to one of two places your skull or your chest and research suggests that where you just pointed says a lot about your psychological makeup in recent years a

number of studies have focused on the difference between so-called head locaters who instinctually think the self is in the head and so-called heart locators after surveying hundreds upon hundreds of people across the world a few conclusions are emerging first off men are more likely to behead locators and women are more likely to be heart locators but even across gender lines if youre a

head locator youre more likely to characterize yourself as rational and to be less emotional in stressful situations and an average youre more accurate and answering general knowledge questions and you have a higher GPA than heart locators but if youre a heart locator youre more likely to think of yourself as sensitive and you tend to rely on emotions more than strict logic when youre

making tough moral decisions and there are even political differences head locators are much less likely to support strict abortion laws for example and Hart locators tend to think a persons death occurs not when the brain stops functioning but when the heart stops beating one study found that people from India were more likely to be heart locaters than Americans which the researchers believe is

India having a culture that focuses more on quote collective identity than the individualist United States and as you might expect Hart folks are more likely to donate to heart disease charities and head folks donate to fix brain diseases so when youre getting to know someone ask them to point to their self where their finger goes will tell you a lot about who they are

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