Aphasia: Remembering your Words

a nurse is reinforcing teaching to a client who has aphasia
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kind of furniture knowing words saying words even understanding words speech-language pathologist Lindsay Obermeyer says aphasia is a language disorder and its more common than people realize aphasia can occur when theres damage to the left side of the brain so I will typically see that in individuals I treat for

stroke or maybe a traumatic brain injury the left side of the brain is where language is stored depending on the severity patients may experience different types of aphasia but there are treatments to help patients improve their symptoms theres different treatments for every different type of severity of the aphasia so

I have some that theyll come into treatment and well just have conversation back and forth maybe trying to use more complex words other patients it could be severe enough that we actually need to get them a communicating device speech therapists may use drawings gestures even writing to help patients communicate

the goal is to find what works for each patient to keep them from feeling isolated if a person with aphasia doesnt receive help they start to isolate themselves and really kind of cut off social interactions while the words may be difficult to find she says the knowledge is there it

doesnt have to cut off your quality of life or change everything that you do because intelligence is still there its not impaired its mostly just the use of language through patience and different exercises patients can improve their quality of life and learn how to reconnect for lis health Im Lindsey Morton

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