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year 10 and 11 welcome to your video analyzing Friar Lawrence in preparation for your English literature eqe exam on the slide they have spelt a Friar Laurence with a W and do realize that sometimes it is also spelt with E you okay so this is an an analysis of Friar Laurence very basically Friar Laurence helps Romeo and Juliet throughout the play he performs their marriage and gives generally good advice especially in regard to the need for moderation he is the sole figure of religion in the play but Friar Laurence is also the most scheming character he marries Romeo and Juliet as part of a plan to end the civil strife in Verona he helps Romeo into Juliets room and then out of Verona he devises the plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet through the sleeping portion idea in addition friar Laurences plans all seemed well conceived and well-intentioned they serve as the main mechanisms through which the fated tragedy of the play occurs in many ways he brings the tragedy when I see that I mean hes a catalyst isnt he Romeo and Juliet were always going to die because we are told that in the prologue that fear is working against them star-crossed lovers but Friar Laurence almost assists Fiat by speeding up events if we add a little bit more detail here Friar Laurence is presented as a holy man who is trusted and respected by the other characters the friars role as the friend and adviser to Romeo and Juliet serves to highlight the conflict between parents and their children within the play because remember they cant go to their parents for advice so they use the friar there for his role also suggests that there is a fairly of parental love and guidance here in their isolation both Romeo and Juliet turned to him for advice at first the friar cant believe how quickly Romeo has abandoned Rosalyn and fallen in love with Juliet so he reminds Romeo of the suddenness of his decisions I shall mention that later the friar uses formal language of rhyme and proverbs to stress the need for caution – Romeo when hes telling them that you dont need to be so hasty you dont need to marry her immediately he agrees thought Amara Romeo and Juliet which I suppose is ironic because he tells wrong youre not to rush but then agrees to help him marry Juliet but he has a reason for this he agrees to marry the pair because he thinks it will repair the rift between the Montagues and Capulets his decision to marry them is well-meaning but it indicates that the friar is naive and hes naive to think that this marriage will end the feud and his shortsightedness here is one of his flaws again I shall mention that in more detail later the friars knowledge of the plants especially their dual qualities to heal and hurt play an important role in the action of the play when Julia is about to take the portion she questions the friar she questions whether or not the portion will actually kill her so no one knows what he has done but she puts aside this worry agreeing that the friar is a holy man and theres your quotation dont expect you to remember this entire quotation in an unseen exam we just need to shorten it the quotation reads what if it be poison which the friar subtly hath ministered to have me dead less time in this marriage he should be Dishonored because he married me before – Romeo I fear it is and yet methinks it should not fall yet still being tried a holy man so if we remember in a short quote Asian there we would probably remember the end he has still been tried a holy man and that reissue was Juliet that his actions are sincere and Juliet uses the same words as the prince here because at the end of the play the prince and says something about the friar bein Hawley so in the last scene he reassert the type of man the friar is IA this religious holy man who I suppose the characters have trusted especially Romeo and Juliet if we just go through his key things in more detail remember to feel free to stop the video where you need to make notes have a habit of starting a talk quickly so act 2 scene 3 the friar is anxious to end the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets it is even more tragic that the deaths of the lovers brings about the reconciliation that the friar thinks the marriage will achieve so he thinks hes going to my Romeo and Juliet and the families will become friends but actually its the deaths that forces the families to reconcile the Friars long opening soliloquy make sure you get that spell correctly establishes him as a kindly and good-natured man who was skilled in the art of poison and medicines the friar has a vision of the world as good and evil and this links to the main themes of love and hate in friar Laurences cell he is holding a basket and foreshadowing is a huge device here he explains that some plants are medicinal quotation many for many virtues excellent and Romeo enters the scene just as the friar explains that some plants are harmful now that is structure by Shakespeare isnt it so at the very instant we hear it about poison the we Romeo kills himself Romeo enters the scene so that is Shakespeare being very clever with his structure there and actually warning offs and when the FRA explained that the plants are harmful he says being tested steel Slayers all senses with the heart and this foreshadows the death of Romeo which I just mentioned it makes the events easier to understand for the audience but this foreshadowing reminds us of fear events have already been predetermined and once again Shakespeare reminds us of the prologue in act 2 scene 3 then we are introduced to Friar Laurence and how he considers good and evil existing in all things so speaking of medicinal plants the friar claims that though everything in nature has a useful

purpose it can also lead to misfortune if used improperly again massive quotation I dont expect you to remember at all but here it is for naught so vile that on the earth doth live but to the earth some special good doth give nor art so good but strained from that fair use revolts from true birth stumbling on abuse virtue itself turns vice being misapplied and vice sometimes by action dignified so again the easiest section to remember there is virtue itself turns vice now at the end of this passage the friars rumination turns toward a broader application he speaks of how good may be perverted to evil and evil may be purified by God he suggests that the deeper flawed human being imposes some degree of mutability on the entire process good and evil coexist in in perfect harmony and again Ive just read that reiterated that court there and again this contrast of the plant that it can be medicinal or poison serves to link to the theme of conflict that runs through our the play conflict between the families love versus here light versus darkness youth versus old age okay the friar tries to put his theories to use when he agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because he hopes the love will end the feud again look its love and he it intertwined unfortunately the friar causes the very opposite the plan involving the sleep inducing portion which he intends to preserve Romeo and Juliets marriage in love results in both of their deaths remember the friar is almost working against fear and then ironically helps Fiat he speeds up the deaths of the lovers more obviously in this scene the friar cannot believe that Romeo isnt talking about was a line he even says when Romeo comes in that Romeo hasnt been to bed where has he been has he been with Rosalyn so Daisy Court was that with Rosaline so clearly the friar knows Romeo quite well because he knows that Romeo pursues and lost after Rosaline and he questions them is Rosaline whom thou didst love so dear so soon forsaken that court is huge it points out Romeos flaw what you forgot about rather line already and you fallen in love with somebody else is essentially what hes seeing it shows us the flaw of Romeo that he falls in love too easily the friar even exfoliant that Rosaline knew Romeos feelings when sincere again a sort of hint on it Romeos character and he says all she knew well I love did read by rote that could not spell so as I see cannot leave that wrong he was falling off with someone else he cant believe that his feelings for Rosaline are gone he is kind hearted to Romeo and Juliet and he appears wise and selfless but he is an unknowing servant of Fiat as I mentioned before all of his plans go awry and create the misunderstandings that lead to the tragedy but it is Friar Laurence who reminds us of Rosalyn the friar cannot believe Romeos love could turn so quickly from one person to another and he says young mens love then lies not truly in their hearts but in their eyes so again its almost a mockery of Romeo lies fallen in love at first sight the friar acts almost as the voice of reason in this scene and Romeo actually says youre always mocking me for how I felt for Rosaline thou shalt die chattin sorry thou hides me off for loving rosaline the friar says he would tell Romeo offer obsessing not for lovin so the Friars response to that is Im not mocking you because youre in love I am mocking you because youre obsessed so as I said he seems to know Romeo very well here and he points out it is a subtle undertone that the friar is caution and Romeo about diving in and actin really quickly upon on emotion ie a loving Juliet just to add on some extra information so the friar is a religious idealist we know he collects herbs and he mentions that they display conflicting characteristics weve discussed that he is holy he is anxious to help the lovers in order to in order interviewed his decision to marry Romeo and Juliet in secret and deceive the Capulet family with the sleeping portion actually says to emphasise is naivety so make sure you get you get that that he is naive in his attempt is me regarding the feud rule mules relationship with the friar highlights the theme of youth versus age I mentioned that he act as a father figure to Romeo he is the only person they can both confide in he is the only person other than the nurse that knows that Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet married now Romeo is typically impulsive and wants to be married that very d whereas the friar use informal language and rhyme advises caution reminding Romeo of the love hes recently had for Rosaline and the speed with which he has abandoned that love Im just going to put the quotation on the next slide so the huge quotation at the top is the reason he marries them in one respect Ill thy assistant be huge quotation Ill thy assistant be because it supports everything Ive said about him assistant Fiat acting is the catalyst assisting the deaths now for this alliance May so happy prove to turn your households rancor to pure love for this alliance May so happy prove to turn your households rancor to pure love that is him giving his reason for marrying Romeo and Juliet unfortunately those very words begin a long chain of events which act as the catalyst speeding up the players inevitable end now your massive quotation where he warns Romeo not to act out of hist is wisely and slow they stumble that run fast so remember that they stumble that run fast obviously stumble here means is going to be a problem if you keep actin so quickly and hes right and that foreshadows all of the problems that romeo is about to encounter Shakespeare also uses the friar as a means of challenging fear and light and darkness though

his language when we first meet him we see many contrasts he makes statements such as Eastern clouds with streaks of light and reflect darkness like a drunkard rails and be awful ways and precious juiced flowers these contrasts help to set up contrasts within the play it also acts as a subtle warning of the eventual ending more notably due to the contrasts between the words womb and two he also foreshadows his own rule within the play at the very beginning and he says fall soon the canker death eats up that plant because remember one of his rules is the plan of giving this juice poisonous juice portion to Juliet which will make her appear dead he acts as an important figure to the audience as he issues many ominous warnings and just to repeat that cause because its huge they stumble that run fast he warns Romeo just to add on a little bit information about drugs before we moved to Act two scene six so the FRA uses his knowledge of flowers and herbs to conceive Juliets poison we know in act 2 scene 3 he describes the dual qualities of flowers medicines and poisons the drug gives Juliet the appearance of death so that she can regain her life and her love the Friars plan serves as the mechanism of hope for Juliet but due to the influence of fear becomes the vehicle of the tragedy the Friars plan to fake Juliets death using a sleeping drug would have been accepted by Shakespeares audience because medical knowledge was extremely limited in the 16th century up to the mid 19th century physicians often were unable to distinguish between deep core MERS death so that is where his plan he feels his plan will work Im going to move to Act II scene six now in this scene Romeo and the friar weird for Juliet and again the friar warns Romeo about the hastiness of his decision to get married caught these violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and powder which as they kiss consume four short quotations look youve got violent ends the Friars words are a forewarning because he draws parallels between the destructive passion of Romeo and Juliet and the feud that will cause the deaths of Romeo Juliet qco Tibbles and Paris the use of the iambic pentameter here shows the power of the Friars words and once again hes right and Juliet arrives in active scene six and the friar takes them to be married another instance of the friar warning Romeo is there therefore love moderately long loved long love doth saw two swift arrives as tardy as too slow so so far the friar has warned wrongly or three times about acting quickly and not contemplating his actions three different times so actually the friar from an audience members point of view is wise because we know from the prologue that theyre going to die and its almost like the friar is warning Romeo of what could potentially happen but unfortunately Romeo just doesnt hear him does he dare fall of moderately to Swift arrives as tardy as too soon we then arrive at act 3 scene 3 and were in friar Lawrences cell and Romeo is overcome with grief because remember qco has died now and Romeo has killed Tibbles now Romeos overcome with grief and he wonders what his punishment will be by the prince and Friar Laurence tell them that is really lucky because actually the prince is only banished him Lady Capulet wanted him dead didnt she Romeo claims though that banishment is a penalty far worse than death since he has to live without Juliet so the friar tries to counsel Romeo but he saw in her unhappy he wont listen and he falls to the floor in a kind of fit and the nurse arrives Romeo asks for for news of Juliet how is she and he assumes that Juliet will think hes a murderer and in this moment he threatens to stab himself and the friar stops him Im going to go into more detail with quotations and st. he explains that Romeo has a lot to be grateful for he and Juliet are both alive and after everything is calmed down the Prince might change his mind so the friar comes up with the plan that Romeo will visit jewelry at that night but he has to leave the chamber in the morning and leave Verona and hes got a weird in Mantua until theres a moment for the news of Romeo and Juliets marriage to be spread okay in terms of key quotations the friar says a gentler judgment vanished from his lips not bodys death but bodys banishment so look a gentle judgment not bodies death but bodys banishment so that is when he explains that Romeo youre not you know youre not going to be punished with death rather banishment and then underneath they have just added another one the left is what the friar says and the right is a translation hence from from Verona art thou banished so again for quick quotations art thou banished and then he tells Romeo again its you know its its so repetitive really that Romeo wasnt listening be patient okay he tells him dont do anything silly dont do anything foolish be patient massive quotation again obviously Romeo isnt going to listen is he so he warns him near translation there from now on you are banished from Verona you should be able to enjoy this because the world is broad and wide and the the friar kind of almost loses his temper with Romeo because as I said Romeos acting like a child him he throws himself to the floor and a fit and for the friar like says all deadly sin o rude unthankfulness thy fault our law calls death but the kind prince taking my part has rushed aside the law and turned that black were death to banishment this is dear mercy and thou sees it not so the FRA explains to Romeo he that the prince has been nice hes letting him live that black word death to banishment now the friar makes a dramatic contribution here by telling

the audience in his soliloquy that there is inevitability about Romeos actions because he says thou are wedded to calamity ia youre married to something that is going to go wrong the friar stops Romeo committing suicide when he says hold thy desperate hand however he also hints out of the upcoming downfall and this is a massive court wilt thou slay thyself and slay thy lady that in their life lives by doing damned hate upon thyself look at that quotation it is a reference to Romeo and Juliets eventual suicide when we are talking about the rule of the friar not only does he as in the deaths of the lovers he acts as a massive tool of foreshadowing thought try and remember those quotations thou art wedded to calamity when he stops him committing suicide the first time hold thy desperate hand and then wilt thou slay thyself and slay thy lady look at that because that as we know its exactly whats going to happen so as I say the friar acts as a means of foreshadowing he goes even further in his advice because remember he does act as someone that Romeo and Juliet looked to for advice and again the blue is what he says in the white as a translation and he says to Romeo Juliet is alive for whos do you seek that was but lately dead they art thou happy tibalt would kill thee but thou slows Tibbles they are thou hobby the law that threatend death becomes thy friend and turns it to exile they arent thou happy look at that repetition a pack of blessings alight upon thy back happiness core the– in her best array so when Romeo was being stupid and trying to kill himself the friar provides advice and hes right he said you know what Julia is alive you could be dead Tibbles could have killed you but you killed him its a blessing that youre alive and and the punishment is exile your translations straightforward theyre really your Juliet is alive it was for her that you were almost killed earlier be happy that shes alive Tibbles wanted to kill you but you killed Sibbald be happy that youre alive thats almost very ominous in itself isnt it be happy that youre alive be happy that youre alive yeah thou art happier its ominous because Romeo isnt taking heed of the advice hes given and as I see the fryer does the your life is full of blessings we get to Act four scene one and this involves Paris trying to marry Juliet so Paris tells fry of his proposed marriage to Juliet the friar expresses concern that the wedding has been arranged too quickly and he offers various reasons to delay the ceremony again dramatic even here as an audience member we know shes married to Romeo Juliet arrives at the friar cell and manages to cleverly sidestep Pariss compliments and references to the marriage Paris leaves and this is when Juliet begs the friar for a solution to her tragic dilemma because she fears a death is her only option and so the friar offers Juliet a remedy the sleeping portion that she is to take the night before her wedding and the idea is that the portion will make her unconscious so she appears dead Ament I talked about drugs earlier on in the video in the meantime the friar is supposed to let Romeo noir of this plan so Juliet agrees and leaves with the portion in more detail in this scene Juliet threatens to kill herself the FRA interrupt sir now thats almost a parallel to what just happened when Romeo try to kill himself and the friar stopped him and he says corpse with death himself to scape from it I will give thee remedy look at that court short easy to remember Ill give the remedy this shows us the intentions of the friar and that he has a plan but it also shows us that the friar is facing the inevitable Fiat but the lovers are going to die so by attempting to help the lovers hes playing outfit because hes assisting it and he says shall Romeo by my letters know our drift and again famous last words if you like because Rome you will never get the letter he doesnt so the fryer is massive in actor racing 3 and act 4 scene 1 because he stops the pair of them killing themselves and creates this plan which feels weve got to start asking ourselves how far the fryer is responsible for the events if we look again there on the left is what he says in the right is your translation and this is his willingness to help Juliet but its also a concern of his own actions because he married them didnt he so he tries to prevent being a part of the bigamous marriage of Julia and Paris again huge Court I dont expect anyone to remember it but we look at it and see what we can take from it so he says to Juliet hald daughter I do spy a kind of Hope which craves as desperate and execution as that is desperate which we would prevent if rather than to marry county paris thou hast the strength of will to slay thyself so straightaway we found something we can use slay thyself then it is likely thou wilt undertake a thing like death to chide away the shame at Corbis with death himself to scape from it I already gave you that quote and if thou darest Ill give thee remedy so theres two short quotations that we can use from the friars advice – Juliet slay thyself I will give the remedy and your translation hold on daughter I say some hope but we must act boldly because the situation is so desperate if youve made up your mind to kill yourself instead of marrying Kyle Paris and you probably be willing to try something like death to solve this shameful problem you can wrestle with death to ski from shame and if you dare to do it Ill give you the solution again ominous words from the friar when he says that the situation is so

desperate because you would think he would be wise enough to think Oh things are getting out of hand here and faking Juliets death seems silly but it doesnt remember and therein lies the Friars naivety of trying to help the lovers so just to reiterate those lines shall Romeo by my letters know our drift and hither shall come and he and I shall watch thy waking and that very night shall Romeo bear thee to Mantua so its unforeseen to the friar and Juliet is that Romeo doesnt receive a letter so the friar once again plays a key role in the deaths he is the catalyst and an accomplice he has so far married the lovers in secret given Julie at the sleep and portion and now he feels to deliver the letter to Romeo so theres three huge moments in the play which is why I keep telling ya he is arguably a catalyst in Act five scene two the Friars rule within the play is finalised as he hears that Romeo has not received the letter this allows the audience to see the Friars contribution to the deaths in full and at the end he flees the tomb because he cant see of Juliet and is failure to inform Romeo about the sleepin Juliet has resulted in the suicides your quotation on the left translation on the right I hear some noise lady come from that nest of death contagion and unnatural sleep greater power than we can contradict hath thwarted our intents come come away thy husband is in thy bosom there lies dead and Paris to come I disposed of the among a sisterhood of holy nuns still not to question for the watch is coming come go go Juliet I dare no longer stay so he says to Juliet come out of the tomb agree the power has ruined the plan therein lies a reference to fear when he says agree to power than we can contradict watered our intent okay your husband lies dead come on Ill place you among a sisterhood of nuns dont wait to ask questions we need to leave basically now that its appears here that the friar is quite panicked that Romeo has died and his letter didnt reach him so he could fail some responsibilities and his new idea if you like is for Juliet to join the assister hood of nuns which clearly the audience Noir is not going to be the conclusion of the play so the friar as I see panics he doesnt want to stay in the tomb where Romeo was dead and he begs Juliet to leave the tomb as well overall Friar Laurence is a friar who plays the part of a wise advisor to Romeo and Juliet along with aiding in major plot developments alone he foreshadows the tragic events of the play with his soliloquy about plants and their similarity similarities to humans when rule requests the friar marry him to Juliet he is shocked because only Diaz before Romeo had been infatuated with Rosalind a woman who did not return his love Friar Laurence decides to marry Romeo Juliet in the attempt to stop the civil field when Rory was banished for killing Tibbles and flees to Mantua Friar Laurence tries to help the two lovers get back together using a portion to fake Juliets death the friar sends a letter to Romeo explaining the situation but it does not reach him Romeo kills Paris whom he finds weeping near Juliets corpse and then commits suicide by drinking poison Friar Lawrence arrives just as Juliet awakes he urges Juliet not to be rush and to join a society of nuns but he he is a noise from outside and then flees from the tomb Juliet kills herself with Romeos dagger completing the tragedy the Frey is forced to return to the tomb where he recounts the entire story to Prince and all the montagues and capulets as he finishes the prince proclaims we have still known thee for a holy man although he does not spend a lot of time on stage he is pivotal to the plot he demonstrates that he is well intentioned but short-sighted the risks he takes to help others lead to tragedy he does not consider the repercussions of some of his actions for example Marian Romeo and Juliet his inclination to use his heart instead of his intellect costs Romeo and Juliet their lives we could argue he is also a classic tragic hero to some extent and no he doesnt die he is well intentioned he possesses a great ability but he has a fatal flaw and its what I mentioned earlier he is short-sighted and naive and the audience is left wondering what would happen if he did not assist and devise the plans so he makes a large contribution to the dramatic events within the play from his agreement to marry Romeo and Julia in private which is a key error leading to their downfall his failure to control Romeos reckless behaviour and to inform him of the plan leads directly to Romeos suicide and the consequence of this event coupled with him fleeing the scene enables Juliet to take her life as well however throughout the play can also be assumed that fit was the controlling factor throughout and that friar Laurences rule was not simply to cause the events but to hint to the audience all along that the events could not be stopped with this in mind all along he contrasts language the language he uses it shows the difficulty in changing events and stopping fear for example the instances of foreshadowing the fact that he is a man of God also shows that Gods Will was inevitable in order to stop the feuding of the Capulets and Montagues and in order for a new life to begin it cost Romeo and Juliet their lives and their lives were run for unavoidable which is outlined by star-crossed lovers in the prologue I hope this video has been useful if you need any more of my videos just type my name into YouTube its DC rear st is C a Y and rear is our AE y and good luck in your English literature exam

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