‘Antigone’: Creon and Antigone

who is creon in antigone
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the main relationship is with Creon who is her uncle but that relationship is not portrayed as a family relationship during the play its a very political one and particularly because weve set our Antigone at the National in a incredibly politically like fractious environment the relationship on paper is obviously in incredibly complicated because they are related so he is my mums brother so but he treats me immediately like a criminal and I dont the way I play Antigone hasnt there was no love loss there I dont play as if shes feels betrayed or hurt by the fact that the family connection is not acknowledged in any way in our translation which has done Taylors but there is that sense of it counts for nothing the fact that their family counts for nothing in this because as far as hes concerned as a newly appointed king who is just come out of battle like the war

has ended hours before and its a civil war and peoples families have been murdered in front of them and his soldiers have died and he is literally his leader has been killed so he is given power and immediately has to make such a huge decision the daughter of the king has betrayed the state what do I do and innocent its a set in a sense its the blind leading the blind which shes then fascinating because Theresa is blind and comes in and tells everyone what theyre doing wrong but he has to stay strong but in that its its as if hes met is much do you admit it are you guilty or not yes Im guilty I dont pretend otherwise you soldier get out youre cleared of all charges against you and free to go back to your unit now tell me simple yes or no did you hear on my order forbidding the

burial of course I heard it how could I not Id yet you dare to disobey the law yes I did because its your law not the law of God the moment where Creon comes out and sees Im diggin II um after shes didnt brought back in by the soldier after shes been caught trying to bury her brother is a fabulous traumatic moment I think because hes coming out into the room looking at his niece and expecting her to be absolutely on side and watching him having to deal with the fact that in public in front of all his senses that this person a member of his own family is the person who has just made a huge massive speech condemning obsessively condemning to scenes before is a fabulous traumatic moment and that feels that one whether with the whole compass of the play turns the revelation of Antigone and thats Antigone a woman and

a member of his family has broken the law now he could during the the interplay of that scene the debate with Antigone he could choose leniency but he feels that he must stick to his guns I honor him dead as I loved him living theres no shame in that and the one he murdered wasnt he your brother my mother bore them both and I love them both if you honor one you insult the other neither of those dead men would say that its TIA Cleese would his brother was a traitor does he married no greater respect than that he was not an animal they both died together and they were both men yes and the one died defending his country while the other traitorously attacked the dead have their rights and we have our duties towards them dictated by common decency and if good and bad are to be honored equally where are our

yes theres another country such things may not be valued there may even be crimes enemy is still an enemy dead or alive no I was born with love enough to share no hate for anyone very well share your love by all means share it with the dead I wish them well of it actually for a lot of the time crayons not a bad guy hes not the enemy he just thinks differently and he is proven wrong but to his to his cost as well as mine but still hes not hes not the bad guy hes just we just dont agree and we have reasons for why we dont agree theyre not hes unfortunately short-sighted but and take a lot of proving but you know I could be wrong but I dont believe I am like he doesnt believe here so its oh really its just you you watch these people tear each other like dogs

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